snow day

We got a few inches of snow recently and I snapped a few pics while it was still pretty fresh…
I also found another thing to love about winter/snow:
You have options when your fridge is too full.

polar express party

We have a fun little tradition our family started last year.  We have a Polar Express movie night with my husband’s brother and cousin and their families.  We make a big breakfast for dinner then we snuggle up with pillows and blankets in our jammies and watch Polar Express.

I make a big batch of hot cocoa and have lots of mix-ins ready to go for the perfect cup.  It’s low-key, cozy, and always a great time with people we love.  Here are a few pictures from our party over the weekend:

Probably one of my favorite things is the fake fireplace from Netflix.  Episode 2 has the crackling fire plus Christmas music.  Now I can be less of a crazy person about my fireplace DVD I got at the Dollar Spot a few years ago…

Hollis found a fun new texture experience…licking Dad’s stubbly face :)

Here’s most of the gang…

Isca’s elbows are totally disgusting…sorry.

Do you have a fun tradition, old or new, during the Holidays?

meh, winter is here

I notoriously hate winter.  I don’t like to be cold.  I don’t like tromping/slipping around in snow.  I don’t like the nasty inversion (smog) that gets trapped in the valley and blocks the sun for months.  Winter = Yuck.
I made my New Year’s Resolutions over the weekend and thought, ‘what the hell,’ I may as well start working on them now.  Today I have get to start working on the big one:
Turn my HATES into LOVES
So here goes nothing, dear winter…
The shrubs out front look pretty frozen in the icy grip of death, ahem, December.
I live in an HOA that shovels my sidewalk for me…
I have cute wellies.

christmas lights at temple square

Sometimes I stay up too late.  Last night I got sucked into an episode of HOARDERS.  It was horrible and I couldn’t stop watching.  One lady collected cats and when they died…she put them in her fridge and freezer.  The only good news about staying up is that at least I can say I’m less crazy than her.  I’m also less crazy than the other woman who used a bucket in her kitchen as a bathroom.


Reflection Pool at Temple Square

Speaking of crazy.  We braved Temple Square over the weekend.  The weather here in Salt Lake has been strangely warm.  It is usually FREEZING this time of year…a really bitter kind of chill that makes your fingers ache and your lungs burn with every breath.  It is the part of Utah that I loathe and dread.  Anyway, we took the warm opportunity to take the kids to see the lights, along with every other person in the state.

Salt Lake LDS Temple

Here are a few things I love about seeing the lights at Temple Square:

1.  They are pretty.  The trees are wrapped so tight that it is really magical.
2.  Nativities.  There are lots of nativities set up all over the place.  The best is a HUGE one (no pic, camera died) and every 15-20 minutes they light it up and there are speakers in the trees that play music and you listen to scriptures of Christ’s birth.  It gets CROWDED…because it’s awesome.
3.  Nostalgia/Tradition…we lived just up the hill from Temple Square when Noa was a baby.  We took him down to splash in the pool and check out the flowers and trees all the time.  Also, we got married here.  It was sweet to show the kids where we took pictures, which door we came out of, etc.  Last, we’re Mormon and this temple took early members of our church 40 years to construct.  I have ancestors who were here during that time.  I loved telling my kids about part of our heritage and teaching them about being patient and working hard, even if the goal seems out of reach.

My 3 wild things

Temple Square is across the street from City Creek, downtown’s recently revamped outdoor shopping area.  We parked underground for a couple of dollars and walked through the mall to get to the lights.  It’s fun to window shop and be in the hustle and bustle.


Reflection Pool at Temple Square

Isca’s favorite thing was riding the Jingle Bus.  It’s a free bus tour that shows the lights and gives info about downtown but it also makes several stops at different shopping/parking areas and takes about 20 minutes to make a full loop.

Isca and Noa checking out the temple

Noa’s favorite was getting cider and hot chocolate from a street vendor.  We listened to a bagpiper while we stood in line.  The drinks were $1 each and they were crappy but hot.

Isca checking out a nativity

We could have stayed longer if the kids were more into it but they were tired so we hit the road after about an hour and a half.  Temple Square has visitor centers and TONS of missionaries that can answer any questions you have about the LDS church, The Book of Mormon, or our temples.  If you’re out of the area, check out

The whole fam :)
Seeing the lights is one of my top things to do during the holidays, check them out if you’re in town!
I have no words…
Rad Mom Cool Kid

Rad Mom Cool Kid