Gift Guide: Toys Part I

Contains affiliate links. Some products included in this guide were given to me in exchange for our review and possible inclusion in this gift guide. Special thanks to Playmobil and Zing Toys

Gift Guide: Toys Part I

I can’t believe this year is almost over. 2015 has flown by for me, how about you? 2016 will be here before we know it and I sincerely hope it will be a slower year for us. I think it will be since we won’t be buying another home and trying to recover from that sort of shake up!

I really enjoyed working on last year’s gift guides (you can see them all here) and have been keeping notes about the things that have really stuck out to my kids. As they have gotten birthday gifts or mentioned toys to me I have been keeping my eye on which things they keep going back to play with over and over again. I don’t want to waste your time with products that haven’t been a hit with our own family.

To start this year’s series of guides we are going to do TOYS! This is going to be a two-parter so stay tuned for more fun toys in the next few days. We own every single one of these toys and each of them has been well-loved by at least one of my three kiddos…but usually it’s all three!

Gift Guide: Toys Part I

Playmobil Fire Engine with Lights & Sound Set– This is a great set for older kids (5-10). It was a bit difficult for my 10 year old to put together but I think he just got impatient with it. Once I took over and finished he was excited to check it out and start playing with it. This set can be combined with Playmobil’s RC set (find it here) to convert the fire engine to a remote controlled vehicle, which Noa was really excited to hear!

Here’s a video the kids made with ours if you’d like a tour!

Playmobil City Life Playground Set– The girls (4 and 7) LOVE this set! They haven’t outgrown the playground in the way that Noa has so they love having their own mini version to play with now that that the weather has grown too cold to go to ours daily.

Here’s the video the girls made to give you a close-up view of this adorable playground:

Qixels– I was introduced to this DIY toy at Blogger Bash earlier this summer. I got a sample at the conference and Noa was a big fan! I love that you can put the cubes together with water and that you can easily stick them back together if they break. Also, it’s a hands-on toy that encourages kids to build and design their own figures and accessories.

Legos– I know. Everyone knows about Legos but I have to include them because my kids, especially Noa, NEVER PUT THEM DOWN. EVER. There are Legos in every nook and cranny of this house and it’s because it is one of the greatest toys ever invented. They also get lost (okay, maybe I vacuum them) easily so a variety kit to replenish them never hurt anybody.

BoomCo Farshot Blaster– This is one of Isca’s favorite toys. I think Noa got it for her for a birthday or maybe a Christmas? Either way, she is a fan. And so is Noa. She is always complaining about him using it without asking!

Gift Guide: Toys Part I

Puppy In My Pocket Blind Bags– Hollis is probably my biggest blind bag fan. She loves watching YouTube videos of people opening them up! These make great stocking suffers and are a fun collection for kids!

Zing Fire Tek Zeon Bow– Noa and Isca are big fans of this bow! I am amazed at how quickly Noa was able to get comfortable with it and start hitting targets. Isca is a bit more awkward with it but she still likes to practice! I like the fact that the arrows have suction cup ends. Nobody has lost an eye and all of my walls and window are still intact thanks to those little suction cups!

Thames and Kosmos Solar Car Set Science Kit– Noa recently got this toy from a friend for his birthday. The girls were a bit interested in it but he is the one that really loves it. He is really into building things, especially things that move so this has been a great toy for him. He has been excited to explore and learn about solar power recently so he is thrilled to see it in action with this kit!

Hexbug Inchworm– Noa saw this in our Blogger Bash swag box and immediately claimed it! He loves tinkering around with robots and remote controlled toys so this has been right up his alley. I often hear him playing with it when he’s supposed to be cleaning his room :)

VTech Flipsies Sandy’s House and Ocean Cruiser– The girls have been playing with Sandy and her rad house for a few months now with no signs of getting bored. I love that it is engaging enough that they will play with it for long stretches of time!

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Do your kids have a toy or two that they play with more than others? I’d love to hear about them!

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