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get the makeup you love:

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So, let’s talk makeup. Did you guys know that the stuff you find in the cosmetics section of the grocery store is designed to make you go through it faster? It’s true. You might think you are saving money by using it instead of expensive stuff, but there is a good chance you are actually spending more just in smaller installments.

Here’s my first piece of advice. Take a look at how much you have spent on makeup in the past 6 months. Before I decided to invest in good makeup, I was buying foundation from Walmart every month or so. Guys, that gets expensive. I was paying $6 a month on something that wasn’t great for my face and that I didn’t love. Now, I spend around $24 for foundation that lasts me almost a year. Do the math. It’s worth it. The same went for mascara. I had to use twice as much to get my lashes to look like I wanted. Once I started paying a little bit more, I found myself using half the amount. My mascara lasts twice as long and I am much happier with the results. Good makeup doesn’t need to cost you a fortune and it should last you much longer than the cheap stuff.

Even though I have switched from Cover Girl to Bare Minerals and Urban Decay, I have made it a point to never pay full price for an expensive piece of makeup. I know that I am going to mention Ulta like a billion times in this post. It’s because they carry all my favorite brands, plus have a ton of coupons and perks floating around to get discounts. I’m sure there are plenty of other companies that have similar programs. Ulta is just my favorite.  Anyways, here are my top 5 tips to help you get great make up at a price you can afford.

  1. Sign up to be a rewards member. This is should be a free program. If it’s not, don’t do it. Ulta’s members get a TON of awesome benefits.  You will get a ton of free samples and even a free Calvin Klein mascara on your birthday (score!). Also, you will begin to accrue points based on your purchases. The more points you accrue, the better your discounts will be in the future. You can eventually use your points to take cash off of your purchases.
  1. Shop NYX.  This has become one of my all-time favorite makeup brands. If there is a piece of makeup you have wanted to try, NYX has a knock off for it. And it’s a pretty darn good knock off at that. For example, Urban Decay makes a setting spray that will cost you about $25. NYX has a comparable one that runs about $8.

 get the makeup you love:


See those lips? What if I were to tell you that you could get that look for under $5? Check it out here. Awesome, huh. That’s less than what you would spend on a tube of Maybelline lipstick,ladies. Plus, the quality is 10x better. You can find it at a few different stores. However, I recommend buying it at Ulta. They frequently run 50% off sales on their NYX products. That means that a tube of lipstick could be as low as $2.50. Plus, you will accrue points! Free product, anyone?

  1. Stock up around the Holidays. This is my favorite thing to do for brands like Benefit, Bare Minerals and Urban Decay. Most companies start rolling out limited edition sizes of their products. This means you will get more product for the same price you would pay during the year. For example, check out this mascara that Bare Minerals is currently offering. It’s the same price that you would pay for one tube normally, except this one comes with a bonus.
  1. Shop the sales.  Sign up for emails and mailers from your favorite beauty stores. Ulta sends out a mailer each month explaining their sales. If you are a fan of Bare Minerals, check out the ‘Last Chance’ section of their website. That is an AMAZING place to get bundles of your favorite makeup.  Plus, many times there are free samples and gifts offered with the purchase of certain items.
  1. Stack the coupons. Ulta sends out emails weekly with a coupon attached to each one. Plus, if you get their monthly ads, you’ll have another one there. As a member, you will also get frequent 20% off your entire purchase coupons. Stack those babies. If you have points that have accrued, use those at the same time. Nothing is better than getting a huge makeup haul for half off. Most companies will offer discounts and coupons through their emails. Check out your favorite brands and see what they’ve got for ya.

Take the time to find makeup you love before investing. Go test stuff out and then figure out how to make it work in your budget. If you apply these 5 tips, I can promise you that you will be able to get what you want for good prices. Do you guys have any tricks to add?


Check out a few of my affordable make up favorites!

steph’s make up must haves

stephs makeup must haves:

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I am a lover of makeup.  I mean, for reals.  How awesome is it that you can be up all night with babies, get up in the morning, slather some stuff on your face and look like you just woke up from 13 hours of beauty sleep.  Bless those make up companies.  I am totally not a ‘full face of make up every day’ type girl… but I do slap a few things on every single day.  Only have 5 minutes to make your face look fresh?  Here are my go-to items!

First, I start out with the eyes.  Throw some of that Lash Dominance Mascara on.  I have tried tons and tons of mascaras.  This one is my favorite!  It makes my lashes look ridiculously curly and full. If you get lash extensions, take a break and try this bad boy.  You may never go back!  Next,  work on the brows.  I bought my Tweezerman tweezers before my mission.  That was 2008.  It is now 2014.  I still use the same pair.  I know, I know…. You look at that price and think ‘Sheesh! I am not paying $20 on tweezers!’.  But guys, seriously.  So worth it.  I hate buying a cheap pair of tweezers and then having them not grab on to those little brow hairs.  These tweezers are small enough that you can grip individual hairs and not worry about over plucking.  Speaking of plucking…. Remember in 7th grade how you wanted to be cool so you pulled out like 90% of your eyebrows so they looked like pencil lines?  And how now 26 year old you wishes you never thought that was cool? That’s where the L’oreal Brow Artist pencil comes in.  It comes in a bunch of colors, but it will help you forgive 7th grade you. Fill in those sparse brows.  It will frame your face and make your eyes look instantly more awake.  Next, I use the Benefit Posie Tint.  This is different than a normal blush.  It’s an actual cheek stain.  You rub it on to the apples of your cheeks and it looks amazing!  It’s not powdery or chalky so it looks really natural and dewey.  Once again, this is a little bit pricier… BUT…. This is one amazing product that will last you forever.  It comes in a bunch of colors, but the Posie is the one that looks the best on my skin.  You can also use it as a lip stain. If you aren’t much for blush, the Bare Minerals Warmth is a great option. I use both the blush and the warmth.  I just brush on a tiny bit along the outside of my face to add some depth.  Then I add a little bit of the Maybelline highlighter under my eyes and brow bone to give my eyes an instant lift, and set my face with the Bare Minerals Mineral Veil as a powder. This will keep your face oil and shine free all day.  I finish it off with my Revlon Colorburst lip balm.  The color is very rich, but it feels like a chap stick.  You can get it in gloss or matte, but it is a gorgeous way to add a pop of color.  Pick up a subtle shade for your go-to day color, and then a more vibrant color to take your look to a night time look.  And, voila!  With these few things, I can look great even if I don’t feel it!  What are your go-to make up items?  Share, share!  I am always in the market for something new and cool…(except pencil thin eye brows)!

Rad Mom Cool Kid

Rad Mom Cool Kid