Gift Guide: Games

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Gift Guide: Games

I am so excited to share this games gift guide because we LOVE to play games! Luke and I spent a ton of time getting to know each other over card games when we first met and we have continued playing all kinds of games together over the years. It has been so fun to see which games our kids gravitate toward as they have gotten older. We own all but two of these games so you can trust that we are sharing things we really use and love. I hope you and your family enjoy them as much we do – they are such a great way to bond and make wonderful memories!

Gift Guide: Games

Tenzi– We have had so much fun playing this game since my aunt introduced it to us last year! It a racing dice game that you play against others. You can play using the games that come in the dice pack or you can buy a deck of cards with different ideas on them. You can find the deck of cards here.

Jenga Giant– We have been playing with our Jenga Giant for a few months now. It is really fun to play because it’s so big!

Monopoly Here & Now– My kids love this game but I have to admit I am not a huge fan, myself. We like to unplug on Sundays so they often break out the board games and this one comes off the shelf frequently.

Yahtzee– This is another board game we play often. The big kids are old enough to understand how it works and Hollis like rolling the dice so it makes for a fun time, especially when someone gets a YAHTZEE!!

Riddle Cube– Noa is probably the biggest fan of this game in our family. He loves anything where he can build and create and this game is perfect for that. You get to race the other players to form different shapes from a flexible cube. It’s fun to figure out how to manipulate the cube to make different things!

Gift Guide: Games

Lay It or Break It– My kids are ALL a fan of this one! I have to say that I’m a fan of watching them waddle across the room in a race to safely deliver their eggs to their nests!

Dimension– This game is one of my favorites. I discovered it at Sweet Suite at Blogger Bash this summer. Isca and I are the ones who like it the most. We are puzzle fans and this game uses strategy to solve different puzzles against the clock!

Magic 8 Ball– We don’t have a Magic 8 Ball but it is on Isca’s radar this year :) It’s such a classic sort of toy to have around the house and ask it all your deepest questions!

IQ Fit– This is such a fun little puzzle! It is perfect for travel as it is compact and comes in a plastic case. It has varying levels of difficulty which is great for the whole family!

Dreamworks Eye Found It!– I haven’t played this game yet but the kids love it. I asked the big kids what some of their favorite games are and they both yelled, “Eye Found It!”

Gift Guide: Games

Landmarks of The United States Jigsaw Puzzle– Isca and I are the puzzle people in the family and this is one of the puzzles we’ve done a few times this year. We actually have it set up on our coffee table right now and have been working on it REALLY slowly for a few weeks.

Scrabble Twist– We don’t own this game…yet! I first played it this summer and I think my big kids would really like it, especially Isca. She’s a bookworm/word lover so I think it would really appeal to her.

Checkers Reversible Rug– We got this rug a few years ago as a Christmas gift and the kids regularly pull it out to play checkers and tic-tac-toe. I love how it packs up easily and doesn’t take up tons of room.

Ubongo– This game is from the same makers as Dimension. It is another fun one where you race to solve a problem before your opponents. You are awarded points depending on how quickly you solve your puzzle.

Monopoly– Monopoly is probably my favorite board game of all time. It is such a great classic and we often spend a Sunday night around the table together playing this game. I know there are lots of editions out there but the classic version is my fave!

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