Fight Bathroom Mold Naturally with MyShower

Fight Bathroom Mold Naturally

Thanks, MyShower, for sending products to review for this post!

Moving from Utah to Maryland has been a great experience for the most part. One negative thing we’ve run into is how humid our bathroom is! Mold and this funky orange slime love to hang out in the corners of the tub where we store bottles of body wash and shampoo. I know it isn’t just us because one of my girlfriends mentioned she deals with the same problem!

We have a traditional shower caddy that hangs over the shower head but the kids can reach it. This is where MyShower has made a difference for our family. They have a line of bathroom accessories that you can place anywhere you want for easy access and it keeps your bottles off the edge of the tub so you don’t end up with standing water and the resulting mold and bacteria!

Fight Bathroom Mold Naturally

Here are some tips to fight bathroom mold naturally:


– Seal tile and grout with a sealant that prevents mold. You can pick up grout and tile sealer at a home improvement store and do-it-yourself!

– Avoid standing water by storing bottles and accessories on the wall. MyShower has great products that are mold, mildew and rust-free.

Fight Bathroom Mold Naturally

– Spray surfaces with white distilled vinegar every few days. No need to rinse!

– Spray surfaces with water + tea tree oil every few days. Use 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil per cup of water. No need to rinse!


– Clean moldy areas with a paste of baking soda + water. Take it a step further and use white distilled vinegar instead of water. Let it react then scrub clean.

– Spray moldy areas with 3% hydrogen peroxide and let sit 10 minutes. Scrub and rinse. Hydrogen peroxide can cause bleaching and discoloration. You can dilute it or test it in a discreet area first.

MyShower is sold exclusively at Target. I have the MyEssentials kit but you can mix and match individual products to customize your family’s bathroom. All you need is a slick, non-porous surface to attach the suction cups to!

What do you do to keep mold at bay?

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