how to network after a conference

I went to my first blog conference over the weekend- Build Your Blog Conference 2014.

It was a bit overwhelming to get home with a bulging suitcase, a full bag of swag, and a million business cards. I don’t go to conferences. I don’t know what to do with all this information and paper things now in my possession. I’m a stay at home mom. I wipe butts.

So, I started googling and thinking and now I’m sharing HOW TO NETWORK AFTER A CONFERENCE!

how to network after a conference

1. Unwind
-I need ibuprofin, pajamas, a foot rub, and a night of sleep before tackling the post-conference to do list

2. Analyze
-What worked?
-What didn’t?
-Ideas for next time

3. Go Through Notes
-Fill in thoughts you didn’t finish
-Look up things you didn’t understand

4. Reevaluate Goals/Brainstorm
-Did you learn something new that changes your end goal? Think it out and change your goals if you need to
-Write down new ideas or collaborations you think of

5. New Systems
-Did you learn a better way to do something? Start doing it NOW.

6. Email: roommates and new blogger friends
-Follow their social media accounts

7. Email: conference organizers, presenters and brands
-Follow social media accounts
-Ask for an electronic copy of presentations and handouts

8. Join the Conversation
-Search the hashtags on social media- like, comment, follow/friend, and participate!

9. Respond to people who email you!

And now, a bit about Build Your Blog-

BYB was first on my list when I started looking at different conferences because it is for people who are clueless, people who are on the bunny slope, people who are clinging to the edge of the pool with arm floaties and a ring. Also, it’s in my city so I didn’t have to spend extra money getting there.

It was great- I learned a few things during the presentations and made some connections with brands I’d like to work with. I also made some new blogger buddies- one of my favorite things about blogging!

Here are some of the great ladies I had fun chatting a bit with- check their blogs out!

Amy from Little Dairy on the Prairie
McKenzie from Girl Loves Glam
Kara from The Joys of Boys
Pam from Over the Big Moon

Rad Mom Cool Kid

Rad Mom Cool Kid