Guys.  I am 27 today.  I know that’s not incredibly old or anything.  But, it’s old enough to not understand SnapChat or care who One Direction is.  But, it’s young enough to not know any Donny Osmond songs or know how an 8-track works.  So, that’s something I guess?  I was planning on doing a giveaway today…. But, I am still a complete newbie at blogging and couldn’t figure out the plug-in to do it.  Yeah.  I’m sorry, friends.  It will happen.  Soon, I hope.  But, to tide you over and to celebrate a little bit of me, here are 27 things you probably never knew (and probably don’t care to know) about me.


  1. I used to want to be a motocross racer.  I dunno.  Thought it would be cool, I guess.
  2. I love writing research papers.
  3. I don’t like ham sandwiches.
  4. I would eventually like to start an after school program for at risk kids.
  5. My favorite foods are spaghetti  and tacos.  But not together.
  6. I rarely drink soda.  (but when I do, I prefer Dos XX. …Jokes, jokes.)
  7. I love reality TV. Yes, even the Real Housewives series.
  8. I was scared of the dark until I was 13. My mom used to have to sit outside my door until I fell asleep, every night.    27:radmomcoolkid.com
  9. Sadie and I dance in our pajamas at least twice a day.  To Taylor Swift.
  10. I really want to skydive someday, but I’m scared of heights.
  11. I was a ballet dancer for 8 years.
  12. I’m trying to grow my eyebrows back in from years of over plucking.  It’s not going well.
  13. I can’t go hunting.  Or fishing.  It makes me sad.  If I start thinking about where chicken and beef come from… I can’t eat that, either. 27:radmomcoolkid.com
  14. I think my husband is the wittiest person I know.
  15. I am always late.  Always.  It’s one of my biggest flaws.
  16. My parents thought about naming me Melody or Tiffany.
  17. I am really bad at budgeting.  I’m getting better but it has been really, really hard for me.
  18. I have never been in a car accident.  But, I have hit stationary objects.  3 times.  My poor Camry.
  19. I am the oldest of 4 kids. And I come from 3 generations of oldest daughters.
  20. I hate getting up early.  Sadie does too.  We both sleep until at least 9 AM every morning.
  21. I wish I could pull off  wearing hats and headbands.  If anyone knows any tricks, let me know.
  22. I’m an ugly cryer.  Think Kim Kardashian.
  23. I hate spiders but love snakes and lizards.
  24. I like Disney movies way too much for an adult.
  25. I once had my belly button pierced.  Worst mistake of my life.  Pregnant bellies+belly button scars=stretch mark city. I discourage all others from making the same horrible decision.
  26. If I could live in a house with all of my siblings and my parents, and Lane’s family; I totally would.  I think it would be amazing.
  27. I love sugared cereal.27:radmomcoolkid.com

winter survival party

Noa has always been creative with party ideas…when he turned 3 he wanted a Monster/Space/Vegas Baby theme. (He used to call Las Vegas, “Vegas Baby.”)

This year it was McGyver/Bear Grylls.  I managed to talk him down to Survival in general.

The plan was to use our neighborhood’s trail system to do a scavenger/nature hunt, hike around the hills, get dusty…but then it snowed.  Big time.  So we changed the party to one of snowy survival.  We put an arctic episode of Man vs. Wild on as the boys arrived and gave them each a pencil and notebook so they could write down Bear’s survival tips.  After they all arrived we sent them outside.  One of the boys brought some snow brick molds so we told the boys, “one of the most important elements of survival is shelter, so get on it!”

Building a snow shelter

Then, Noa’s grandpa showed everyone his camping/ourdoors/hunting gear.  This was the part that Noa was the most excited about :)  He even rescheduled the party so grandpa could make it!


My dad, showing the boys the hunting rifle his dad gave him


The boys took notes during Man vs. Wild and while my dad gave them tips
Noa got to wear some of my dad’s gear while the boys learned about hunting safety
Everybody got a chance to try the bow :)
Noa was IN HEAVEN!!!
Noa with some buddies.  We passed out plates of chicken nuggets, tots, berries, and veggies while they listened.
Isca fit right in as one of the boys :)
Hollis just did her own thing…

We had a great time…a few snowball fights turned nasty but we worked through them and Noa loved every minute of it.  I sent a mini survival kit home with each boy that included a bright bandana, granola bar, and whistle.

I have to give a special thanks to my dad for driving down and bringing all of his cool weapons and gear to show the boys.  They loved asking him questions and being able to touch the stuff he brought!  (He did NOT bring any ammo, in case you were worried!!)

happy 7th birthday, noa

Noa has been a wild ride from day 1.  I had him in the middle of the fall semester of my senior year at BYU.  I was going full-time.  We were under the assumption that we were expecting a petite baby girl.  You know, because of the ultrasound…
We weren’t.  We had a huge boy.  His hands and feet were the size of a 3 month old’s.  He weighed almost 9 pounds.  He was 21 inches long.  And he was a HE.
Noa started going to class with me when he was about a week and a half old.  I was DETERMINED to graduate.  I got the go-ahead from all of my professors, sat by the door, and took a ton of baby gear to campus every day.  I nursed him in bathrooms, strolled him across the quad, and took notes with him in my arms.
I recieved my diploma when Noa was 8 months old.  I still cry when I remember that time in my life.  It is one of my hardest/greatest accomplishments.  I was blessed with so much help, I couldn’t have done it on my own!
Noa is a Hawaiian name and it means Freedom.  He hated being swaddled as a baby, needs to go outside daily, and prefers to sleep without jammies.
Noa is highly creative.  He is skilled at drawing, building things, thinking up games, etc.  He loves to eat, play outside, go camping with his Papa, swim, snuggle babies, run around, watch manly outdoorsy shows, go to Cabela’s, eat out, explore, and read or be read to.
Here are some pictures of Noa through the years…



I’m am the luckiest mama to have him as a son, and to have been made a mother by him.  He has been my best little buddy since the beginning and I am so grateful that we have a friendship along with being mom/son.

Noa will be a great man.  He has a kind heart and is naturally friendly and happy.  He is funny and handsome.  I can’t wait to see what he becomes and where he goes in life.  I love my little wild-man.

happy 1st birthday, hollis

Name: Hollis Hawaii Alo
I saw the name Hollis about a year before we even thought about having another baby and I loved it so I  kept it in my back pocket, just in case.  We give each of our kids a Hawaiian name and we gave her Hawaii after my favorite song that Luke’s Tutu (his grandpa is from Maui) sings.  You can listen below…

Original Due Date: 11/11/11
Birthday: 10/23/11
Weight: 7 pounds
Height: 19 inches
I was so so sick with Hollis.  The only way to keep from throwing up was to take a perscription several times a day, for my ENTIRE pregnancy.  It was terrrible.  I also had joint problems that had me in physical therapy.  (I start showing immediately.  Like at 6 weeks.)  The big belly does a number on my back and hip joints.
Anyway, a few weeks before the end of my pregnancy, Hollis flipped from a head down position into the Frank breech position- head and feet up with her stinkin’ little bum down.  Add that to me having low amniotic fluid and you get a baby that is born via c-section, a few weeks early.
Her life has been smooth sailing since birth and we are still over the moon about her.
She has been such a sweet blessing in our home.  Noa and Isca have the cutest little relationships with her.  She hugs them when they cry and they cart her around and include her in their make believe games.
Here are a few of Hollis’ personality traits:
She loves to sleep.  She lets us know when she’s ready for bed by trying to put her jammies on herself or by crawling upstairs to her room.  Have you heard of Pavlov?  The guy who trained his dogs to slobber when they heard a bell…well, we have our own Pavlovian dog in Hollis.  When she sees her blanket she sucks her thumb.  She doesn’t suck her thumb unless she is snuggling her blanket :)
She loves to eat.  She has eaten just about everything under the sun (I pulled a spider out of her mouth last Sunday).  She loves pretty much everything she tries and she eats just about as much as Isca without batting an eye.
She is friendly.  She wanders around new places and raises her hand to anyone she sees.  She’ll ask perfect strangers to hold her and she touches new faces she meets.
She fake cries.  She rarely cries for real so she fake cries to let us know she isn’t happy about something.
She walks.  She loves to walk and is getting much better at it.  She is a pro at getting herself back up after falling.
She has mastered the Stink Eye face which has become an Alo child tradition.  They do it because they think it’s funny.  It is.
She loves a good rough house.  She loves to play and get tickled and bounce and jump on the couch or my bed.
She loves each of us.  When Luke gets home from work she panics until she gets to him!  If she wonders where I am she calls, “Mama? Mama?”  If Noa walks by she reaches out for him to hold her.  She loves Isca’s hair and will pull on it any chance she gets.
Okay, enough about our lovely darling girl…here are some pictures:
Rad Mom Cool Kid

Rad Mom Cool Kid