Alt Summit Survival Guide

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Alt Summit Survival Guide photo by Brooke Dennis

Last week I attended my second Alt Summit in Salt Lake. It was really weird to be back. It felt like home but not. I had a lump in my throat a lot because our life was easier there. We had friends, family, doctors, and lots of shopping options across the street. It was tough to be in the middle of all that but not belong to it any more. Anyway, back to Alt.

Alt Summit Survival Guide

1. WATER. Utah is soooooo dry. You need to chug water like crazy to maintain any sort of hydration. Skip the soda and booze and grab the water pitcher, friends! The water will also help you get over any altitude sickness, should you start feeling symptoms.

2. LOTION. The Honest Company stocks the bathroom at Alt with great products and I make sure I use their lotion every time I’m in there! Utah air is so dry and you really start to notice on your hands after you’ve washed them a time or two. I make sure to keep my hands and face moisturized.

3. LANOLIN. This was my secret weapon at Alt! My lips are painfully dry all the time. I have been weaning myself off of lip balm over the last several months and the downside has been a chronic split and peeling lip. I wrote a post about lip balm addiction here. Anyway, I was cleaning out a drawer the other day and found an old tube of lanolin.

If you’re not familiar, lanolin is generally used by moms at the start of breastfeeding. Well, if it’s good for the nips, it’s good for the lips! People all around me were busting out the chapstick all day and I was good to go with my lanolin! I slathered on a thick layer after I brushed my teeth at night and a thin layer in the morning after brushing. It’s amazing. My friend, Jill, thought I was nuts until she tried it!

4. COMFY SHOES. My tip for any conference is to wear shoes that will be comfy all day. For me, that means flat shoes that are about a half size bigger than what I normally wear. When I fly and walk around a lot my feet swell just enough to make my shoes feel tight and totally uncomfortable. I find that a half size up is perfect.

5. DRY SHAMPOO. I washed my hair once at Alt. I don’t have time to be doing all kinds of hair shenanigans every day because I like sleeping and meeting with people before and after the conference each day. My secret time saver is dry shampoo!

6. VASELINE/AQUAPHOR. This is a little gross but I get bloody noses when I’m in a super dry location. My best trick for avoiding them is to apply vaseline or aquaphor to a cotton swap and swipe it around the inside of each nostril. It’s a strange sensation at first but getting a bloody nose in the middle of talking with someone is not my idea of leaving a great first impression!

I wrote a recap of my experience with lots of pictures here, check it out!

Check out OneDrive for more photos from Alt or search #AltSummit on Instagram!

Alt Summit // Summer 2014 // Part I

RMCK goes to ALT

I just got back from a pretty freaking rad conference, Alt Summit. Here are some reasons it rocked:

Joy Cho of Oh Joy! was a keynote speaker. She launched a product line with Target this year.

Martha Stewart was another keynote speaker. Maaaaaarrrrrrrthaaaaaa.

Hair/Clothes- Alt is a design/blog/professional/stylish conference. You can wear whatever but many attendees dress their best. I’m no clothes horse but I have always really loved fashion as an art medium. The ladies and gentlemen of Alt didn’t disappoint.

Roomies- I shared a room with some awesome women. It is so nice to chat with other people who “get” blogging as a business.

The Grand America- seriously, you guys. I love this hotel so much.

Attendees- I met sooooooo many great people last week. Between dinners, breakfasts, classes, and parties I was able to get to know several people from all over the world. Making new friends has been the biggest surprise that has come from blogging. And probably my favorite part of doing what I do.

Business Cards- you don’t have to have a bangin’ card but it doesn’t hurt. Several people went above and beyond a normal old card with awesome, creative, and pretty cards.

business cards alt summer 2014

alt summit summer 2014 business card feature

Clockwise from top left: Handmade Mood // Cardigan Empire // Ringmaster Mom // Rue Rococo and The Glamorous Housewife // Caravan Shoppe

My pictures do ALT no justice so head over to the flickr feed and be amazed at the skills of Justin Hackworth and Brooke Dennis. “I am not comparing my beginning to their middle” is my new mantra because those pictures are BEAUTIFUL!

So, there’s Part I of my alt experience. Stay tuned for Part II…

Rad Mom Cool Kid

Rad Mom Cool Kid