5 Tips For Your 1st Massage

Massage Envy Review www.RadMomCoolKid.com

I recently got the opportunity to try out Massage Envy in Leesburg, Virginia in exchange for a blog post about my experience. I was super excited because I am a BIG fan of massages. I want to share a little about the Leesburg location and then share some tips I’ve learned as I’ve gotten professional massages over the years.

Leesburg is about 40 minutes from where I live in Maryland but the drive is really pretty. There are several darling little antique shops along the way, I get to cross over the Maryland/Virginia border at the Potomac River, and there are tons of farms and fields and cute little churches with old cemeteries. I have a closer Massage Envy but Leesburg also has outlets so it really makes for a fun day of shopping and relaxing.

I have two favorite things about Massage Envy:

1. You can get a membership!

I gifted myself a membership several years ago and it was AMAZING! I quickly found a therapist that I loved and she was able to really get some deep work done on my back and shoulders with my regular appointments. Massages here and there are fun and relaxing but when you go in for regular visits you can really see how much better you feel.

Massage Envy Review www.RadMomCoolKid.com

2. Each massage is custom!

Many of the massages I’ve gotten at spas have been very generic full body massages. Even if my shoulders need more time the therapist has to keep moving to be sure they get everything else on their checklist. I come away with knots left in my shoulder blades but they made sure to massage my knee-caps?!

At Massage Envy if you are looking for a full-body massage, great! If you want them to only massage your right hamstring for an hour then that’s exactly what they’ll do. When you fill out your paperwork before the massage you can check off some boxes about places you do not want to be touched (glutes, abdomen, feet, scalp, etc.) You can also let them know if you have a surgery scar to avoid or other problem areas.

If you have never gotten a massage before I know it can be a little intimidating or uncomfortable not knowing what to expect. Here are some of my tips for your 1st massage:

1. Wear a loose ponytail. Tight enough to keep your hair out of the therapist’s way but loose enough that they can still give you a scalp massage, if you like them.

2. Drink LOTS of water after. Your massage will loosen up toxins so you’ll want to flush them out by drinking a lot of water after. I try to be well hydrated before my massage, too.

3. Speak up! If you would like lighter or firmer pressure don’t be scared to let your therapist know. They want you to enjoy the experience and everyone like a different pressure. Sometimes I just want to relax so I ask for light pressure, sometimes I want to work out the knots that come from stress and the general momming of 3 kids.

4. Don’t wear makeup. You spend the first half of the massage with your face in a cushion and usually at some point you get a face massage. You’ll enjoy it so much more when you aren’t worried about what your mascara is up to.

Massage Envy Review www.RadMomCoolKid.com

5. Ask for what you want. I prefer female therapists so I always make sure I tell the person making the appointment. I also usually prefer someone who is great with medium to deep pressure massages. I like to ask for someone who is a favorite because I know they are probably pretty good. Once I find a therapist I love I ask for them every single time!

TIP: Splurge on a 2 hour massage sometimes. I only do this when I can get a therapist I really like. It is amazing because they can really focus on several areas. My back and shoulders ALWAYS have knots and kinks and a 1 hour full body massage is not enough time to get them all out. A two hour massage that just focuses on the problem areas is amazing!

If you live near a Massage Envy give them a call to set up a massage. If you are near the Leesburg location I suggest booking an appointment with Cynthia. She has great medium pressure and isn’t afraid to wiggle, jiggle, and pinch the knots out! I was so relaxed after my 1 hour massage with her and hope to get back soon for another!

Road Rippers Dancing Car – VW Beetle

Road Rippers Dancing Car - VW Beetle www.radmomcoolkid.com

We recently received a Road Rippers Dancing Car from Toy State to review. They sent us the VW Beetle!

You may remember Noa’s review of Toy State’s Nikko VaporizR 2 here. This time Isca and Hollis were excited to check out their Road Rippers Dancing Car!

As you can see, the girls had a lot of fun playing around with the buttons! This toy is recommended for children ages 3 and up. Isca is almost 8 and Hollis is 4.5. It is definitely too young for Isca and while Hollis likes it I don’t think it is a toy that she will actively seek out to play with regularly. From my perspective this toy is probably most suited for kids who have very recently turned 3 or children who might be attracted to the lights and sounds of the buttons. I’m not sure why it isn’t recommended for kids under 3 because there isn’t much to it – lights, sounds, and it bounces up and down to music.

You can look for the Road Rippers Dancing Car collection at Toys R Us.

Fall 2015

Fall 2015 www.radmomcoolkid.com

It has been a long while since I posted about what we’ve been up to! We bought a home just before summer and have been spending lots of time rearranging furniture, discovering drawers we didn’t know we had (seriously, I found a kitchen drawer I hadn’t noticed, after 4 months of living here!), and saving up for extra furniture we need.

We have also been doing a lot of financial planning. This stresses me out. I know, I’m preaching to the choir! I have spent so many hours in our Excel spreadsheets. I just have to keep reminding myself of all the blessing we have and not dwell on the rougher parts of our plans!

We have been getting into extra-curricular activities. Noa and Isca both take piano lessons from a friend down the street. Noa doesn’t like lessons or practicing the same songs over and over but he LOVES to sit down and play by ear or compose his own music. Isca is the opposite. She loves to practice and do the lessons. I think she will be a great pianist but I wonder if she will ever ‘feel’ the music like Noa does. I wonder if he will ever be able to ‘feel’ the music when he feels forced to play. I’m interested to see how Hollis does when she starts!

Noa is playing soccer again this year. He seems to be hit or miss this season. Either he is on or he can’t quite get it together during his games. He has have a few goals and that always brightens up his day :) He wants to see if we can find an indoor league so he can play through the winter. I found one but it’s a Sunday league and we don’t do sports on Sunday.

Isca is dancing again this year but she is taking one dance class that covers ballet, tap, and jazz. She loves to dance and she has started using every surface of the house as a makeshift studio. The counters are her barre, she watches her reflection in the oven as she plies, she uses long stretches of floor to practice leaps.

Hollis and I go to the preschool story time and STEM lab at the library each week. She LOVES it. The STEM lab changes each week and has been so fun to visit each station and do some hands on exploring and learning together. We’ve flown airplanes, stacked cups, built toothpick buildings, played with play dough, sorted shapes and food groups, practiced cutting, looked at leaves through a microscope, etc.

Fall 2015 www.radmomcoolkid.com

Noa also joined chorus at school. He seems to have joined for two reasons, 1. they MIGHT sing at a minor league baseball game 2. there MIGHT be a cute girl situation going on. Either way, he gets himself to school 30 minutes early once a week and has started singing the hymns at church with much more gusto than before.

Noa and I are also reading the Book of Mormon before his 10th birthday next month. We started in July. It has been a really great experience to read this book together. We are reading about Captain Moroni and Helaman and the 2,000 stripling warriors. Noa has been LOVING all the wars and strategies we’re reading about right now. He told me he feels like he has become a better boy since we started and that he feels like he has less temptations to make bad choices. I feel like it has softened a lot of my edges, too, and has helped me be more patient and understanding of other people when it seems like they can’t get their act together.

Fall 2015 www.radmomcoolkid.com

Luke and I are getting old and our bodies are falling apart. Luke is currently going to physical therapy because he dislocated his shoulder a few months ago. Ironically, he was doing physical therapy on the shoulder when his theraband snapped and ripped his shoulder out of the socket. Fun stuff. I just finished up a round of treatment at the chiropractor for some hip/knee pain. Thank you, children, for all the damage you have done to my joints and ligaments. PS: There’s a huge dog that hangs out in my chiropractor’s office.

Fall 2015 www.radmomcoolkid.com

Oh, and BYU football. We have watched a lot of that this fall. It is exhausting being on the east coast when the games are late starts in Utah. I’ve woken up at 2am to the sounds of cheering and announcing coming from Luke’s phone a time or two!

The other thing I’ve been up to is baking and cooking everything I can get my hands on. Soups, pies, crisps, pickles, jams… I just want to bake and cook all the time and fill my freezer and fridge with all the goodness.

Fall 2015 www.radmomcoolkid.com

Fall 2015 www.radmomcoolkid.com

Fall 2015 www.radmomcoolkid.com

Luke and I are also getting ready for a trip to the Domincan Republic next month! I won a 5 night all-inclusive stay at a resort there so we are cashing it in and heading off on an adventure! I’m a little nervous because I have heard that the DR is not super safe. Luke speaks Spanish fluently and is really nice and charming so we are hoping that will help us avoid any sticky situations! I told Luke we are doing Europe next. Our 3 big trips since we’ve been married will have been Hawaii, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic. I like palm trees and beaches but my melanoma-prone skin needs a break! Plus, Luke has never been to Europe and has been hoping to go forever! According to our new financial planning we should be able to go in exactly 1 billion months.

So that’s what we have been up to around here this Fall. Life is flying by! Here are some other things we’ve done:

Fall 2015 www.radmomcoolkid.com

Fall 2015 www.radmomcoolkid.com

Fall 2015 www.radmomcoolkid.com

Fall 2015 www.radmomcoolkid.com

Fun with Jenga

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Ways to Have Fun with Jenga www.radmomcoolkid.com

We recently had the chance to team up with Jenga® to show you guys one of their new products!

Most of you are probably familiar with the original Jenga – a fun block stacking game. This fall, Jenga introduced a few new products, including Jenga Giant Family Edition. We were thrilled to get to try it out over the last few weeks and wanted to share how we have used our Jenga Giant!

1. Purposeful Play

Noa (my 10 year old boy) likes to play solo and see how high he can get the stack before it topples over. He is really into building, designing, hands-on activities so this is right up his alley.

Ways to Have Fun with Jenga www.radmomcoolkid.com

The girls (7 and 4) love playing together, taking turns finding a loose block and building the stack higher and higher. We sometimes have to find a step stool for the 4 year old as the stack grows and grows!

Ways to Have Fun with Jenga www.radmomcoolkid.com

2. Imaginative Play

Hollis (my 4 year old girl) loves to use the blocks to make houses and roads for her cars and small toys. Sometimes the kids will each make a long road of blocks and race cars against each other.

Ways to Have Fun with Jenga www.radmomcoolkid.com

The Jenga Giant Family Edition is 6 times the size of the original Jenga game and stacks up to over 3 feet high! It is geared toward kids age 6 and above but our 4 year old has lots of fun playing it, too!

3. Craft

I haven’t done this yet but the second I saw this pic regrammed in Jenga’s Instagram feed I put it on my To-Do list! I’m thinking black + white… and maybe a metallic and… some neon.

Con un poco de color todo es más bonito! #jenga #art #home #deco #colores #DIY

A photo posted by Paula Juana (@cocowantscoffee) on

This game is fun to play outside on the patio or indoors over a carpeted area, as the wooden blocks are very sturdy and hard. Be sure to play away from walls and any surface that might get dented or damaged when your awesome stack finally topples over!

Check out JengaGiant.com and be sure to follow Jenga on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest!

Here are some other fun Jenga games and a cool Jenga-inspired table!

Sofa Forts

Sofa Forts: 5 Things Every Fort Needs! www.radmomcoolkid.com

One of my friends at Wayfair recently turned me on to an awesome Sofa Fort Guide they have on their website and I had to share! To find it click here then scroll most of the way down and click on “Read More.” It is located just under Site Feedback and just above Sponsored Links. You’ll find forts like “The Classic” and “The Dreadship Blanket” among others!

Classic Sofa Fort from Wayfair.com

Dreadship Blanket Sofa Fort from Wayfair.com

I loved making sofa forts when I was a kid. I remember using cardboard boxes to make all kinds of tunnels and secret rooms. It was so fun to get lost in the design and work with the neighborhood kids to build a fort of epic proportions!

Wayfair’s guide has some really cute ways to transform your sofa into a really fun fort! They also have an option for those of you who might not want to use your sofa as a jungle gym!!

It took my kids about 10 seconds to start construction on their own sofa fort after looking at the guide…

Sofa Forts: 5 Things Every Fort Needs! www.radmomcoolkid.com

Sofa Forts: 5 Things Every Fort Needs! www.radmomcoolkid.com

We decided there are 5 things every fort needs to be totally awesome:

1. Tunnels. Wide ones, skinny ones, and ones that are dead ends.

2. Rooms. We like to build forts where each kid has their own special space to work on. The rooms are all connected by the tunnels :)

3. Levels. We stack tables and chairs to give our forts height. They also provide little nooks for stuffed animals and books.

4. Pillows. We have wood floors so pillows and cushions are a must in our tunnels and rooms. We are big fans of being cozy.

5. Secrets. All our sofa forts have to have something secret! Secret tunnels, secret rooms, secret entryways, etc. Everybody knows about them but they are still a secret!

All this pillow and blanket talk reminds me of an episode of Community from a few years ago…it’s called Pillows and Blankets and the whole school makes an enormous fort that covers the campus. It’s a good one, you can watch it here!

When’s the last time you made a sofa fort?!

I am one of Wayfair’s Homemakers but this post is not sponsored by Wayfair.

Infant Occasional Constipation with Enfamil Reguline

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I received product and compensation from Mead Johnson Nutrition to create this post written by me. All experiences and opinions expressed in this post are my own and not those of Mead Johnson Nutrition. Consult your pediatrician before making changes to your baby’s diet or if you have concerns related to your baby’s digestive health. Please see the product label/website for acceptable use and benefits. You can contact Mead Johnson Nutrition with product related questions or comments toll free at 1-800-BABY123 or through the Contact Us link on Reguline.com or Enfamil.com.

Today I’m excited to share a new product with all you mamas and papas! This post is sponsored by Enfamil® Reguline™, a new baby formula that can be used daily. It is designed to promote soft, comfortable stools and help support digestive health.

Help Relieve Baby’s Irregularity and Occasional Constipation www.radmomcoolkid.com Reguline AD

Occasional constipation happens with most babies and it is so tough to know your baby is uncomfortable and not be able to help them. One of my kids had an especially difficult struggle with staying regular. It would always last a few days and boy, were those days sad! Trouble sleeping, trouble eating, and lots of crying ruled our lives. We tried prune juice, warm baths, pumping their legs, anything to get them to go to the bathroom! When they were finally back to normal in the digestive department we would then spend the next week getting everything else back on schedule. The struggle lasted well into toddlerhood and made potty training difficult. Occasional constipation can really put a wrench in things! I wish Reguline had been around to give us another option to keep my kiddo regular and help them learn what that feels like earlier in life.

Help Relieve Baby’s Irregularity and Occasional Constipation www.radmomcoolkid.com Reguline AD

I really love that this is a formula that can be used everyday and is designed to help keep babies comfortable and producing soft stools on a regular basis. Reguline has two prebiotics. Prebiotics are a type of carbohydrate that feed the good bacteria already in your baby’s digestive system. It also has easy-to-digest proteins, DHA, and choline so you can feel safe to use this formula to provide your baby with important nutrients to grow and develop.

Help Relieve Baby’s Irregularity and Occasional Constipation www.radmomcoolkid.com Reguline AD

Be sure to check out Enfamil Reguline at Reguline.com and always check with your child’s doctor before implementing a plan of actionfor occasional constipation!

Help Relieve Baby’s Irregularity and Occasional Constipation www.radmomcoolkid.com Reguline AD

I received product and compensation for this sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mead Johnson Nutrition. All opinions are my own and not those of Mead Johnson Nutrition.

Back to You with Wayfair

Sponsored by Wayfair.

Back to You with Wayfair www.radmomcoolkid.com

I love summer. Like LOOOOOOOVE it but my children broke me this week and for the first time in my life I am ready for them to go back to school something fierce. I need some “me” time!

I’ve had a few things on my mind lately about moving, making new friends, turning this house into a home, and taking more time to work on myself. This back to school time is also the perfect time for me to get back to myself and for you to get back to you.

So, here’s what I’m going to be working on this fall/winter:

1. Order.

I will continue purging our stuff. Most of it doesn’t spark joy, it takes up space, and I’d rather not have it in my life. Old papers, random things, clothes, etc. I read The Life-changing Magic of Tidying up a few months ago and am slowly working on paring down…except q-tips, she says “get rid of the hoard” and I say “try living with 3 kids.” 80,000 really is the right amount to have under my bathroom sink.

2. Friends.

We bought a house, we have neighbors who bought their houses, we have church friends who are permanent residents. We made a few friends in Sykesville but we only lived there for 10 months. Also, Sykesville was a rough chapter in my book. I learned a lot and have a few scars. I need to make some good girlfriends here. I’d also like to make some couple and family friends.

3. Home.

We downsized from 1400 square feet to 950 when we moved from Utah to Maryland. Then we upgraded to 2300. Our new home now has all these great spaces that are totally empty and boring. I would love to try my hand at building a few things and refurbishing some second-hand pieces.

We are also nearing a decade with children. This means all our furniture is like, “No. If I catch you even looking at me I will break.” Oh, did I mention our TV stopped working? In related news, so many people give their old TV’s away. We are the proud new owners of a very free, very heavy, TV. It is deeper than it is wide.

4. Exercise.

As for getting back to me, I am hoping to get back to yoga. I stopped my practice when I had my melanoma scar revised and a questionable spot removed, ahem, a year and a half ago. I’d love to go regularly to an actual class but I think I’ll start small (and free) with some videos I can do at home.

5. Work.

I am also working on my work-life balance. I’ve been organizing all my blogging/crafting/creating gear in one place and working on a plan to be more productive when I am working. I hope that will help me feel better about powering down the computer more often and baking a ton of bread, or whatever else I feel like doing that isn’t work!

Are you planning to get back to you this fall? What are some of your goals and dreams?

Wayfair Homemakers

Party with a Purpose with Bridgewater Candle Company

Bridgewater Mingle Collection www.radmomcoolkid.com

Today I’m teaming up with Bridgewater Candle Company for their Party with a Purpose week to do some good and spread the word on their Light a Candle, Feed a Child program.

The Light a Candle, Feed a Child program started in 2010 and has since provided 4.5 MILLION meals for hungry kids in orphanages across the world. This year, they are hoping to reach 5 million meals! When you buy a candle included in the program, Bridgewater donates a portion of the proceeds to Rice Bowls, a non-profit organization. Each donation will feed one child for one day. You get a great candle and you get to help a child in need :)

Bridgewater was so kind to send me some of their candles to sample and I have a few fragrances I LOVE. I’m kind of picky about scents so when I find one I like, I stick with it! Here are my favorites:

Bridgewater Candle Company: Mingle Collection - Afternoon Retreat www.radmomcoolkid.com

Afternoon Retreat – this is a woodsy scent I love because it smells manly and outdoorsy but not over-the-top or aftershave-y. I have this candle in my kitchen.

Carnival Ride – this is such a fun scent! I absolutely LOVE going to the fair and this candle smells just like it: popcorn, cotton candy, funnel cakes, holding hands, ferris wheel, straw and dust!

Dream – this is a total summer scent. It smells like fruity drinks and sunscreen!

Open Road – this is a floral and citrus scent that is nice and mild.

Sweet Grace – this scent is fruity with a bit of patchouli. I have a sachet of this in my suitcase to keep it from smelling stale between trips and a small sample votive in my nightstand drawer.

Tickled Pink – this scent is floral and fruity. I have this candle in our toy/flex room.

I really LOVE the Mingle collection. The tin designs are fresh and you’ll definitely find one that fits your personal style! Here is a grid that shows you some of the different designs you can get with some of the scents:

Bridgewater Candle Company Mingle Collection www.radmomcoolkid.com

To celebrate 5 years of service, Bridgewater is providing one of you lucky readers with a great giveaway – your choice of any 3 Light a Candle, Feed a Child products! Enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Follow along on their social accounts to have even more chances to win some great Bridgewater items!
Shop here to start your collection with with this Promo Code for 15% off any order placed between June 8-12th: BW5Million

Which Bridgewater candles would you choose?

Fight Bathroom Mold Naturally with MyShower

Fight Bathroom Mold Naturally www.radmomcoolkid.com

Thanks, MyShower, for sending products to review for this post!

Moving from Utah to Maryland has been a great experience for the most part. One negative thing we’ve run into is how humid our bathroom is! Mold and this funky orange slime love to hang out in the corners of the tub where we store bottles of body wash and shampoo. I know it isn’t just us because one of my girlfriends mentioned she deals with the same problem!

We have a traditional shower caddy that hangs over the shower head but the kids can reach it. This is where MyShower has made a difference for our family. They have a line of bathroom accessories that you can place anywhere you want for easy access and it keeps your bottles off the edge of the tub so you don’t end up with standing water and the resulting mold and bacteria!

Fight Bathroom Mold Naturally www.radmomcoolkid.com

Here are some tips to fight bathroom mold naturally:


– Seal tile and grout with a sealant that prevents mold. You can pick up grout and tile sealer at a home improvement store and do-it-yourself!

– Avoid standing water by storing bottles and accessories on the wall. MyShower has great products that are mold, mildew and rust-free.

Fight Bathroom Mold Naturally www.radmomcoolkid.com

– Spray surfaces with white distilled vinegar every few days. No need to rinse!

– Spray surfaces with water + tea tree oil every few days. Use 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil per cup of water. No need to rinse!


– Clean moldy areas with a paste of baking soda + water. Take it a step further and use white distilled vinegar instead of water. Let it react then scrub clean.

– Spray moldy areas with 3% hydrogen peroxide and let sit 10 minutes. Scrub and rinse. Hydrogen peroxide can cause bleaching and discoloration. You can dilute it or test it in a discreet area first.

MyShower is sold exclusively at Target. I have the MyEssentials kit but you can mix and match individual products to customize your family’s bathroom. All you need is a slick, non-porous surface to attach the suction cups to!

What do you do to keep mold at bay?

Koins for Kenya

Today I’m sharing an opportunity to serve by helping Koins for Kenya, a non-profit humanitarian organization in the US, raise $10,000 to install a water cistern in Mwanjama, Kenya this summer.

The rainy season in the Mwanjama area is only 5-6 weeks per year. This forces villagers, children included, to collect water from drying river and stream beds and stagnant puddles along the road during the rest of the year. The water cistern will catch and store rainwater to give the villagers clean water throughout the year!

Koins for Kenya

Koins for Kenya

Koins for Kenya

My sister-in-law, Kristy, is helping raise funds by donating her commissions through her Younique business for the rest of May. If you would like to order AND donate to this great cause at the same time, you can shop and make orders here.

Some added perks you’ll get for ordering:

Any order – Your name will be painted on a local child’s handprint on the cistern
$75 – You will receive a hand-carved letter opener engraved with the name of your choice

Koins for Kenya

$150 – You will receive the letter opener and hand-carved bookends engraved with the name of your choice

Koins for Kenya

$250 – You will receive the letter opener, bookends, and a picture and hand-written letter from a Koins student who will benefit from the cistern

Younique makeup and skin care products are all-natural and cruelty-free and include the popular 3D Fiber Lashes. Don’t forget, Kristy’s full commission on all sales through May will be donated to Koins for Kenya for this water cistern. Shop and order here!

For information on Koins for Kenya, click here.

Rad Mom Cool Kid

Rad Mom Cool Kid