PARA’KITO Mosquito Repellent

We have been using and loving PARA'KITO mosquito repellent all summer!!

PARA’KITO sent us some samples of their mosquito repellent earlier this summer and we have been so happy with them! This line of mosquito repellent is DEET-free and uses essential oils to naturally protect you against mosquitoes. It is available in the US and and in over 35 markets all over the world.

Roll-on Gel

PARA’KITO was a hit in our home this summer. Maryland is a warm and humid climate that is no stranger to rain. Because of this there is a lot of vegetation and oftentimes standing water. Mosquitoes abound and I am a rare delicacy for them. I have only gotten 3 bites this summer and that was because I didn’t realize I was standing in an area that was INFESTED with mosquitoes. As soon as I saw them everywhere I ran back to the car and grabbed our PARA’KITO Roll-on Gel. I applied it to the kids and myself and even after staying where we were for over an hour we didn’t get any additional bites.

TIP: Keep the roll-on upright. I tossed ours in my bag once and it ended up leaking. Now I keep it in one of the cup holders in my car – it doesn’t leak AND I always have it when we are out and about!

We have been using and loving PARA'KITO mosquito repellent all summer!!

Clips and Wristbands

Noa, my 10 year old, is a rough and tumble outdoorsman. He LOVES to hike, fish, and explore and applying mosquito repellent is the last thing on his mind. Because of this our favorite product from PARA’KITO is their refillable bands and clips. You wear the band on your wrist or ankle and the clip easily attaches to a backpack, belt loop, stroller, etc. They are waterproof and provide constant protection for 15 days once the pellet is opened. After 15 days you just toss the old pellet, open a new one and place it in the mesh pocket of your band or clip. Noa plays outside a ton and it is so easy for him to grab his band or the clip on his way out.

We have been using and loving PARA'KITO mosquito repellent all summer!!

Unidose Gel

Another great product is the Unidose Gel. These single-use packs are easy to toss in a backpack or to travel with. Each application lasts 5 hours.

We have been using and loving PARA'KITO mosquito repellent all summer!!

I highly recommend the bands, clips, and unidose gel if you and your family spend time outside and especially if your kids are heading off to camps or on fun outdoor adventures!

PARA’KITO is hooking some of you up with one of their wristbands! Two lucky winners will each get one wristband (first picture of the post, top left)! Good luck!

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6 Ways to Enjoy our National Parks with Kids – Kids to Parks Day

This post is sponsored by National Park Trust.

National Parks with Kids

This Saturday, May 21st, is the 6th Annual Kids to Parks Day! To celebrate we are giving away a fun prize pack here on the blog and sharing 6 ways you can enjoy our beautiful National Parks with kids. You can participate this weekend by pledging to bring your child to a local, state, or national park on May 21st. Register here and you might win some great prizes!

6 Ways to Enjoy National Parks with Kids

1. Junior Ranger Program

Yellowstone Junior Rangers

Many of the National Parks have Junior Ranger packets available. They are only a few dollars or sometimes free. They do an amazing job of helping kids get a broad experience of the park and learn some interesting facts and history of the park. Once the packet is complete the kids are sworn in as Junior Rangers and they receive a patch or pin for their efforts.

Yellowstone Junior Ranger Program

TIP: The programs we have done (Yellowstone, Fort McHenry, Harper’s Ferry, and the National Mall) take a solid amount of time. Plan for a few hours, especially if you have several kids in different age ranges.

2. Journal – Write, Draw, Photo

I gave my kids blank notebooks before we visited Yellowstone so they could make notes about animals they saw, draw pictures about the day, or paste in pictures they took.

3. Picnic

There is nothing better than a picnic with a national park as the setting. Some parks have restaurants or convenience stores but we often pack a cooler with snacks and food to save some money. Be careful to clean up after yourself. Do not leave trash or food. Keep our parks and the animals that call them home safe and healthy! If you don’t see a trash can, keep your trash in your car or pocket until you do!!

4. Every Kid in a Park Program

Every Kid in a Park

This is a great program for 4th graders across the United States. Each 4th grade student has access to a free National Park Pass. These passes allow the student and their family free access to the national parks and monuments for one year! If you have a current 4th grader or would like information about the program, check it out here.

5. License Plate Game

This is a really fun way to make the most of parks that have large parking lots or lots of road to drive. We write down all the states and leave a section for international vehicles. We check the states off as we see them. It is amazing how many different plates there are out there! It’s one of our favorite road trip games.

Looking for more games to play on the road? Check out our list of 15 here!

6. Explore

Explore Fort McHenry

It has been my experience that kids and their imaginations don’t need much to have an amazing time no matter where they are! Each park has something special and unique – find it and experience it! It might be an amazing hike, colorful geysers, or enormous trees. Take it all in!

Fort McHenry Junior Ranger Program

Today we are giving away two great books to one lucky reader:

Kids to Parks Day

Buddy Bison’s Yellowstone Adventure

My girls LOVE the book about Buddy! We visited Yellowstone two summers ago and one of our best memories is getting stuck in a bison jam :) We were on our way to see Old Faithful one of the mornings and ended up stuck in a super long line of slow-moving cars. We had no idea what the hold up was. It took some time but eventually we found out what was causing all the traffic – BISON! They were everywhere. All over the road, the sides of the road, in the river along the road! There were several park rangers keeping them safe and helping the traffic maneuver the animals without disturbing them. It was so fun to see all the cute babies with their mamas and families. It was the best traffic jam I’ve ever been in and the kids often say, “Hey! Remember when we got bison jammed?!” I think that experience was more memorable than Old Faithful or any of the other amazing things we saw those few days!

National Geographics Kids National Parks Guide USA Centennial Edition

Noa has been eating up the National Parks Guide. He loves informational books like this and has been telling me the parks he would like to visit some day. When we plan road trips, large or small, I love finding national parks along the way. The parks are all so unique and it’s so fun to take some time to check them out, even if it’s just a few minutes or miles. This book has a map of the US with parks and monuments across the country.

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Cat Eye Sunglasses

Contains affiliate links.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

I am a big fan of cat eye sunglasses! Cat eye frames are just a classic, vintage shape and they work well on my narrow, child-sized face!

Sunglasses are a must for me because lots of bright sunlight exposure is one of my main migraine triggers. I don’t get them often but I can almost guarantee I’ll have one if I’m out for several hours with no shade. Wearing sunglasses is a game-changer for me and this is my current pair (the pic is clickable):

I picked a pair of frames I liked that fit my face and had polarized tinted prescription lenses put in by my doctor’s office.

With our upcoming trip to Punta Cana, DR, I have my eye on some amazing cat eye sunglasses! Some of them are outrageously priced ($650?! Yeah right!) but I love all the styles, how about you? Can you spot which frames are splurges and which are steals?

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat Eye Sunglasses

You can click the pics!

Scroll through and click the pics for a closer look at each pair:

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Be sure to check out the swimsuits I have my eye on for our vacation here!

Vacation Swimsuit Inspiration

Vacation Swimsuit Inspiration

Contains affiliate links.

Vacation Swimsuit Inspiration

I mentioned in my last post that Luke and I are heading to the Dominican Republic thanks to a contest I won at Blogger Bash last month…

And now ALLLLLLLLL I can think about is this trip!! What are we going to eat, what are we going to do, what am I going to wear?? We really love trying the local food when we travel and I am totally unfamiliar with Dominican cuisine. The DR really wasn’t even on my radar for places to travel to soon so I’m grateful to have this opportunity to step outside my little bubble of a bucket-list!

I was just going through my swimsuits the other day and thinking that several of them have seen their last summer. A good suit is hard to find so I feel a little stressed and sad to have to retire them but it is time!

Vacation Swimsuit Inspiration:

Diagonal Color-Block Bandeau One-Piece // Flounce One-Piece // Sweetheart One-Piece

Striped Bandeau One-Piece // Ladder-Back One-Piece // Color-Block Bandeau One-Piece

I love suits that have the option to convert to a bandeau neckline – no more strappy shoulder tan lines! I am also still loving the color-block trend…is that still going strong for everyone else?! I’m on the fence with the flounce top. Part of me says, “YES!” but part of me says, “JURASSIC PARK!” Which ones are your faves? Have anything I should add to my list?

Blogger Bash 2015 Recap

Blogging has given me so many amazing opportunities and last week was no exception. I traveled to New York City to attend Blogger Bash 2015 at Pier 60 and it was AMAZING! Here’s my recap of the events – I’m going to break it down by day!

Blogger Bash 2015 - Recap


VIP Cocktail Party with Delta Children

Blogger Bash 2015 - VIP Cocktail Party with Delta Children

The first event was a VIP Cocktail Party at Delta Children. We were able to take a look at their showroom and they had the most amazing sushi spread. I was in heaven because Luke is not a fan so we never go! I really love the modern and modern-traditional nursery pieces Delta has coming this fall. After checking out the furniture we spent a lovely evening on their rooftop terrace. The breeze was perfect after a hot and muggy afternoon. And the view! I could have stayed there all night!


Care Bears Share Your Care Brunch

Blogger Bash 2015 - Care Bears Share Your Care Brunch

The conference kicked off with the Care Bears Share Your Care Brunch. The food was delicious and it was so fun to see how much Care Bears has grown and evolved since I was a fan as a child. The highlight of the brunch was learning more about Zachary Kaplan, a young philanthropist from NYC. At the age of 9 he wanted to do something to help typhoon victims in the Philippines. With permission, he sold Kind bars in front of several grocery stores and after 6 weeks he was able to raise and donate $1200 to aide efforts. His next project is to help homeless children in the city have something soft of their own to cuddle at night. Care Bears is donating stuffed animals to his cause and I can’t wait to see the joy this will bring to so many!

Amrita Singh Jewelry Preview

Blogger Bash 2015 - Amrita Singh Jewelry Preview

As a VIP I got to check out Amrita Singh’s upcoming jewelry line and meet Amrita. The looks are bold and solid and I am excited to wear the earrings I was given! She has some cool hair jewelry and awesome bangles and statement necklaces.


Blogger Bash 2015 - THE RIDE

This was another VIP perk and it was so FUN! THE RIDE is essentially a tour bus with one full side of windows and it has stadium seating facing the window. Your tour guides take you on a trip around the city giving you cool bits of info about the architecture and other things that make New York City so special. As you go you get to see live performances outside the bus! There are actors, dancers, and singers placed around the route and they put on a little show when you go by. My favorite performance was the ballet in Columbus Circle! Isca currently has a dream to be “a New York ballerina” so of course I tried not to cry thinking about her and hoping she gets to do it :)

Sweet Suite 15

Blogger Bash 2015 - Sweet Suite 15

Ok, you guys. This part was so COOL! It was like a giant party/expo with wonderful food and tons of sponsors! I was able to go an hour early with my VIP status and I’m so glad I did because I was able to really spend time checking out the toys and games and make sure I spoke with every brand. I am really excited to start sharing some of them with you so stay tuned in Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for little glimpses!

Blogger Bash 2015 - Sweet Suite 15 Food


Disney Infinity Breakfast

Blogger Bash 2015 - Disney Infinity Breakfast

Again, the food was so good at the Disney Infinity Breakfast! I’m not very familiar with Disney Infinity because we don’t have a gaming console. If we did I’m sure my kids would be all over Disney Infinity 3.0! I love that you can play with so many different characters from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar in the games. It looks like some great improvements have been made for 3.0!

Baby Palooza

Baby Palooza was a small expo with lots of baby and toddler brands. Anne Geddes was even there to speak and sign books!

Speaker Session: How to Double Traffic Potential Through Simple SEO Steps

I only attended one Speaker Session during Blogger Bash – How to Double Traffic Potential Through Simple SEO Steps presented by Noodle. It was a lot of stuff I already knew but they were able to answer a question I’ve had for awhile!

Peanuts Keynote Lunch

Blogger Bash 2015 - Peanuts Keynote Lunch

The Peanuts Lunch was so fun! We got to watch a trailer for the upcoming The Peanuts Movie and hear from the kids who voiced Linus, Pig Pen, Schroeder, and The Little Red Haired Girl. It looks like it will be a great holiday movie to see with family and I KNOW Luke will be excited to go! He loves Charlie Brown!!

All-Day Expo and Rite Aid Recharge Lounge

The expo was a great way to meet lots of new brands! I really loved the Rite Aid Recharge Lounge because sometimes I just need to sit down, recharge my phone, and take a break from being “on” all day!! I took a quiz then got a great goodie bag filled with products that match my beauty “personality” of Chic On-the-Go.

Check out Isca’s new video sharing one of the fun things I brought back from the expo:

Speed Dating

I had the chance to spend about an hour face-to-face with several brands during brand speed dating. It was great to get to know them and to introduce my blog and chat about how we could work together in the future.

Canadian Lentils Carnival

The closing party was a fabulous carnival by Canadian Lentils. There was a strong man, a contortionist, dancers, ladies pouring drinks from the chandelier, fortune tellers, magicians, a midway, and of coarse, food!! I had a lentil/beef burger, a lentil pretzel with a Gouda cheese sauce, and lentil fritters but my favorite was Dulce de Lentil Ice Cream! I have never had lentils taste so good!!

The highlight of the carnival came when they announced the winner of a vacation for two at AlSol Luxury Village in the Dominican Republic. To qualify attendees had to do a number of tasks on social media and guess what? I WON! I think I’m still in shock! I can’t wait to get to know a part of the world I’ve never experienced. I’m also looking forward to relaxing, resting, and hanging out with the best guy I know!


Blue Man Group

Blogger Bash 2015 - Blue Man Group

The other Blogger Bash attendees went to see Blue Man Group on Thursday while I did THE RIDE so I got to go on Saturday after the conference was officially over. I saw the show at Universal Orlando last year but I was excited to see how the New York show was different! The theater was smaller and there were a few extra things in the UO show that I didn’t see in the NYC show. It was still really fun and I was glad to see a few other bloggers there so I wasn’t doing it alone! I had a long walk there and back because the subway lines I needed were under construction but I made it and am so glad I got to see the show again. It is so fun and family-friendly!

If you’re thinking about attending a blogging event, I would recommend Blogger Bash. It felt like less of a “learn how to blog” event (think Alt, Build Your Blog, or SNAP) and more of an event to make connections with brands and other bloggers. As a beginner I really loved going to classes and learning the nitty-gritty details of blogging but I feel like I’m now at a place where I know most of what’s being taught and I just want to get going with it and make friends who are doing the same!

Alt Summit Survival Guide

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Alt Summit Survival Guide photo by Brooke Dennis

Last week I attended my second Alt Summit in Salt Lake. It was really weird to be back. It felt like home but not. I had a lump in my throat a lot because our life was easier there. We had friends, family, doctors, and lots of shopping options across the street. It was tough to be in the middle of all that but not belong to it any more. Anyway, back to Alt.

Alt Summit Survival Guide

1. WATER. Utah is soooooo dry. You need to chug water like crazy to maintain any sort of hydration. Skip the soda and booze and grab the water pitcher, friends! The water will also help you get over any altitude sickness, should you start feeling symptoms.

2. LOTION. The Honest Company stocks the bathroom at Alt with great products and I make sure I use their lotion every time I’m in there! Utah air is so dry and you really start to notice on your hands after you’ve washed them a time or two. I make sure to keep my hands and face moisturized.

3. LANOLIN. This was my secret weapon at Alt! My lips are painfully dry all the time. I have been weaning myself off of lip balm over the last several months and the downside has been a chronic split and peeling lip. I wrote a post about lip balm addiction here. Anyway, I was cleaning out a drawer the other day and found an old tube of lanolin.

If you’re not familiar, lanolin is generally used by moms at the start of breastfeeding. Well, if it’s good for the nips, it’s good for the lips! People all around me were busting out the chapstick all day and I was good to go with my lanolin! I slathered on a thick layer after I brushed my teeth at night and a thin layer in the morning after brushing. It’s amazing. My friend, Jill, thought I was nuts until she tried it!

4. COMFY SHOES. My tip for any conference is to wear shoes that will be comfy all day. For me, that means flat shoes that are about a half size bigger than what I normally wear. When I fly and walk around a lot my feet swell just enough to make my shoes feel tight and totally uncomfortable. I find that a half size up is perfect.

5. DRY SHAMPOO. I washed my hair once at Alt. I don’t have time to be doing all kinds of hair shenanigans every day because I like sleeping and meeting with people before and after the conference each day. My secret time saver is dry shampoo!

6. VASELINE/AQUAPHOR. This is a little gross but I get bloody noses when I’m in a super dry location. My best trick for avoiding them is to apply vaseline or aquaphor to a cotton swap and swipe it around the inside of each nostril. It’s a strange sensation at first but getting a bloody nose in the middle of talking with someone is not my idea of leaving a great first impression!

I wrote a recap of my experience with lots of pictures here, check it out!

Check out OneDrive for more photos from Alt or search #AltSummit on Instagram!

Knockoff Frozen Butterbeer

Knockoff Frozen Butterbeer

Last August we went on a vacation of a lifetime. It was one of the best trips we have ever taken and we LOVED every minute of it!

Being a blogger has presented several great opportunities and this trip was one of them! When I lived in Utah I got to know the ladies behind Mom It Forward, a blogger network that brings bloggers and brands together. At the beginning of the year I was at a small local event, chatting with Jyl, when I mentioned that for Christmas we had given our family a jar full of bills and coins to start saving up for a trip to Disneyland. She told me about their blogger retreat for families, Family Forward, and I was SOLD!

I know it’s been months since the retreat but I still want to do several posts about the trip so bear with me- one post will NOT do it justice!!

Today, I’m sharing my knockoff frozen butterbeer recipe. We consumed gallons of the stuff in Orlando and went through withdrawal when we got home. It was sad. When I found myself researching the cost of purchasing a real slurpee machine I gave myself an intervention. You will find the results below…

Knockoff Frozen Butterbeer

I eyeballed all the amounts for this recipe. You many prefer more of less butterscotch flavoring. You can always half this recipe to test it out and adjust it to your preferences! I included amounts but again, I didn’t measure!

Frozen Butterbeer

1 litre cream soda
1/3 c. butterscotch ice cream topping

Gently pour 1 litre cream soda in a large rectangular pan or dish (I used a plastic food storage bin) and squeeze about 1/3 cup butterscotch ice cream topping over the top. DO NOT STIR. Put in the freezer.

For the next 3-4 hours, pull the pan out and scrape the mixture with a fork. After an hour or so the mixture will start to freeze so when you scrape you will be creating a delicious slushy. You want the ice crystals to be fine so scrape well but quickly- it starts to melt fast!

Knockoff Frozen Butterbeer

Butterscotch Whipped Cream

1/2 pint Heavy Whipping Cream
1/4 c. Butterscotch Ice Cream Topping

In a mixing bowl stir together 1/2 pint heavy whipping cream with 1/4 cup butterscotch topping. Whisk until soft peaks form.

Pour the frozen butterbeer into a glass, top with butterscotch whipped cream, and enjoy!

Knockoff Frozen Butterbeer

Gift Guide: Traveler

Contains affiliate links.

Gift Guide: Traveler

1. Blanket Scarf – Similar HERE (Pictured no longer available)
2. Traveler Duffel
3. Younique Makeup
4. 1,000 Places to See Before You Die
5. National Lampoon’s Vacation Box Set
6. Moleskine Classic Notebook
7. Travel USB Charger
8. No-Jet-Lag Homeopathic Remedy

Gift Guide: Traveler

9. Sexy Hair Travel Set – Similar HERE (Pictured no longer available)
10. Baby K’Tan Carrier
11. Cosmetic Bag – Similar HERE (Pictured no longer available)
12. Leather Passport Wallet Available in Black and Dark Brown
13. Travel Pillow Set – Similar HERE (Pictured no longer available)
14. Nautica Luggage Set
15. Disney Frozen Suitcase – Similar HERE (Pictured no longer available)
16. Weekender – Similar HERE (Pictured no longer available)

Gift Guide: Traveler

17. City Pass
18. Multi Pocket Shave Kit
19. Light Windbreaker Available in Crimson and White
20. Avengers Suitcase – Similar H (Pictured no longer available)
21. How to Travel the World on $50 a Day
22. Kate Spade Luggage
23. Makeup Setting Spray
24. High Tops
25. Travel Nail Kit – Similar HERE (Pictured no longer available)

I have always loved to travel but I really got bit by the bug when I spent 17 days in France during my junior year of high school. I went with my French teacher and 10-15 other kids from my high school who were also taking French. We were each paired with a student at our sister school in Paris and we lived with their family during our stay. We attended a few classes at their school and spent our days exploring Paris together- we had a very long leash and it is one of the greatest things I’ve ever done. I learned a lot about French culture on that trip but I learned more about myself.

I’m so happy that I married someone who also likes to travel! Luke actually lived in Costa Rica for 2 years before we met and since we’ve been married we have been back to Costa Rica, Hawaii, and we’ve traveled to lots of places in the lower 48 states. We have made it a point to take our kids on lots of adventures, too (see here, here, and here). We always have our next trip in the works and a jar of coins on the fridge to help us get there!

Today we have a great giveaway to go with our travel guide- some makeup pigments (the 5 loose colors shown below are the colors you will win) from Younique! These mini pots are the perfect size to toss in your carry-on!

Gift Guide: Travel

You can see our tips for wearing the 3D Fiber Lashes here and browse through all of Younique’s products here. To enter the giveaway click here or follow the instructions in the Rafflecoptor widget below!

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Pin Gift Guide: Traveler by clicking the picture below!

Now that you’ve got your traveler covered, take a look at our other guides here, we have something for everyone!

Corn Maze Tips for Families

This post is sponsored by Maize Quest Fun Park. Thank you for inviting us to spend an afternoon at your farm!

corn maze tips for families

We recently spend a Saturday afternoon getting straight LOST in a corn field in south central Pennsylvania.

Maybe you and your family do this all the time so you’re like, “NBD,” but we usually just do laundry and go grocery shopping.

About 10 minutes into the corn maze at Maize Quest Fun Park our normally happy family of 5 turned into a grumpy, crying, hot mess. This was no fault of the park, nope, Luke and I and our stellar parenting skills were to blame. The good news for you is you get to learn from our errors and spend your next Saturday living it up in the corn maze of your choosing.

corn maze tips for families

And now, the corn maze tips for families you have all been waiting for:

1. Go to the bathroom, guys. There aren’t bathrooms in the corn maze. If your kid is newly potty trained I suggest you jazz up the idea of a “Super Special, Extra Awesome Corn Maze Diaper!!!”

2. Stroller. We are idiots. Our punishment was carrying the following items in 80 degree weather (but I made us all wear fall clothes for the sake of photos) through the maze for an hour:

Mom Purse (weighs as much as Hollis)
Activity Book
Giant Metal Flag (in case we became hopeless)

It would have been real nice to unload all that crap into a stroller. Lesson learned.

3. Snacks/Water. Be very careful as you administer water rations (see point #1). It was hot during our journey through the corn and we had no water and we were wearing long sleeves and jeans because I’m awesome. The kids were absolutely dying of starvation and dehydration after 15 minutes. They let it be know in the following ways:

Spitting (seems like the dumbest thing to do when you’re thirsty but what do I know?)
Laying down in the dust
Yelling really loudly, “I can’t WALK anymore!”
Asking, over and over and over, “Do you have any water?” as if I have been holding out for fun
Telling strangers, “My dad is lost.” EVEN WHEN HE ISN’T.

4. Clothing. You should not wear cozy fall clothes when temps rival that of the surface of the sun. Even if it “looks cute.” Likewise, if it’s cold, don’t wear hoochie mama shorts. You will regret it and your date will not think your goose bumpy flesh is a good look.

5. Time. I thought we would be in the maze for 15 minutes total. Boy, was I wrong. Ask somebody who works there how long it takes to get through it. If the person you ask is a teenager, double whatever the time is because they don’t know anything about dragging 3 overworked, under watered offspring through the dirt and dust of a Pennsylvania farmers corn field, barefoot, uphill both ways.

corn maze tips for families

If you’d like to read about the rest of our day at Maize Quest Fun Park and get a discount code for your own trip click here!

Maize Quest Fun Park #IGotLost

maize quest fun park

Our family was recently invited by the award-winning Maize Quest Fun Park to spend a weekend afternoon at their farm in south central Pennsylvania. We have a new goal to spend our Saturdays on a fun family outing so we were really excited to go.

Maize Quest Fun Park is just about an hour from our house. The drive through rural Maryland and Pennsylvania was so pretty- there are trees everywhere and some are starting to turn fall colors. I imagine it will be breathtaking in the next few weeks!

The first thing we did when we arrived is get totally lost in the corn maze. TOTALLY. We spent over an hour getting through it! I highly suggest using their Maze Tracker app to help you out! Once you install it, make sure you check your email so you can activate it. There are clues located throughout the maze but the app is the easiest way out!

maize quest fun park

maize quest fun park

maize quest fun park

After the corn maze we headed over to the activities. Maize Quest Fun Park has tons of fun games and play structures that will keep you and your family entertained for hours! My kids loved the long slide, gemstone mining, and the corn box.

maize quest fun park

Be sure to get down to the pumpkin patch to choose your pumpkins, too!

maize quest fun park

We stopped for some apple cider and apple cider donuts on our way out of the farm. Do NOT leave without some freshly pressed cider and donuts. They were both amazing. I would drive all the way back just for the cider and donuts!

maize quest fun park

If you decide to go to Maize Quest Fun Park, and you should, you can buy your tickets here AND use this discount code: MQMEDIA14 for an additional $2 off any ticket! If you are taking kids, don’t miss my corn maze tips for families here.

You can also see some awesome pictures of the park and add your own using the hashtag #IGotLost on your social media accounts. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thanks, Maize Quest Fun Park, for a great day at the farm!

Rad Mom Cool Kid

Rad Mom Cool Kid