Last Minute Gift Ideas for Procrastinators!

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Last Minute Gift Ideas

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Did you wait until the last minute to buy gifts and now you’re scrambling for ideas?! No worries! We have rounded up some presents you can quickly purchase or make at home!

So, gather your pantry ingredients and craft supplies and check out these bloggers. They have some great gift ideas!


Chocolate Dipped Hot Cocoa Spoons by The Domestic Geek Blog
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Gingerbread Cookies and Mulling Spice Sachet from Home Maid Simple
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Chocolate Peppermint Biscotti from rick•a•bam•boo
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Hot Honey Ginger Lemonade from Rad Mom Cool Kid
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Frozen Inspired Gift with Printable from My Daylights
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Frozen Gift Printable from One Creative Mommy
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Pepper Jelly from Over the Big Moon
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Peppermint Hot Cocoa Mix from A Mom’s Take
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Homemade Root Beer BBQ Sauce from A Mom’s Take
Last Minute Gift Ideas

“Riesens Why I Like You” with Printable from One Creative Mommy
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Homemade Vanilla from The Mamas Girls
Last Minute Gift Ideas


Homemade Bath Salts from The Mamas Girls
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Gingerbread Sugar Scrub from rick•a•bam•boo
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Sugar Scrub Flowers from A Mom’s Take
Last Minute Gift Ideas

DIY Candy Cane Bath Bombs from A Mom’s Take
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Rudolph Lip Balm Gift from Tried and True
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Basic DIY Body Scrub from Rad Mom Cool Kid
Last Minute Gift Ideas

DIY Body Scrub with Essential Oils from Rad Mom Cool Kid
Last Minute Gift Ideas

To Wear

Matching Dolly and Me Necklaces from Fizzy Pops
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Headbands from A Mom’s Take
Last Minute Gift Ideas

DIY Fabric Teething Necklaces from Fizzy Pops
Last Minute Gift Ideas

DIY Dollar Store Beanie from My Daylights
Last Minute Gift Ideas

For the Home

Silhouette Nativity from My Daylights
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Grapefruit Rosemary Room Simmer from Rad Mom Cool Kid
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Hand Print Art from A Mom’s Take
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Fleece Blanket from Adrian’s Crazy Life
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Flowering Bulbs from A Life in Balance
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Doily Pin Cushion from Patchwork Posse
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Painted Spoons from Rad Mom Cool Kid
Last Minute Gift Ideas

DIY Jewelry Holder from A Mom’s Take
Last Minute Gift Ideas

DIY Coasters from Schooling a Monkey
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Citrus Cinnamon Room Simmer by Rad Mom Cool Kid
Last Minute Gift Ideas


Rudolph Gift Card Holder from Tried and True
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Museum Membership from A Life in Balance
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Hand Warmers from Patchwork Posse
Last Minute Gift Ideas

DIY Gift Ideas from Storybook Apothecary
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas from Mommy Crusader
Last Minute Gift Ideas

DIY Neighbor Gifts from Schooling a Monkey
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Quick Gift Ideas from Adrian’s Crazy Life
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Felt Food from A Life in Balance
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Redbox Gift Printable from Over the Big Moon
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Gift Guide: Home Cook

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Gift Guide: Home Cook

1. Measure Magnet
2. Measuring Spoons
3. Mortar and Pestle
4. Mixing Bowls
5. Blender
6. Mango Vinegar
7. Sushi Making E-Classicon

Gift Guide: Home Cook

8. The Kinfolk Table: Recipes for Small Gatherings
9. Baking Collection
10. Cooking Guide Apron
11. Baking Mat
12. Smitten Kitchen Cookbook
13. Mixer
14. Ginger Infused Oil – Similar HERE (Pictured no longer available)
15. Chopper
16. Beginner’s Chocolate Making E-Class

Gift Guide: Home Cook

17. Pumpkin Butter
18. Round Dutch Oven
19. Herb Mill
20. Kitchen Scale
21. Grill Master Cookbook
22. Healthy Cooking E-Class
23. Vintage-Inspired Apron
24. Cookware Set
25. Spiralizer

My husband loves to cook and try new foods- he has been obsessed with food pretty much his whole life. He remembers parties, receptions, and other events based on the food served at them. I can tell you about the outfits, he can tell you the menu!

Luke is pretty hard to shop for when it comes to gifts. He loves to read but he doesn’t like collecting books- he loves the library. I’ve gotten him bookstore gift cards, a nook, books, and he always goes back to the public library! So, a few years ago, I just went to the grocery store and bought him tons of fancy ingredients- things we normally wouldn’t budget into our regular grocery store trips. It went over well…and I benefited from it, too!!

This list of gifts for food lovers has something for every budget- stocking stuffers, big ticket items, and upgrades of the everyday things we all use when we cook. I have my eye on that blender and I can’t wait to flip through the Kinfolk cookbook. Hey, these would make great wedding or off-to-college gifts, too!

If you’re looking for more ideas for your holiday shopping list, check out all our gift and style guides here.

holiday gift and style guides 2014


Gift Guide: Home Cook

by clicking this image:

Gift Guide Home Cook

Alfajores – Dulce De Leche Cookies

Today I am guest posting about Alfajores over on the Crafty Blog Stalker!

What are Alfajores? It is basically a Dulce de Leche Oreo. And it is amazing. It’s one of my favorite Argentine recipes!


It’s pretty much my ode to Argentina after their loss in the World Cup. Sigh. Sad face.

Anyways, go check it out here. And try not to drool too much.

caprese salad sandwiches


I tried to make homemade mozzarella last week.  It did not work.  I made something, but it was not mozzarella.  Or edible.  It was frustrating.  It’s just that several blogs raved about how easy it is to make and that was all lies.

So, I had to buy the real deal but it was worth it because these sandwiches are life changing.  I’m not kidding.  

Try to only eat one…

My favorite thing about these little guys is how fresh and simple they are.  If you’re a gardener this sandwich is a wonderful way to use your tomatoes and basil.  I’m making myself hungry just thinking about it.

Caprese Salad Sandwiches

good bread (homemade is worth it), sliced
butter (optional)
fresh mozzarella, sliced
fresh tomato, sliced
fresh basil leaves, torn to bite-size
sea salt
freshly ground pepper
olive oil
balsamic vinegar

Toast the bread and add a bit of butter, if you like.  Then layer on slices of mozzarella, tomato, and basil.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Eat immediately.

These are great by themselves as a light main dish or served with soup.

My big kids aren’t fans of the balsamic but they love them with everything else!  I hope you do, too!

Rainbow Smoothies

Rainbow Smoothies

In a quest to be a bit healthier, we have implemented the motto:  Eat The Rainbow

Rainbow Smoothies

I make sure our smoothies help us eat the rainbow and taste delicious by using 4 key ingredients…

1. A creamy base
-banana, avocado, yogurt

2. A liquid
-fruit juice, milk

3. Fresh and frozen fruit and veggies
-oranges, pears, pineapple, berries, apples, carrots, kiwi, peaches, apricots, cherries, mango…basically whatever is on sale/we like/is healthy…

4. Fresh greens
-spinach, kale, parsley…again, whatever you like/is on sale/you grow…

-peanut butter, protein powder, oats, flax, wheat grass, cocoa powder, honey…add a little something to make your smoothie even more awesome/tasty/healthy.

Rainbow Smoothies

The smoothie in the top photo made enough for me, Noa (7), Isca (4), and Hollis (16 months).  We had it for a snack.  It isn’t very filling but if you pair it with some honey whole wheat toast you’d have a great breakfast or post-workout snack.

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hot honey ginger lemonade

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Got a cold?  Here’s a natural and delicious remedy-

Hot Honey Ginger Lemonade

1 lemon, sliced very thin, seeds removed
1 inch fresh ginger, peeled, sliced thin

Combine lemon and ginger slices in a small glass jar, cover with honey, seal.  Keep this in your fridge and add more of each ingredient as you use it.  It eventually breaks down into a goopy gloppy gel…mine hasn’t after a month in the fridge but I still use it.

To use: Add a few spoonfuls of the gel to a cup of hot water and you have yourself a nice cup of hot honey ginger lemonade!

Tip: Use a mandoline to slice the lemon and ginger quickly and evenly.

Need another tasty hot drink?

cozy fall tea

easy overnight bread

I’ve been making a bunch of stuff from pinterest this week.  We only had a few ‘fails’ that my kids were quick to let me know.  Most were keepers, like this easy overnight bread from Simply So Good.  Read through the comments for add-in ideas.  Here’s a look at how mine turned out:
Cranberry and Candied Ginger
Cheddar Onion

Cranberry and Candied Ginger– next time I’ll add some sugar or honey to the dough.  I didn’t measure the dried cranberries, just dumped what was left in a bag in the cupboard.  I put in 1/8 c. of minced candied ginger.  I couldn’t taste it so next time I’ll add more and only coarsely chop it.  It would also be really good with some cinnamon and orange zest!

Cheddar Onion– again, I didn’t measure, just grated medium cheddar until it looked good.  I added a palmful of dried minced onion.  This one was REALLY good as sandwich bread.  I had one with spinach, turkey and avocado that was heaven!

Notes– I used a 3 QT. sauce pan lined with parchment.  Measure your flour correctly.  Let them cool before cutting.  Be gentle when you pour the dough from the bowl.  You want to keep the air bubbles intact!

Hollis was a big fan :)


cranberry punch

This punch is PERFECT for the holidays.  It’s non-alcoholic so everybody can drink it, it’s a beautiful bright red, and tastes amazing, what else should punch be?

Cranberry Punch

3 oz. cherry gelatin
8 oz. water
2 l. ginger ale
1 qt. 100% cranberry juice (or a blend)
1 can frozen lemonade concentrate
3 c. cold water

Microwave 8 oz. water for 2 minutes.  Stir in cherry gelatin until it dissolves. 

In a punch bowl, combine ginger ale, cranberry juice, lemonade, cold water, and dissolved gelatin.  Stir to combine.  Serve over ice.

Feel free to jazz it up with fresh berries, a pretty ice ring, lemons, etc.

I drank the last sip straight from the bowl at Thanksgiving.  It’s goooood.

thanksgiving menu

So, this will be about the 1 billionth Thanksgiving meal that I’ve prepared.  My husband usually works the days before and after, making traveling for the holiday impossible.

We sometimes have a stragler family member or two that come over but our crowd is usually a small one.  This year it will be us and Luke’s grandpa.

One nice thing about our small gatherings is that I feel no pressure.  When are we eating?  When it’s done.  What are we wearing?  Pajamas, tuxedo’s, I don’t care.  Where’s the green bean casserole?  At someone’s house who likes it, probably.

We’ll wake up, watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Luke and I will cook, the kids will watch movies and play outside, and Grandpa will still be talking about the election.

Here’s what we’re having, unless I change my mind:

Turkey.  Even though we all hate leftover turkey with it’s weird fridge taste.  I brine ours for 24 hours then follow this recipe from Giada De Laurentiis, Turkey with Herbes de Provence and Citrus.  It requires fussing over it.  If you want to sit back and forget about they turkey, don’t make this recipe.  If you want to eat a seriously delicious turkey that tastes pretty freaking awesome, make this one.

Dressing.  Real dressing/stuffing is so much better than a box.  I’m trying this one, Apple, Celery, and Sourdough Bread Stuffing.

Cranberries.  I make mine, no canned jelly for us.  I’m not 100% on this but I think I’m going to make this Ginger-Cranberry Sauce.

Rolls.  Luke’s mom makes really yummy Parker House rolls, so that’s what I’m going to attempt.  I’ve never made rolls.  I make bread all the time but never rolls…pray for me.

Potatoes.  We usually make mashed potatoes but thought we’d go nuts and not, this year.  So, we’re making Parmesan Potato Gratin.  Fancy.

Sweet Potatoes.  We usually do dessert-ish sweet potatoes so this year, you guessed it, we’re doing savory.  We’re making Goat Cheese Mashed Sweet Potatoes.

Veggies.  Instead of the ‘traditional’ green bean casserole we’re trying Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Bacon, and Apples.

Dessert.  I’m only making one pie.  Should I make two?  Or one pie and another dessert?  What would you do??  We’ll only have 3 adults and 3 kids.  Anyway, the pie I’m making is Caramel Cream Pumpkin Pie.

We will have too much food.  I’ll go for a jog in the morning, maybe.  I’ll at least run up and down my stairs 5 times, that should help put a small dent in the caloric overload that will be our Thankgiving meal.

Then, I will boycot all stores that open on Thanksgiving because I think they are greedy and not at all thankful.

What are you making?  Are you traveling or are you hosting others?  I wanna know what your plans are!!

how to measure flour

Both of these mounds of flour were measured in a 1 cup dry measuring cup…so how did I get such different amounts?

Each mound measures one cup of flour?

The mound on the left is flour that has been packed into the measuring cup.  You know, like brown sugar.  If you measure flour by packing it down, you are doing it wrong.  Your baked goods will turn out dense, bland, and dry.

The mound on the right is flour that has been fluffed, spooned gently into the measuring cup, then leveled off with a butter knife.  This is how you measure flour the right way.  Your baked goods will turn out lighter, more flavorful, and more moist.

The mound on the left contains about 1.5 cups of flour, the mount on the right contains 1 cup.

So, now you know how to measure flour!  Make sure you don’t cheat and dip your measuring cup, spoon the flour in, you must SPOON the flour ;)

How To Measure Flour

1.  Fluff the flour up with a spoon.
2.  Gently spoon the flour into a dry measuring cup.
3.  Use the back of a butter knife to scrape the extra flour off the cup.

Rad Mom Cool Kid

Rad Mom Cool Kid