Time to Get Tropical: Island Garden Party

Get inspired with this modern island garden party! www.RadMomCoolKid.com | Sponsored

Today I’m sharing some inspiration from Wayfair for a summery island garden party! I love having friends over with their children because it is so nice to sit down with other adults, relax, and watch all the kids play and have fun. I went with a classic black and white color scheme with tropical accents like bamboo and palms because I wanted the party to feel like an island vacation without being too kitschy!

Get inspired with this modern island garden party! www.RadMomCoolKid.com | Sponsored

Comfortable Seating

When hosting an outdoor party you want to have plenty of places for people to sit down and get comfy. I love this seating group because it is sleek and modern and comes in tons of different color options. You’ll be sure to find something you love!

I found a great tiki bar and a cozy hammock, too. You know you have a friend in mind who’ll be napping in that thing by the end of the night!

Toss around some pillows that match the party theme and your guests will feel right at home in no time. I love these black and white cabana stripe and palm frond pillows.


If your party starts while the sun is still shining you will want to create some shade to keep guests cool and out of the sun. Large umbrellas like this will do the trick and they can be moved as needed.

As it gets darker you can turn on some string lights, light up the tiki torches, and start a fire pit. I love the idea of using roasting forks to roast pineapple. I bet it would be amazing in a s’more! Check out some other fun s’more ideas here!

Food + Drink

I try to always serve food on white or clear platters, bowls, and plates because its easier to see exactly what you’re getting. I found a nice bamboo salad bowl that would be perfect to hold a macaroni salad or lots of leafy greens! Shrimp and chicken kabobs with fresh fruit and veggies would also be a great addition to your tropical meal. Make cutting mangoes and pineapples a breeze with a mango splitter and pineapple slicer.

When serving drinks for a big crowd I always use large beverage dispensers – people can serve themselves and they are quick to refill. This Pineapple Jalepeno Lemon Infused Water would be wonderful at an island garden party because it’s sweet, a little spicy and really refreshing!

Grab a big tub and fill it with ice for soda, juice boxes, and water bottles. Keep things on the casual side with disposable plates, fun coral shaped plastic flatware, and of course – drink umbrellas!


Add some fun tiki and pineapple statues around your yard and tables to bring a fun island vibe and maybe even splurge on a neon tiki lamp! I love the hula dancer curtains (here and here) I found on Wayfair – I would buy some grass hula skirts and hang them behind the food tables with the hula curtains. It would also make a fun photo backdrop!

Music + Games

No party is complete without a great soundtrack. This speaker is water resistant and you can control it with your phone. It seems like it would be great for indoor and outdoor events.

My family loves to play lawn games together. I found so many fun games to play outside on Wayfair. They would all be great at an island garden party, especially tiki head corn hole!

Inspiration Board

I put together an Idea Board on Wayfair to gather inspiration for this family-friendly island garden party and love how it turned out. Each picture below is clickable if you want to know more about a specific item or click the title to see details from the whole board!

I hope you are having a great summer and that you’ve been inspired by my Island Garden Party Idea Board!

Isca is Eight!


Our sweet Isca recently turned eight years old! She is soooo kind and good and we love her like crazy! And I hope those little chin dimples never go away.

A few special things about her right now:

– She loves to dance and was awarded a scholarship to attend a summer intensive for this year. She is very excited to attend but a little nervous because she will be one of the youngest dancers there and it will be rigorous. I hope she has a good experience. It is local so she will come home each night.

– She is a READER!! Her favorite author is Roald Dahl and she is currently collecting all his books. Matilda is one of her favorites. She just finished The BFG and is dying to see the movie when it comes out this summer! She is also working on reading the Book of Mormon. Her goal is to finish it this month.

I’ll have to get her birthday party pictures edited and organized soon – it was book themed and she had lots of her girlfriends over for lunch, cookies, and some fun activities!

– She is great at puzzles. We have several jigsaw puzzles and a few brain teaser puzzles that she loves to do.

– She has been saving her money like crazy and has just earned enough to buy an American Girl doll. She wants to get the 2016 Girl of the Year, Lea Clark. A trip to the AG store is in our near future!

– Isca was baptized into our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) just over a week ago. She was so excited that morning! Her baptism was at 11am and at 9am she asked me if we could just go and do it right then, she couldn’t wait any longer! Right as she came out of the water I wrapped her up and helped her into the bathroom to change. We shared the biggest hug and she was just beaming. She said, “I feel so GOOD! My whole body feels so GOOD!” We were lucky to have my mom and step-dad and Luke’s parents come from out of state to support her. We also had many friends from church and a dear friend from Isca’s school class in attendance.


Luke was able to baptize her and then confirm her a member of the church. In the LDS church we wait until the age of 8 to baptize because we believe that little children are without sin. Around age 8 they understand right from wrong and can start to grasp the concept of the Atonement and how it applies to them.

Luke and Isca

Luke’s mom spoke a little about baptism before Isca was baptized and my step-dad spoke about the Holy Ghost right after. Isca was welcomed into the children’s program, called Primary, by the Primary President and was then welcomed into our ward (congregation) by a member in the bishopric (each ward is watched over and led by a Bishop. He has 2 counselors who support his efforts and help). His welcome was so warm and full of love. Everyone could feel how much he loves the Gospel and how much he loves serving our church members. Isca’s piano teacher played the piano and my mom was the chorister. Noa gave the opening prayer and Luke’s dad gave the closing prayer.

Briton and Isca www.RadMomCoolKid.com

After the baptism we invited everyone back to our house for lunch. It was so nice to have our home full of so many people who love our family.

Baptism Luncheon www.RadMomCoolKid.com

Here are some special pictures I took of Isca at the Washington, D.C. LDS Temple a week or so before her baptism. She is wearing my dress from when I was her age!



I just love watching my kids get older and bigger and learning more about their personalities. A little sad that they aren’t my tiny little babies anymore but so happy to see them growing and finding the things that make them happy!

Under the Sea Birthday Party

Under the Sea Birthday Party www.radmomcoolkid.com

Today I’m sharing a birthday party I did for Isca a few years ago. She picked a mermaid under the sea birthday party theme and it was so fun to plan and decorate for it!

Here’s the invitation I made:

Under the Sea Birthday Party www.radmomcoolkid.com

I didn’t have time to print them off and deliver them so I just saved the image and emailed it to the moms of the girls Isca invited. It worked like a charm and the plus with that is no invitation to lose and then wonder where and and when and what exactly?

And now for a few party pictures!

Under the Sea Birthday Party www.radmomcoolkid.com

We had to snack on goldfish and Swedish fish. The mini cupcakes were topped with melted white chocolate and lime green nonpareils. The cake was a white cake with blue cream cheese frosting topped with fancy pearl nonpareils and sugar crystals.

We also had pizza and carrot sticks for dinner.

Under the Sea Birthday Party www.radmomcoolkid.com

Under the Sea Birthday Party www.radmomcoolkid.com

Under the Sea Birthday Party www.radmomcoolkid.com

I can’t remember the recipe for this punch! My guess is it is something similar this party punch, but blue!

Under the Sea Birthday Party www.radmomcoolkid.com

We kept the party games low-key. Luke was in charge of games and we played musical balloons, bounced balloons while all holding the edge of a sheet, and a little game where he would call out a girl’s name and she would sneak under the sheet and pop out on the other side. They were super simple and perfect for a bunch of giggling 5 and 6 year old girls :)

Under the Sea Birthday Party www.radmomcoolkid.com

Under the Sea Birthday Party www.radmomcoolkid.com

After games and gifts we ended the evening with cake and ice cream. Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food was a no-brainer :)

Don’t miss Noa’s 8th birthday – the theme was Nacho Libre and we maybe had a nacho cheese fountain.

If you need gift ideas, I’ve got you covered – check these out!

Rad Mom Cool Kid

Rad Mom Cool Kid