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I recently got the opportunity to try out Massage Envy in Leesburg, Virginia in exchange for a blog post about my experience. I was super excited because I am a BIG fan of massages. I want to share a little about the Leesburg location and then share some tips I’ve learned as I’ve gotten professional massages over the years.

Leesburg is about 40 minutes from where I live in Maryland but the drive is really pretty. There are several darling little antique shops along the way, I get to cross over the Maryland/Virginia border at the Potomac River, and there are tons of farms and fields and cute little churches with old cemeteries. I have a closer Massage Envy but Leesburg also has outlets so it really makes for a fun day of shopping and relaxing.

I have two favorite things about Massage Envy:

1. You can get a membership!

I gifted myself a membership several years ago and it was AMAZING! I quickly found a therapist that I loved and she was able to really get some deep work done on my back and shoulders with my regular appointments. Massages here and there are fun and relaxing but when you go in for regular visits you can really see how much better you feel.

Massage Envy Review www.RadMomCoolKid.com

2. Each massage is custom!

Many of the massages I’ve gotten at spas have been very generic full body massages. Even if my shoulders need more time the therapist has to keep moving to be sure they get everything else on their checklist. I come away with knots left in my shoulder blades but they made sure to massage my knee-caps?!

At Massage Envy if you are looking for a full-body massage, great! If you want them to only massage your right hamstring for an hour then that’s exactly what they’ll do. When you fill out your paperwork before the massage you can check off some boxes about places you do not want to be touched (glutes, abdomen, feet, scalp, etc.) You can also let them know if you have a surgery scar to avoid or other problem areas.

If you have never gotten a massage before I know it can be a little intimidating or uncomfortable not knowing what to expect. Here are some of my tips for your 1st massage:

1. Wear a loose ponytail. Tight enough to keep your hair out of the therapist’s way but loose enough that they can still give you a scalp massage, if you like them.

2. Drink LOTS of water after. Your massage will loosen up toxins so you’ll want to flush them out by drinking a lot of water after. I try to be well hydrated before my massage, too.

3. Speak up! If you would like lighter or firmer pressure don’t be scared to let your therapist know. They want you to enjoy the experience and everyone like a different pressure. Sometimes I just want to relax so I ask for light pressure, sometimes I want to work out the knots that come from stress and the general momming of 3 kids.

4. Don’t wear makeup. You spend the first half of the massage with your face in a cushion and usually at some point you get a face massage. You’ll enjoy it so much more when you aren’t worried about what your mascara is up to.

Massage Envy Review www.RadMomCoolKid.com

5. Ask for what you want. I prefer female therapists so I always make sure I tell the person making the appointment. I also usually prefer someone who is great with medium to deep pressure massages. I like to ask for someone who is a favorite because I know they are probably pretty good. Once I find a therapist I love I ask for them every single time!

TIP: Splurge on a 2 hour massage sometimes. I only do this when I can get a therapist I really like. It is amazing because they can really focus on several areas. My back and shoulders ALWAYS have knots and kinks and a 1 hour full body massage is not enough time to get them all out. A two hour massage that just focuses on the problem areas is amazing!

If you live near a Massage Envy give them a call to set up a massage. If you are near the Leesburg location I suggest booking an appointment with Cynthia. She has great medium pressure and isn’t afraid to wiggle, jiggle, and pinch the knots out! I was so relaxed after my 1 hour massage with her and hope to get back soon for another!

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