PARA’KITO Mosquito Repellent

We have been using and loving PARA'KITO mosquito repellent all summer!!

PARA’KITO sent us some samples of their mosquito repellent earlier this summer and we have been so happy with them! This line of mosquito repellent is DEET-free and uses essential oils to naturally protect you against mosquitoes. It is available in the US and and in over 35 markets all over the world.

Roll-on Gel

PARA’KITO was a hit in our home this summer. Maryland is a warm and humid climate that is no stranger to rain. Because of this there is a lot of vegetation and oftentimes standing water. Mosquitoes abound and I am a rare delicacy for them. I have only gotten 3 bites this summer and that was because I didn’t realize I was standing in an area that was INFESTED with mosquitoes. As soon as I saw them everywhere I ran back to the car and grabbed our PARA’KITO Roll-on Gel. I applied it to the kids and myself and even after staying where we were for over an hour we didn’t get any additional bites.

TIP: Keep the roll-on upright. I tossed ours in my bag once and it ended up leaking. Now I keep it in one of the cup holders in my car – it doesn’t leak AND I always have it when we are out and about!

We have been using and loving PARA'KITO mosquito repellent all summer!!

Clips and Wristbands

Noa, my 10 year old, is a rough and tumble outdoorsman. He LOVES to hike, fish, and explore and applying mosquito repellent is the last thing on his mind. Because of this our favorite product from PARA’KITO is their refillable bands and clips. You wear the band on your wrist or ankle and the clip easily attaches to a backpack, belt loop, stroller, etc. They are waterproof and provide constant protection for 15 days once the pellet is opened. After 15 days you just toss the old pellet, open a new one and place it in the mesh pocket of your band or clip. Noa plays outside a ton and it is so easy for him to grab his band or the clip on his way out.

We have been using and loving PARA'KITO mosquito repellent all summer!!

Unidose Gel

Another great product is the Unidose Gel. These single-use packs are easy to toss in a backpack or to travel with. Each application lasts 5 hours.

We have been using and loving PARA'KITO mosquito repellent all summer!!

I highly recommend the bands, clips, and unidose gel if you and your family spend time outside and especially if your kids are heading off to camps or on fun outdoor adventures!

PARA’KITO is hooking some of you up with one of their wristbands! Two lucky winners will each get one wristband (first picture of the post, top left)! Good luck!

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  1. WHAT? I had no idea there was such a product! As a Mom of 5 rough and tough outdoorsy, always exploring boys, I’m super duper excited to hear about this! I’ll be off to pick these up before we have our weekend bonfire! Thanks for sharing! I’ve needed this like my whole entire life, but it’s always been missing! haha!

  2. I am so no an outdoors person!! What a great way to protect yourself from mosquito bites!! I know my kids and my husband love to be outdoors and I worry about them getting bitten while outside.

  3. This is absolutely awesome! I’m always looking for a good mosquito repellant. And with the Zika virus on the news everywhere, I am more aware of mosquitos than ever! This seems like the perfect solution, especially for families.

  4. I love spending time outdoors, but the mosquitoes definitely ruin it once they come out! We’ve tried a lot of different things, though I’ve never heard of Parakito before. I love that they have more than a spray.

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