Daily Summer Schedule

Daily Summer Schedule www.RadMomCoolKid.com

It is DAY ONE of our summer and I have some goals, people.

1. My children will not forget everything they learned over the school year
2. My house will be clean
3. My children will not waste the summer watching tv and playing video games
4. We will do fun things and remember them

Soooo, I made them a daily summer schedule. No screens* of any kind until the following have been done:

Daily Jobs –

brush teeth
say prayers
make bed
get dressed/put away pajamas
tidy bedroom
tidy bathroom
tidy living room
comb hair
read 30 minutes
practice math* This is the exception to the rule because it saves a whole lot of paper. My kids like ABCya! and XtraMath
practice piano 30 minutes
free time to play, read, draw, etc. 2 hours

Weekly Jobs – these are spread throughout the week and divided among the kids, some happen daily, others once, twice, or three times per week

tidy rec room
kitchen counters
sweep kitchen
tidy entry
trash + recycling
vacuum bedroom
vacuum rec room
sweep living room
vacuum stairs + hall

We are also hoping to do several activities each week that get us out of the house or help the kids learn/get better at life skills:

national parks
state parks
local parks
library programming
city programming
summer movie express
kids bowl free
swim at the pool
go on a drive
local nature centers
ice cream outings
Smithsonian museums
bake and cook
paint and draw
jobs for hire – I made a list of jobs they can do this summer to earn some money. We will have some lessons about saving, spending, donating, etc.

That TV is such a sneaky time sucker, isn’t it?! “One more show?” “This only has 7 minutes left, can I finish it?”

I don’t want my kids to look back and not really remember what they did all summer. I want them to learn new things, use their imaginations, explore, and progress. We are setting some guidelines and rules about our TV, laptops, phones, and Noa’s DS so we can be sure to get as much life out of this summer as possible.

Do you limit screen time over the summer?

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