Gift Guide: Toys Part II

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Gift Guide: Toys Part II

Here is Gift Guide: Toys Part II of the Toys Gift Guide this year. Don’t miss TOYS: PART I and all our GIFT AND STYLE GUIDES!

We own 9/10 of these toys and the 10th is on Noa’s dream toys list! He is saving his $$ as we speak! The other 9 are toys we have sampled, reviewed, or purchased on our own. ALL of them are toys that my kids have spent lots of time playing with. Moment of honesty: brands send me a lot of stuff to try out. It is a major perk of blogging for our family – who doesn’t like free, cool stuff? However, I have not included the duds in these gift guides. I want to share the things that will be useful for you and not waste your money or your time.

Gift Guide: Toys Part II

Playmobil Super 4 Musical Flower Tower with Twinkle Building Kit– I have to say, I was not very familiar with Playmobil toys before this year. I’ve always been aware of the brand but I don’t think we have ever had any of their play sets. Most of my kids toys have come as gifts and nobody ever gave us anything from Playmobil I guess. Anyway, I have been really impress with the amount of DETAIL these toys have! Each set comes with all kinds of accessories and tiny parts that make the set unique and awesome. Not many brands put as much effort in the design of their sets and I appreciate Playmobil doing so. Ok, this tower set is unique because it can be condense down and store all the accessories for travel. The girls love playing all over the house so this is nice because they can easily take it wherever their imaginations and feet are headed!

Hog Wild Unicorn Popper– I got this toy at Blogger Bash and the kids have had a lot of fun shooting the rainbow balls all over the house. Its hard to get mad when they hit me in the face because: Rainbows. Unicorn. Squishy Tummy. It’s a little tough for Hollis (4) to shoot it but Isca (7) and Noa (10) are pros.

Nerf Rebelle– Isca has had this message shooter for a few years and loves it. She has a few other guns but her favorite colors are pink and purple so this is one of her favorites. It comes with a special pen so you can write secret messages on the foam bullets. The messages can be seen under the red plastic bullet holder.

Laser Pegs 12-in-1 Variety Building Set– This is another product I got to try while at Blogger Bash over the summer. We got a small sample from them and Noa was SOLD! He loves toys that encourage building so adding lights makes this even better. I like that they can be used with the Legos we already have :)

Toy State Nikko VaporizR 2 Red Radio Control Vehicle– Noa really enjoys this remote control car because it is rough and tumble just like him! He plays outside rain or shine and this toys is PERFECT for puddles, snow, dirt, grass, cement, etc. Here’s a post all about it and Noa’s video showing you more:

Gift Guide: Toys Part II

Snap Circuits SC-300 Electronics Discovery Kit– Luke saw these when he was looking at ideas for Noa’s birthday last month and they are one of the BEST presents we’ve ever gotten him. Like I said, Noa is a builder and he loves electronics so this has been a great way for him to explore and build and have so much fun! This set comes with tons of little projects you can build. He’s made fans, alarms, things that light up, etc. and he even started combining some of the projects to make some cool, crazy stuff all on his own. If you have a kid that loves to tinker around and build things then you will NOT be disappointed with Snap Circuits!

Shopkins– My girls love these fun little collectibles along with basically all the little girls in the world. And why wouldn’t they?! They are cute, mini, and collectible!

Playmobil Series 1 Blind Bag – Pretty much any toy that comes in a blind bag is going to be a hit with my children. Playmobil offers Boy and Girl figures in separate colored packaging. The figures inside can be a bit tricky to put together for kids, ok, maybe it took me a while to figure it out, too… But the end result is great figure to add to your collection!

Hog Wild Toys Popper Unicorn Keychain– We also have the full-sized version of this toy, like I mentioned above, but this is so fun and cute we had to add it to the list, too! The best part about this mini version is that the ball is attached to the unicorn with a string so you can’t lose it! This would be a great stocking stuffer for the holidays or a great little stress reliever to keep on your desk, if you’re young at heart!

WowWee MiPosaur– This is the toy that Noa would LOVE to have! I got to see these robotics in action at Blogger Bash and they are neat! They can do all kinds of different things like play fetch, go for a walk, dance, chase, etc. It makes a great alternative to a real pet :)

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  1. So many choices and less than 3 weeks now till the big day… so little shopping time. Thanks for the list great collection.

  2. I so need some ideas for my nieces and nephews this year–loving the guide.My sonny boy would enjoy the snap circuits set too–I hadn’t seen anything like that-so thank you!

  3. Awesome. This is a nice guide – it helps me save time to think what toy should be given to kiddos.

  4. I want the unicorn pooper looks fun, I am sure my nephew would love any of these gifts

  5. This is a wonderful recap of great gift ideas for kids. That laser light toy would be well received by my kids for sure!!

  6. Great guide! I think my daughter wants pretty much every toy on this list! lol

  7. We picked up some of the Laser Pegs when we were at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair a few weeks ago. They are so fun to build with…just wish the batteries didn’t run out so fast!

  8. Shopkins is on the TOP of my daughters list this year. I’m not a big fan of all the tiny pieces. But I put up with it for her :)

  9. There are so many fun toys out this year. My girls love the little Shopkins but this unicorn popper looks like fun too!

  10. this is a great gave me so many ideas for christmas gifts for my lil cousins and neece

  11. What a great list you have here. I am sure any kid would be happy to be given these toys. :)

  12. Angelic Sinova says:

    What a great toy gift guide! I don’t have any kids but I do love opening blind bags myself and those Playmobi figures are just too darn cute <3

  13. There are so many toys out there to choose from this year! Lucky for me, my son has had his list ready for a few months! Now It’s time for a shopping for a few of my little cousins!

  14. so i made the mistake of opening this while my daughter was standing behind me. womp! needless to say, she approves! ha!

  15. I have never heard of Shopkins until recently and apparently they are all the rage because I’ve seen people selling them for ridiculous amounts of money!

  16. We have the snap circuits and I do love them. That’s a really fun toy kit.

  17. What a great list! Gave me so many ideas for presents!

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