Nikko VaporizR 2 Radio Control Car Reveiw

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Tween Boy Gift Idea - Nikko Nano VaporizR 2

Noa, my oldest, was VERY excited to get to try out the Nikko VaporizR 2 Radio Control car from Toy State! He is starting to get to the age (9/10) where he’s kind of hard to shop for. Does he still want toys? If so, what kind?

Noa still likes toys but mostly ones that keep him active or outside. He has had his eye on the Nikko VaporizR 2 for awhile now after he read that it is amphibious. Yep, you can drive this car through puddles, snow, it can even drive on top of water! Here in Maryland we seem to get a lot of time off for snow days and I have a feeling this car is going to see a lot of action come January.

Here is Noa’s video review – we had to film it over two days because sometimes life just gets busy! Enjoy and be sure to subscribe to our channel if you are looking for more toy reviews. We have several coming soon!

You can buy the Nikko VaporizR 2 at Target, Toys R Us, K Mart, WalMart, and Amazon!

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  1. Angelic Sinova says:

    The Nikko Nano VaporizR 2 Radio Control car sounds like the perfect gift for a tween (I know I would have had a blast with it when I was younger!) Nothing’s better than a toy that gets the kids outside and active <3

    • Outside play is so important and I love that this car is perfect for outdoor play even when the weather is wet and/or snowy!

  2. This would be a great gift for my son. He is around the same age and about in the same place when it comes to toys. This year I have had more trouble than usual trying to figure out what to get him. This would actually be pretty perfect.

  3. wow! That car looks awesome! My son is only 3 but I think he would love this car (though he wouldn’t care much about the remote control yet :D )

  4. I have a tween grandson I’ll be shopping for and this would be perfect. Tween years are so hard – they are too big for most toys, yet this is one I know he’ll love. Thanks!

    • It is such a tough age-group to buy gifts for. Some stop playing with toys, some still have a few years with them and you just never know which it is for each kid!

  5. I actually think my two daughter’s would LOVE this car. Looks really cool and fun.

  6. This car looks awesome!!! My nieces and nephews would love it. I am definitely going to put it on my to buy Christmas list

  7. This isn’t just for tween boys, my hubby would love this, too! lol. I think my daughter would even like it.

  8. My son just turned 9 and his interest in “toys” is touch and go. He has always liked RC vehicles. This looks like fun.

  9. My son is kind of hard to shop for too but he is shares my love for remote control cars so this would truly be a great gift idea. I don’t know who would have more fun with it, him or me!

  10. Wow! What a fun gift idea! :) I feel like this would be awesome for lots of ages – especially tweens, like you said! My son would LOVE to see this in action, and he’s going to be 3! I love this post – it’s a great source of info!

  11. My nephew would love that bow set! I’m not sure if my brother would though! AHA.

  12. This looks absolutely fun! My tween would love it!

  13. These are all such cute ideas! Such a help as Christmas is creeping closer!

  14. This is such a great gift idea! In fact, I think even my grown-up husband would love this (I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing…).

  15. I have a 12 year old nephew that is kind of hard to shop for. He has everything, lol. This is something he would love, his older brothers have some RC cars and they won’t let him play with this.

  16. This is a great gift idea – for girls too! Tweens can be hard to buy for – not quite ready for teen stuff but too old for little kid toys!

  17. I have a tween cousin that this would be perfect for! I have been struggling to find something to get him! Thanks for this!

  18. This car looks like it would definitely make an awesome Christmas gift! This would be perfect for my nephew but unfortunately he is quite a few years away from being ready for it!

  19. This looks like such a cool toy. And just in time for Christmas. Great gift idea for boys and girls.

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