Fun with Jenga

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Ways to Have Fun with Jenga

We recently had the chance to team up with Jenga® to show you guys one of their new products!

Most of you are probably familiar with the original Jenga – a fun block stacking game. This fall, Jenga introduced a few new products, including Jenga Giant Family Edition. We were thrilled to get to try it out over the last few weeks and wanted to share how we have used our Jenga Giant!

1. Purposeful Play

Noa (my 10 year old boy) likes to play solo and see how high he can get the stack before it topples over. He is really into building, designing, hands-on activities so this is right up his alley.

Ways to Have Fun with Jenga

The girls (7 and 4) love playing together, taking turns finding a loose block and building the stack higher and higher. We sometimes have to find a step stool for the 4 year old as the stack grows and grows!

Ways to Have Fun with Jenga

2. Imaginative Play

Hollis (my 4 year old girl) loves to use the blocks to make houses and roads for her cars and small toys. Sometimes the kids will each make a long road of blocks and race cars against each other.

Ways to Have Fun with Jenga

The Jenga Giant Family Edition is 6 times the size of the original Jenga game and stacks up to over 3 feet high! It is geared toward kids age 6 and above but our 4 year old has lots of fun playing it, too!

3. Craft

I haven’t done this yet but the second I saw this pic regrammed in Jenga’s Instagram feed I put it on my To-Do list! I’m thinking black + white… and maybe a metallic and… some neon.

Con un poco de color todo es más bonito! #jenga #art #home #deco #colores #DIY

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This game is fun to play outside on the patio or indoors over a carpeted area, as the wooden blocks are very sturdy and hard. Be sure to play away from walls and any surface that might get dented or damaged when your awesome stack finally topples over!

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