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Sofa Forts: 5 Things Every Fort Needs!

One of my friends at Wayfair recently turned me on to an awesome Sofa Fort Guide they have on their website and I had to share! To find it click here then scroll most of the way down and click on “Read More.” It is located just under Site Feedback and just above Sponsored Links. You’ll find forts like “The Classic” and “The Dreadship Blanket” among others!

Classic Sofa Fort from

Dreadship Blanket Sofa Fort from

I loved making sofa forts when I was a kid. I remember using cardboard boxes to make all kinds of tunnels and secret rooms. It was so fun to get lost in the design and work with the neighborhood kids to build a fort of epic proportions!

Wayfair’s guide has some really cute ways to transform your sofa into a really fun fort! They also have an option for those of you who might not want to use your sofa as a jungle gym!!

It took my kids about 10 seconds to start construction on their own sofa fort after looking at the guide…

Sofa Forts: 5 Things Every Fort Needs!

Sofa Forts: 5 Things Every Fort Needs!

We decided there are 5 things every fort needs to be totally awesome:

1. Tunnels. Wide ones, skinny ones, and ones that are dead ends.

2. Rooms. We like to build forts where each kid has their own special space to work on. The rooms are all connected by the tunnels :)

3. Levels. We stack tables and chairs to give our forts height. They also provide little nooks for stuffed animals and books.

4. Pillows. We have wood floors so pillows and cushions are a must in our tunnels and rooms. We are big fans of being cozy.

5. Secrets. All our sofa forts have to have something secret! Secret tunnels, secret rooms, secret entryways, etc. Everybody knows about them but they are still a secret!

All this pillow and blanket talk reminds me of an episode of Community from a few years ago…it’s called Pillows and Blankets and the whole school makes an enormous fort that covers the campus. It’s a good one, you can watch it here!

When’s the last time you made a sofa fort?!

I am one of Wayfair’s Homemakers but this post is not sponsored by Wayfair.

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