No Sew DIY T-Shirt

DIY T-Shirt

Do you remember making this easy no sew DIY t-shirt back in the day? My school was big on selling t-shirts for everything. Homecoming? Buy the t-shirt. French club? T-shirt. Blood drive? Duh, T-SHIIIIIIRT. But we were teens so heaven forbid we all show up wearing exactly the same thing. But we were teens so we were also lazy and lacked sewing skills. Enter fabric scissors.

I became a master thrift store t-shirt revamper in the early 2000’s thanks to my Fiskars and Bedazzler. But back to this tutorial. It is so easy and it goes perfectly with these adorable DIY Patriotic Shorts I’m sharing on Over The Big Moon today!

DIY Patriotic Shorts Pockets

So, here’s how to take a plain Wal-mart t-shirt and make it your own!

Supplies –
Fabric Scissors
icon*Buy the t-shirt 1-2 sizes too big
If you’re also making the shorts go ahead and add a bleach pen

DIY T-Shirt

DIY Patriotic Shorts Supplies

Step 1 – Trim the seams off the sides, cut the sleeves off, trim the seams off the shoulder seams, and cut the collar off. Trim as close to the seams as possible! You will have two separate pieces when you are done.

DIY T-Shirt

DIY T-Shirt

Step 2 – Lay the top piece on the bottom with wrong sides together. The “wrong” side is the inside of the t-shirt or the side that will be against your skin when you wear it. Line up stripes or patterns. Then make cuts about 1/3″-1/2″ deep and 1/3″ apart up one side of the shirt. For my stripes I cut each stripe into thirds. Then, tie up your t-shirt! I found that tying every other cut was the easiest way to keep track as I went along. When I did one right after the other they pulled it a bit too tight and made it harder to work with.

Do one side, then the other. Finish with the shoulders. I had to trim a bit of the bottom piece to line up with the top piece before making my 3 cuts to tie.

DIY T-Shirt

DIY T-Shirt

And there you have it! The great thing is this DIY t-shirt is less than $4!

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  1. Such a cool idea, I love making things so I must try to make a DIY T-Shirt myself!

  2. I love making fun shirts out of cheap finds. I bet my daughter would love this, we’ll have to make this a project to do together.

  3. What an interesting thing to do and think this would appeal to children of all ages! Something so simple, but so unique! I like it!

  4. This looks like such a fun project to get the kids involved this summer. I can’t wait to give it a try and I know that our girls will enjoy the creativity!

  5. What a brilliant idea! It looks easy to do and I would like to try it for my girls.

  6. My daughters would love to create a fun summer shirt like this. What a great summer activity

  7. Cute idea but the klutz over here would never attempt this one! The two detached sides would probably end up being dusting rags in my hands!!

  8. What a cute outfit. I love to jazz up low cost thrift store clothing and make them pop. My kids on the other hand just don’t have the time, patience or most of all the vision.

  9. sharon phillips says:

    That’s a great idea. I have cut up a lot of t-shirts different kinds of ways but never like this. Cute idea. Will have to try this one out.

  10. I use to make these shirts all the time in high school Its a super fun and easy way to spice up a shirt!

  11. what a great diy.fantastic. i loved this kind of posts keep sharing.thanx for this one

  12. What a cute idea! I love anything original and this looks like something that would be lots of fun to make and wear.

  13. michele d says:

    What an awesome idea. I wouldn’t of thought of doing that. The top is super cute on her.

  14. Buy a t-shirt! I may have went to your sister school. I do these type of projects with all my giveaway type t-shirts. Im going to try this style next.

  15. How cute! I love that it is no sew, considering the fact that I cannot sew, lol.

  16. CourtneyLynne says:

    OMG what a cute idea!!! I definitely need to try this for my daughter. She would love something like this :)

  17. That is a very cool DIY! I wish that I was more crafty. I can’t even sew so this perfect for me.

  18. Awesome idea! Now old clothes can have a new look, thanks to this DIY. :) And the little girl in the picture is adorable!

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