Girls Summer Staples: Under $10

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Girls Summer Staples

I love shopping for my girls in the summer. The swim suits and rompers are so little and cute! I don’t love spending a ton of money though. My kids play so hard in the summer- crawling through mud, dirt, grass, playing with chalk, ice pop stains, bloody knees and elbows. I tend to dress them in lots of old jeans cut into shorts and cheap new clothes that will last just one season (sometimes only half!). That’s where finding great deals comes in handy!

I rounded up some of my favorite girls summer staples and the good news is they are ALL currently under $10. I’ve been posting my favorite deals under $10 over at and they have been going really well- so trust me when I say if you see something here you like, snatch it up! Things sell out and sometimes the price goes up!

Girls Summer Staples

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  1. How fun and such great deals! I’ll have to pass this along to my nieces. They would look so cute!

  2. Those are adorable finds for girls. I bet my daughter would love them. And I will love the price

  3. These clothes are really cute! I like those sunglasses and the shoes would be adorable.

  4. The cuteness is killing me! I have no little girls in my life right now (all grandsons). If I did, I’d be clicking away – too cute.

  5. Adorable outfits and at such a great price. My daughter would love them. I better get to summer clothes shopping soon!

  6. OMG, everything here is so adorable! I love that star top and those sandals. Too cute!

  7. So funny to see this – I just pulled out the box of summer items today. I like to shop the clearance sales and save the stuff in a box till the next season. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll get away with this because at some point she’ll want to pick out her own stuff, but it’s always nice to be a year ahead on clothes and have more than enough!

  8. Those are such cute finds for under $10!!! I love the sandals and the sunglasses!

  9. Fi Ní Neachtáin says:

    Oh I wish I had a little girl to buy adorable clothes like this for. Those little play suits are so cute and perfect for summer!

  10. Oh, it’s summer time! No little girls here, but I do need to get my little guy some new clothes as he is growing fast!

  11. Ana Elizabeth says:

    The clothes and sunglasses are sooooo cool and adorable. :) Will share this to my friends. :) They’ll definitely love this.

  12. So many great summer must haves in your list! I especially love the one piece romper type outfits. Those are perfect for long summer days filled with twirling and whirling, somersaults and flips!

  13. That is a well designed image with text overlay. You should do more of that, makes your website very interesting to look at :)

  14. I live in Phoenix, so we started buying summer staples at the end of February! ;)

  15. What cute clothes those are! My daughter is 20, so she picks out her own clothes now lol. I miss buying cute little outfits!

  16. WOW! what an affordable but pretty finds for girls! It’s Summer here and I bought my little girl a couple of dresses to keep her cool.

  17. Angelic Sinova says:

    What great deals! All these choices are super cute for summer and I love that they’re reasonably priced <3

  18. Cute finds! It’s always interesting how much boys and girls clothing options differ. I guess it makes life easier for us moms of boys… :)

  19. awwww how cute are these outfits, I love rompers big time I buy them all the time.

  20. I love finding great deals for my kids.
    These are pretty good!
    I”m definitely keeping my eyes out for this summer :)

  21. Your picks for summer outfits for kids are adorable! I especially love the little romper. My girls would love any of your items!

  22. This are some cute outfits for little tikes, lov the jumpers and sunglasses.

  23. What a great list of things for little girls! I have a little boy, but I’m going to pass this along to my sister-in-law!

  24. Really cute looks for a great price. I love one piece jumpers for the summer time – makes things so much easier.

  25. CourtneyLynne says:

    Omg I’m totally loving this!!!! This whole outfit would
    Look beyond adorable on my daughter!!!

  26. These are such cute clothes. I love the little rompers. So much fun for summer.

  27. Those are adorable finds. I would want to buy my daughter those cuties. I especially like the pink stripped rompers!

  28. Cuteness overload! My friend has a daughter so I’ll share this link to her. I can’t wait to see her little Mimi wearing the sunglasses. :)

  29. These would really be fun gears for summer. It’s nice that it’s made even cheaper.

  30. What a great group of things! My favorites are the yellow jumper and those silver toed shoes.

  31. You have the most adorable selections and really unbelievably low prices. My selection is the yellow jumper. So cute!

  32. Rebecca Swenor says:

    These look like cute outfits at an awesome price under $10.00 so I will have to tell my nieces who have little ones. I might just have to get them a couple outfits too. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Rebecca Swenor says:

    These look like cute outfits at an awesome price under $10.00 so I will have to tell my nieces who have little ones. I might just have to get them a couple outfits too. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Those are some great prices. I like the little rompers like that one up there too, I used to get those for my daughter. :)

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