Post-Holiday Blues

The Post-Holiday Blues

It’s now mid-January.

Your tree is still up, drooping under the weight of ornaments, straggly tinsel and garlands.

You ate 10 plates of holiday cookies from neighbors and friends and gained as many pounds or more.

You made resolutions. 2015 was going to be your year! But you’ve already given up.

You are cold.

And lonely.

And sad.

Here are some things you can do to grab this year by the horns and get over the post-holiday blues!

1. Service- the easiest way to forget about your own unhappiness to to serve. It feeds your spirit. When you serve someone who is less fortunate than yourself you will be better able to appreciate the things you have and the accomplishments you have made. They don’t have to be huge acts of service- give someone a dollar, hold open a door, pick up someone’s dropped item, smile, give a compliment. Get your kids involved with some service ideas here.

2. Try Something New – Is there a museum, restaurant, or class you’ve been meaning to try? Get out there and do it!

3. Exercise – It doesn’t have to be a new gym membership or something huge. Check out the Sworkit App– you get a free workout that’s customized to your skill level, how much time you have, etc. It is free and on your phone so you can do it any time, anywhere. I love it because I can get in a quick 5 min. mini workout here and there. I have 3 little kids and our budget is tight as we are saving for a home.

4. Homemade Hot Cocoa and Movie Night – Sometimes a cozy night in is all you need to recover from the parties and events that happen during the holiday season. Invite friends and family over or do it by yourself! Check out our Homemade Hot Cocoa recipe here.

5. Start a Gratitude Journal – Spend a minute before bed and write one thing you were thankful for that day. It’s quick, easy, and will help turn your mind toward positive things.

6. Aromatherapy – My friend, Pam, from Drops of Nourishment shares about using essential oils to boost your mood here! Scent is so interesting- I love how certain smells can take you back in time, trigger memories, and change your feelings!

How do you get yourself out of the rut of sadness?

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  1. Yes to the service. I amazed how much this lifts my spirits up. Great post! <3

  2. These are great tips. I think we sometimes get into an all or nothing mentality and it makes it easier to quit our long-term goals.

  3. I totally still have my tree up and some cute window clings of Rudolph, but the rest of the house has been de-Christmas-ed already. I almost want to put it back up to cheer the place up!

  4. prayer, praise and worship help too… :D

  5. Signed up for Sworkit! Thanks for this list of tips!

  6. I’ve added exercise and essential oils to my life and my mood is already improving. I love the tips. I think I’ll try a new class this year and doing more serving. :)

  7. Exercise is always good to help elevate your mood. Not just temporarily, but overtime as exercise becomes more of a habit you will have higher serotonin levels consistently.

  8. These are all great tips! I’ve found just getting out of the house and doing something, walking even, helps.I think winter time can be hard for everyone because outside is so dreary and a lot of the time you don’t want go out and do anything because it’s too darn cold!

  9. I actually wrote a post similar to this last week… and for me it was always almost impossible to break through the funk. This year I just decided I was tired of falling into those post holiday blues and wouldn’t allow myself to. Adopting a positive attitude and outlook helped me, it’s hard to maintain but helps when you write it out. By declaring it on my blog, on twitter, FB, etc… I held myself accountable to enjoy the present and get excited for the coming weeks. Putting little moments or outings on the calendar helps me to look forward to things other than the Holidays, but I’m not going to lie, I already have visions of 2015 sugar plums in my head!

  10. I like the idea of a gratetude journal. I started on toward the end of last year, then it became my scribble pad. I should get back into doing that again. Thankfully all our Christmas lights, even the outside lights came down down last weekend and the weekend after New Year’s.

  11. Great list of tips. I know that I enjoy getting some sunshine. Today, I opened up the curtains and blinds to let the sun inside.

  12. Melodi Steinberg says:

    Exercise is the perfect band aid for anything!

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