Gift Guide: Teen

Gift Guide: Teens

1. Longboard
2. Beats By Dre Ear Buds
3. iPad Air
4. GoPro Hero Cam
5. Electric Guitar
6. Gray Cardigan
7. Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit Available in Black
8. Wooden Watch

Gift Guide: Teens

9. 97 Things to Do Before You Finish High School
10. Runaway Alarm Clock
11. Be The Good Art Print
12. Backpack Available in Gray
13. Pen Cap Utensils
14. Converse High Tops
15. SodaStream Starter Kit
16. FIFA 15 Game

Gift Guide: Teens

17. Divergent Series by Veronica Roth
18. PROOF Sunglasses
19. Mini Wireless Outdoor Speakers
20. Bike – Similar HERE (Pictured no longer available)
21. Guitar Pick Punch
22. Fooseball Table – Similar HERE (Pictured no longer available)
23. Who-What-Where Game
24. Eiffel Tower Jewelry Holder – Similar HERE (Pictured no longer available)
25. Brown Wedges – Similar HERE (Pictured no longer available)

I don’t have a teenager yet but I’m not so far from those years that I can’t remember myself then. For me, being a teenager was all about being unique, but cool. Interesting, but not a weirdo.

In this gift guide for teens we have gathered things that span the cliques and are sure to make your teen smile! Okay, maybe not the angsty ones but deep down they will like them!

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Gift Guide: Teens

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  1. Awesome gift ideas! I own quite a few of them on your list! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I must be a teen at heart since many of this gift ideas spoke to me. I posted several gift guides this year and my readers have been gobbling up the suggestions.

  3. Some fantastic gift ideas here! Do you have any suggestions for tweens who like gadgets? I have to buy for my 10 & 12yro cousins (boy and girl) who love gadgets and I have NO CLUE what to get them. I was an 80s/90s child, I liked books and music!!

  4. I love gift guides, because sometimes you just don’t know what kids like anymore!

  5. Great list – I totally want a Soda Stream for myself :)

  6. So many great ideas here. Although, I have to admit I want much of this for myself an I am far from being a teen.

  7. These are great ideas for a teen! My son would love most of these. Thanks! Pinned.

  8. Great stuff, great ideas…I found few for myself:)

  9. These are some awesome ideas that adults would want too!

  10. I love all these great ideas! I am having such a hard time shopping for my teen nephew! These are great ideas

  11. I love all of these ideas. I personally would enjoy the tablet.

  12. Melodi Steinberg says:

    This will come is very handy when my kids are older!

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