Gift Guide: Babies and Toddlers

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A gift guide just for the littles! Happy Holidays from

1. Bath Paints
2. Wiggle Worm
3. Little People Farm Set
4. Personalized Peppa Pig and Me Book
5. Bunny
6. Classic Record Player
7. The Jungle Book Board Book

A gift guide just for the littles! Happy Holidays from

8. Baby Monitor
9. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
10. Cradle Swing
11. Sock Set – Similar HERE (Pictured no longer available)
12. Giraffe Teether
13. Little Mommy Baby So New
14. Goodnight Moon Board Book
15. Exersaucer
16. Baby Rocker
17. Wagon

A gift guide just for the littles! Happy Holidays from

18. Tiger Ride On
19. Double Stroller
20. Truck with Shapes
21. Fishing Bath Toy
22. Tap a Tune Drum
23. Play Cottage
24. Stackers
25. Dream Soother

Around our house we have a serious book obsession. I started collection books in grade school and I still LOVE buying them. In recent years I have grown to have a real soft spot in my nerdy heart for kids books. There is just something so perfect about cuddling up with a toddler and reading a book to them. Especially when they come up to you with a favorite in their hand!

Hollis is at the perfect age for books because her attention span is finally long enough to listen to the whole book. She also knows the difference between books and stories- we read books but we tell her stories :)

One of our new favorites is the personalized Peppa Pig and Me book Hollis got for her birthday, you can read that post here. She LOVES listening to a book about her favorite characters coming to HER birthday party! The other great thing about our Peppa Pig book is the big kids really like to read it to Hollis. Isca just loves to read in general but Noa gets a real kick out of how excited Hollis is about being the star of her own book. I love the sparkle in his eye as he nods his head and says things like, “Oh yeah, Hollis! Peppa and George are going to your birthday!”

birthday gift ideas toddlers

I try to find small ways to encourage my kids to bond with each other and this is one of my favorites to watch. It is just so tender and makes my mama heart swell when I see them in their jammies, under the covers in my bed, just being sweet and laughing together. You can read more about our love of books here, here, and here and about how we get our kids to love reading here.

birthday gift ideas toddlers

Peppa Pig and Me has offered to give two of our readers a sweet Christmas gift: their very own personalized Peppa Pig and Me book! I’m so excited for you, whoever you are!! Just enter below and then cross your fingers :)

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A gift guide just for the littles! Happy Holidays from

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  1. We our BIG Peppa Pig fans. So big my 3 year old will randomly speak in a British accent.

  2. Wooow, these are great ideas! I want to buy ALL!!!!

  3. This is a great list! I saw that classic record player at the store the other day and I thought it looked so cool!

  4. Great Ideas!

  5. super cute ideas!

  6. Love these ideas – especially the stackers, really cool for little hands to play with!

  7. Great ideas for the little ones.

  8. So many useful ideas for parents. My favorite is the toy house, my youngest would love it but we just don’t have room for it.

  9. Those yellow and gray socks are SO cute! It might help that I love those colors together ;)

  10. lots of cute stuff here! love the tiger ride on

  11. My daughter loves Peppa Pig and jumping in muddy puddles. Her Peppa Pig book is one of her absolute favorites.

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