Gift Guide: Tweens

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Gift Guide: Tweens

1. Nerf Rebelle Bow
2. Thursdays with the Crown
3. Ipod Nano
4. Simon Game
5. Basketball Game
6. Giant Spoons Gameicon
7. Nerf Rapidstrike
8. Ninjago Lego Set

Gift Guide: Tweens

9. Body Lotion
10. Drink Carbonation Kit
11. Boxing Set
12. Tin Can Robot
13. Monster High Doll
14. Wall Pops Wall Art Panels
15. Nail Polish Kiticon
16. Dork Diaries Set

Gift Guide: Tweens

17. R/C Helicopter
18. Origami Kiticon
19. Calligraphy Set
20. Neon Highlighters
21. Doll House
22. The New Way Things Work
23. Stargirlicon
24. Electric Scooter
25. Acoustic Guitar

Tweens (ages 10-13) can be such a tough age to shop for. Some kids that age are still playing with “kid” toys while others are moving on to more grown-up entertainment. We have compiled a list that will appeal to you tweens no matter where they are in the process of maturing.

Talk to your tweens about their interests and the things they like to do in their spare time. This is the perfect age to get them gifts that are experiences or that can become hobbies- lessons, day trips, art and craft supplies, etc.

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Gift Guide: Tweens

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Gift Guide: Tweens

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  1. Great list! I especially love the calligraphy and origami kits. This mom of two tweenies thanks you!

  2. Love this guide – of course my personal favorite is the ‘Simon Says’ game, but that’s only because I grew up playing it. My tween daughter is a big fan of the Dork Diaries – fun series for tweens.

  3. Thanks for the great list! Ninjagos are a big hit in this house!

  4. These are great ideas! My Tweens would love these.

  5. I like the basketball shooting game.. i wish i had the room for it.

  6. Great guide! I love the GUD stuff and I remember playing Simon for hours when I was a kid :)

  7. These are such cool options since I don’t have a tween but my brother is in this age group. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Don’t have a Tween anymore, but I love this gift ideas! There’s a little something for every personality! GREAT list…forwarding it to the girls who have those tweenies and need some ideas! lol ;)

  9. These are all great ideas. My kids love a ton of your suggestions. I have two teens.

  10. Those ipods are getting smaller and smaller each year!! Great gift guide :)

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