Birthday Gift Ideas for Toddlers

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birthday gift ideas toddlers

I think 3 is the best birthday for kids. At 2 they still don’t really understand what’s going on. 4 can be a good one, too, depending on the kid’s personality but 3 seems like the age where they totally understand that this day is special because they exist. Their existence is so cool that people give them awesome toys and goodies and they are excited and not shy about letting their enthusiasm be seen.

Anyway, today is Hollis’ 3rd birthday. She has brought so much to the table- a sassy but really sweet personality, fierce independence, those random wild curls, her baby blue eyes, and the way she makes people stop in their tracks everywhere we go. Noa has been saying it best for 3 years, “Isn’t Hollis such a great blessing to our family?!” She totally is.

hollis turns 3

Hollis has been planning her birthday party for about 7 months. I’m not kidding. After Isca’s last birthday (which I still haven’t posted about…slacker) Hollis became obsessed with birthdays. She found her theme early and stuck with it. For months we have heard the following phrases:

“It my birthday party?!”
“Imma have pink birthday party, pink hat, pink shirt, Peppa Pig, pink cake!”
“It my birthday party today?!”
“My birthday party gonna be pink.”

Luke’s parents came to visit us last weekend so we threw Hollis a little family party to celebrate. On Saturday I put a very pink strawberry cake in the oven. The oven in our apartment hates me. The element went out earlier in the week but it was fixed on Friday. We baked a lasagna for dinner on Friday night- no problems. I put the cake in and it burned the living daylights out of it. I was so bummed- the girl just wanted a bleeping pink cake and I failed.

The good news is Hollis was so excited about presents that she didn’t care about the cake (whew!). She opened a card from her great-grandparents and a crisp $2 bill floated out. She screamed, “I got a million pounds!” Then she opened all kinds of fun presents that she was equally enthused about- high-tops, a pink cupcake necklace, some play food cupcakes for her kitchen, Play Doh compound, and the new Play Doh playset, Cupcake Mountain.

Hollis also received the cutest personalized birthday t-shirt from Petite Lemon! Here’s a little video of her trying to figure out what it was as she opened it:

birthday gift ideas toddlers

She has been obsessing about birthday hats so this shirt was perfect with it’s cute hat at the top. For those interested- I ordered a size 4 in the baseball style. She generally wears a size 3T or 4T in tops and it fits her perfectly. The baseball sleeves are SO stinking cute on her.

birthday gift ideas toddlers

birthday gift ideas toddlers

Another favorite was a personalized book about Peppa Pig from Peppa Pig and Me. Hollis watches Peppa Pig every day. We all crack up about her new vocabulary words since the show is British- Santa Clause is dead to Hollis but ask her about Father Christmas and she’ll tell you all about him ;) Peppa Pig is also the reason she thought her new $2 bill was 1 million pounds. I wish!

birthday gift ideas toddlers

Anyway, the book from Peppa Pig and Me is really cute. It has her name all through the book and the story is about Peppa Pig attending Hollis’ birthday party. When I saw it I knew she would love it since she had already been telling us about Peppa coming to her party for weeks. The book has her name and birthday number as well as a personalized birthday message from Mom, Dad, Noa, and Isca. If you have a Peppa Pig lover in your family check out their selection of personalized books. You can even make the character look like your child by choosing the gender, and skin, hair, and eye color!

birthday gift ideas toddlers

birthday gift ideas toddlers

If you are shopping for a toddler/preschooler I highly recommend the fun personalized t-shirts Petite Lemon offers and the cute selection of personalized Peppa Pig and Me books. To our sponsors- thank you for helping Hollis have a great birthday- we loved watching her eyes light up and hearing her squeal with joy as she opened her gifts!

Birthday Gift Ideas for Toddlers:

1. Personalized T-Shirt from Petite Lemon
2. Personalized Peppa Goes to Hollis’ Birthday Party from Peppa Pig and Me
3. Play Doh Playset
4. High Tops– Hollis’ are a different brand and have stars instead of circles but I can’t find them online. We got Hollis’ at Shoe Dept. at the mall.
5. Cupcake Necklace
6. Cupcake Play Food Set
7. Play-Doh Super Set

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  1. That shirt is adorable!!

  2. She is so adorable! Happy Birthday Hollis!

  3. My son got a lot of play dough when he was a toddler. He loved playing with the stuff!

  4. I love giving play-doh, but can’t stand the sets! I love to give a bunch of cheapo kitchen tools with it (garlic press is my fave).

  5. I just love her personalized shirt. I bet she loves having a shirt with her name on.

  6. She is too cute!!! These are great ideas!

  7. Happy birthday, Holly. She is really cute :D

  8. Hollis is just too cute!! I hope she had a fun birthday with Peppa the Pig :) LOVE her name and ths list!


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