yellowstone national park: part I

yellowstone national park

If you ever have even the slightest chance to see Yellowstone National Park, DO IT.

Luke and I have toyed with a vacation there for a few years but little things kept coming up and we never went. When we found out about our move to Maryland, I immediately booked a cabin for the just the kids and I through VRBO because I knew it was something they should see before we left.

I grew up camping but somehow did not develop a love of tents and squatting to pee and sleeping on the ground. It just never became my jam so I found a great little cabin for us that was perfect- we had a bathroom and beds and a mini fridge and microwave. There were tent campers all around us and we had a fire pit so the kids felt like we were out in the wild but I felt like bears couldn’t feast on our intestines while we slept.

We arrived on a Saturday evening, checked in, purchased s’mores supplies, then got our little cabin home set up. We got showers taken (well, Noa and Isca had great showers, Hollis and I got half of a great shower before the water turned ice cold with NO warning) and went to bed.

yellowstone park mountainside koa

We spent the next two days exploring Yellowstone!

yellowstone national park

old faithful yellowstone national park

old faithful yellowstone national park www.radmomcoolkid

yellowstone national park continental divide

As we pulled over to snap a pic with this sign another car pulled up. It was a couple in their late 40’s, early 50’s, anyway they held up their camera and motioned taking a picture then pointed at my camera. So, we swapped photos of each other then I asked them where they were from. Spain. We started chatting- their English was about as good as my Spanish so we got along fine…until they asked me to explain what the Continental Divide is. There is a couple in Spain that is still seriously confused about what they were getting their picture taken with. Lo siento.

yellowstone national park www.radmomcoolkid

I’m still editing pictures from the summer so I will post more from Yellowstone again in the next few weeks!

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  1. We love Yellowstone, but haven’t been there in a while. We’ll have to go back and visit these places you’ve mentioned.

  2. I love Yellowstone and can’t wait to take my kids! Where did you stay? That cabin is adorable.

  3. I love that you took your children to Yellowstone! A couple of your pictures made me nervous though. The area around the thermal features is a crust like surface that can easily be broken through. The picture of the boy on the railing could easily turn into disaster if he were to fall off and break through the crust into the scalding water. Also I am pretty certain that the Sheepeater Cliffs are not for climbing. Luckily, it looks like no one was hurt. Since your blog could possibly get many views from others thinking of a Yellowstone vacation, my concern is that they would see your pictures and think that standing on a railing and/or climbing Sheepeater Cliffs is a good idea. Yellowstone is a wonderful place for children, but the wilderness must also be respected and safety precautions must be taken. Please reconsider posting pictures of kids doing potentially unsafe activities on your blog. And please consider the safety of such activities yourself on future vacations.

Rad Mom Cool Kid

Rad Mom Cool Kid