Sunday Style

A few weeks ago I started a hashtag on Instagram: #RMCKSundayStyle

I have always been a fan of dressing up for church. I find it makes a difference in my personal worship- I can be reverent and spiritual on the inside because I made an effort on the outside, kind of mentality. I also really like to make Sunday a special day- we observe it as a day of rest, a day that is different than all the others because it is sacred. I wear pajamas and mom clothes all week long but I always make a special effort to get dressed up for church. It has been fun to document my outfits and even see some people join up and post theirs, too!

Stephanie will be joining in from now on and we would love to see more of YOUR Sunday style- just upload a pic to Instagram and use #RMCKSundayStyle. We might even repost your pic to share with our audience :) It doesn’t have to be a dressed up look- I love a good “Sunday Best” style but I also really love the relaxation and rest comfy weekend clothes bring!

Here’s a look at some of my outfits, head over to the account to see them all and be sure to follow along:
royal blue and black 80s houndstooth

black and white

chambray and braided leather www.radmomcoolkid

stripes floral and gold

pink black and tan polka dot

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