sadie’s fall faves

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A while back, I posted my fall wish list.  Now it’s Sadie’s turn.  In my perfect little world, Sadie would be quite the little fashionista.  You know the type.  Perfectly dressed in put together outfits all the time.  I try.  Really I do.  Unfortunately, my baby girl is… well, a baby girl.  So, by the end of the day, we end up somewhere around this look.


With fall here, I have all sorts of high hopes of how she will look.  Lovely little top knots.  Chambray shirt.  Leggings.  Boots.  Never ever dirty.  Yeah, right.

But, I have found a happy medium.

Here are a bunch of cost friendly (Okay, most are cost friendly; a couple are splurges.), fashion forward items that Sadie can still look cute in.  And that can probably get dirty without me losing my mind.

So, even though she might end up still lookin a hot toddler mess by the end of the day, her out fit will definitely be on point!

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