Recently, we were approached by about trying out some of their products. When I first told Lane, he was super excited. I had no idea what Corn Hole was. In my mind, it was just one of those bean bag toss games you play at the carnival. Let me tell you; that is NOT the case!

Corn Hole is a game where you form teams, or play 1-on-1, while trying to throw bean bags into a board with a hole in it. Two boards are placed 27 feet apart from each other and each player must stand behind the board while throwing towards the opposite board. The objective is either to get your bean bag on the board (scoring 1 point) or in the actual hole (scoring 3 points). The first team/person to 21 wins! For more on Corn Hole, go here.

We were given the opportunity to have some custom Corn Hole bags made for us. So of course, we chose BYU bags. We busted out the game at one of our family get togethers and it was a hit. After the numerous ‘corn hole’ jokes and innuendos, the tournaments of all tournaments ensued. At first we decided to play best out of three. Then, because people were having such a good time, we just kept playing. And playing. And playing. My brother was determined to keep playing until he won (Some of us are better at corn hole than others. I think it’s a gift.)

I come from a family where badminton, croquet, and bocce ball are all normal activities for us. We love outdoor games. I don’t think any of us expected to like Corn Hole as much as we did. But now, we are all hooked. It is definitely one of our family favorites! We are already planning our next tail gate party, complete with Corn Hole tournaments.

If your family loves out door games or even if you are wanting to try a new fun activity, I highly recommend looking up the guys at They will definitely hook you up with a good time!

**Although I was compensated by with free product, all opinions and thoughts are completely honest. I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t love it!!

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  1. Corn hole is such a fun game to play, especially this time of year at family gatherings, etc. We love this game! It can definitely get addicting!

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Rad Mom Cool Kid