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A couple of months ago, Valeri from Keepin’ up with Us Jones’ and I hosted a Favorite Things Party.  I had never ever heard of one of those before.  So, when she pitched me the idea, I was super excited!  Here’s everything you need to know to host your own Favorite Things Party.

favorite things party: radmomcoolkid.com

First:  Invite your guests!  Have each of them bring one of their favorite things (I’ve heard of parties where they have had guests bring 3 of the same item as well.) Our guests each brought 1 item that was under $20 to trade at the party.  Everyone will go home with someone else’s favorite thing!

Break the ice with a game!  At the beginning of the night, we had each guest fill out one of these sheets.  We shared our favorite things and talked and laughed.  It was a good way to mesh all of our groups of friends together and enjoy the evening!

your fave

Trade Favorite Things:  When our guests arrived, we had them put their favorite things in brown paper bags.  You know ‘brown paper packages tied up with string’ style.  They wrote their names on the outside so we would know who’s was whose.  Then, later in the evening we had everyone take their favorite things out of their bag and explain what they brought and why.

favorite things party: radmomcoolkid.com

Here are some examples of what people brought:

-Method soap, dish soap and cleaner

-Battery powered  phone charger

-Volcano Candle

-Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

-Osis Dust It Powder, Catwalk After Party Hair Cream

-BareMinerals Mascara, Urban Decay Setting Spray

-Day passes to the Quarry

-Mama Chia snacks, Gum, Healthy Treats

-Hand made garlands and décor

-Essie Nail polish

-Lotion, sun screens, candy

I’m sure I am missing some of the stuff, but everything was amazing!  It was so cool to have a variety of different things.  And, it made it even better to hear why each thing was someones favorite.

After we had introduced our favorites, we played ‘bag-pong’.  We set up all of the bags with our names on them in the center of the floor and took turns throwing ping –pong balls into them.  Once your ball landed in a bag, that was the ‘favorite thing’ that you got to keep.  It was an awesomely random way to determine who got to keep which gift.

favorite things party: radmomcoolkid.com

Food: There are SO many fun things you can do with food for this party.  We had each person bring one of their favorite foods with them to share as well.  We had cookies, blueberry mint limeade, strawberry almond bars, sour straws, jalapeno cream cheese bites, donuts, chips and dip, fruit, chocolate dipped acai berries, and so much more.  It was delicious!

favorite things party: radmomcoolkid.com

Games:  We played the game to trade our things, but then later we did a fill in the blank with this sheet.  It’s the ‘My Favorite Thing’ song from The Sound of Music.  The winner got one of my favorite products from Benefit- The POREfessional.  It was a total mad lib situation which was hilarious!

This was one of my absolute favorite parties.  It was fun to be with a bunch of friends and get to know each other better.  Throwing a my favorite things party is an awesome traditn to start with your friends.  Whether it’s a yearly Christmas thing you  want to start or just a fun girls night out.  I highly recommend you try it out!

To get you started here are a few free printables we created for my party!

favorite things party:radmomcoolkid.com     Untitled (4)   favorite things:radmomcoolkid.com

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  1. My friend hosted a similar party and it was such a blast!!! I’d love to add some of your ideas and throw my own! Thanks!

  2. I am totally going to do one of these! I just moved to a new town a few months ago and this would be such a great way to get to know a few of my neighbors!! Thanks for the idea!

  3. Love the bag pong idea!

  4. I’m so glad that we did this party! It was seriously so fun! The food!!!!!! So good! And I don’t know about you, but I loved the favorite thing I got! Still smell my candle everyday.

  5. Great ideas. Love the bag pong. How fun.

  6. What a GREAT idea!!!!

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. I’ve never been to nor hosted a favorite things party but I would LOVE to. It sounds like so much fun and I can’t wait to mention it to my family and friends and see if we can’t have some fun too. Just because.

  8. I love these ideas- so fun. I haven’t heard of doing anything like this before :)

  9. How awesome is this? I love this idea! It makes a great excuse to have a party just because!

  10. I think my mom did a party recently where everyone had a hat decorated with their favorite things. I’m not much of a party person, huge anxiety and all that. But I do love your ideas!

  11. I’ve never heard of this type of party! What a cool idea and it looks like so much fun!!

  12. That is such a great party idea. It would be so fun if my sister and I could do one of these.

  13. I have never heard of this party idea!! This sounds like a great girlfriend get together!

  14. Rebecca Swenor says:

    I have never heard of a favorite things party before and I so love the idea. So of these things sound totally amazing like the coconut oil hair care product. I will be hosting one of these parties for sure this summer. Thanks so much for sharing.

  15. Ice breaker games can really make parties fun. It’s a good way to let people interact in a party.

  16. I love love these ideas. I would love to do it too. It looks like you had a great time with your friends

  17. What an interesting theme for a party! I could see my husband and I hosting something like this because we are always talking about things like our favorite movies and songs.

  18. Jaime Nicole says:

    I’ve never heard of this kind of party either but how cute! I love the brown paper packages (tied up with string!)

  19. I love this idea for a party and had never heard about it before! I love hosting parties!

  20. Angelic Sinova says:

    What a fun idea! I’m all for themed parties and this one sounds like such ha great idea. I might have to host a favorite things party for my friends and I soon <3

  21. What a super fun party! I loved all the photos. This is such a great idea for any occasion. This would be really fun with a local moms group, too! :) The food looked sooooo good :)

  22. I absolutely LOVE this idea! Such a fun thing to do for a party.
    And your buffet sounds delicious lol. That’d be one hell of a meal! :P

  23. This party looks like so much fun? What a cool idea to host a party centered around your favorite things. Love that everyone got to trade their favorite things. I remember when I use to go to summer camp we would each give our bunk mates something that we loved and they would do the same. My mom loves that song from the Sound of Music. I swear she’s always singing it. The blueberry mint limeade sounds so yummy ☺️

  24. I would love to attend a party like this. It looks so much fun! I love the idea of tossing a ping pong ball into the bags to keep them. This is a great way to learn about and sample new products, while making new friends. Thanks for sharing!

  25. What an awesome party idea! I think my girlfriends would love this, ecspecially if we did it once the warmer weather hit and added in a BBQ :) Thanks so much for the awesome idea!

  26. In 25 days I’ll be partying to this theme at my wedding reception! :)


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