the best brain food for kids

best brain food for kids:

Feeding a kid is hard.  A lot harder than I could have imagined.  Half of the time they are starving, the other half they won’t eat anything.  Then, when you do feed them, half of it ends up on the floor and the other half on their clothes.  I have no idea how they nourish themselves at all.  And,  let’s be real, when it comes down to it; it is SO much easier to pop open a can of Spaghettio’s or bust out some chicken nuggets when meal time comes around.  I mean, I don’t want to cook a nice dinner just to have my kid feed it to the floor.  But, like it or not, those little brains and bodies are growing like crazy right now.   And while their tummies might be lovin’ that processed tomato pasta, their brains are not.  I am 100% guilty of giving Sadie the easiest thing I can at times.  Recently, though, I have been making a huge effort to try and give her healthier options.  I want her to see how important it is to be healthy now, so that it is easy for her to make healthy choices when she is older.  Right now kale is all the craze.  People are drinking it for breakfast for pete’s sake.  But, my 2 year old isn’t going to drink kale.  Although they might not love some of the ‘trendier’ healthy foods, there are plenty of other brain boosting options to help your child’s body and mind grow as they should.  After looking into it, here are some of the best brain foods for kids.

Avocado- Not only are they full of good fats, but they have tons of antioxidants.  Sadie loves to just eat them chopped up with a tiny bit of salt, but honestly you could serve this about a billion different ways.  Take the time to figure out which style of preparation your child would prefer.

Serving suggestion: Mash it up and use it as a dip for whole wheat pitas, cucumbers or peppers. best brain food for kids:

Eggs- Chalked full of vitamins, protein,  and omega 3,  eggs are one of the best foods you can feed your kiddo.  Boil them, scramble them, make them over easy.  It doesn’t matter!  The protein in eggs will help keep your childs energy up while keeping their tummies full!

Serving suggestion:  Scramble them with milk and add veggies.

Fish-  Studies suggest that Omega 3s can help boost concentration and decrease symptoms of ADHD.  It will also aid in brain development.  Fish contains TONS of Omega 3 fatty acids.  It also tends to be a leaner cut of meat compared to other options.

Serving suggestion: Use it instead of chicken in most of your favorite dishes!

Berries-  These are a toddlers dream!  Sweet, colorful and just the right size for picking up with chubby fingers.  Berries are antioxidant rich and can help boost your childs immune system.  The more brightly colored the berry, the more nutrient dense it is!

Serving suggestion:  Pair it up with oatmeal or breakfast quinoa for a superfood breakfast

Colorful Veggies-Vegetables are one of the most important and the most neglected foods in a child’s diet.  Try to introduce your child to a variety of different vegetables to get them used to a variety.  If eaten in the proper portions, most of your childs daily vitamins can be obtained through vegetables.  Encourage your kids to eat a ‘rainbow’ of vegetables every day!

Serving suggestion:  Turn eating veggies into a game.  See who can eat the most different colored veggies through out the day.

Oatmeal- Full of protein and fiber, oatmeal is another amazing food that benefits not only the brain, but the body as well.

Serving suggestion:  Throw in dried fruit or even cinnamon as an alternative to sugar and sweeteners.

Sweet potato- These bad boys contain high amounts of vitamins A,B, C and D.  They also contain iron and magnesium which aid in digesting proteins and can also help calm stress. Sweet potatos are a great alternative to a sugary snack!

Serving suggestion:  Slice and bake them for healthy sweet potato fries, or if sliced thinly enough make them into chips!

After all is said and done, the best way to ensure your child builds healthy habits is to lead by example.  Take the time to make changes in your own life.  Your kids love you and will follow your lead.  Show them how important it is to you to take care of yourself.  Figure out ways to implement small changes.  In the end, those small changes will make a big impact!

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