Alt Summit // Summer 2014 // Part I

RMCK goes to ALT

I just got back from a pretty freaking rad conference, Alt Summit. Here are some reasons it rocked:

Joy Cho of Oh Joy! was a keynote speaker. She launched a product line with Target this year.

Martha Stewart was another keynote speaker. Maaaaaarrrrrrrthaaaaaa.

Hair/Clothes- Alt is a design/blog/professional/stylish conference. You can wear whatever but many attendees dress their best. I’m no clothes horse but I have always really loved fashion as an art medium. The ladies and gentlemen of Alt didn’t disappoint.

Roomies- I shared a room with some awesome women. It is so nice to chat with other people who “get” blogging as a business.

The Grand America- seriously, you guys. I love this hotel so much.

Attendees- I met sooooooo many great people last week. Between dinners, breakfasts, classes, and parties I was able to get to know several people from all over the world. Making new friends has been the biggest surprise that has come from blogging. And probably my favorite part of doing what I do.

Business Cards- you don’t have to have a bangin’ card but it doesn’t hurt. Several people went above and beyond a normal old card with awesome, creative, and pretty cards.

business cards alt summer 2014

alt summit summer 2014 business card feature

Clockwise from top left: Handmade Mood // Cardigan Empire // Ringmaster Mom // Rue Rococo and The Glamorous Housewife // Caravan Shoppe

My pictures do ALT no justice so head over to the flickr feed and be amazed at the skills of Justin Hackworth and Brooke Dennis. “I am not comparing my beginning to their middle” is my new mantra because those pictures are BEAUTIFUL!

So, there’s Part I of my alt experience. Stay tuned for Part II…

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  1. I see my business card is missing from the fray. (Imagine my look of disdain.)

  2. So jealous! I went in January and absolutely loved it!

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