10 foods destroying your teeth

10 foods you didnt know were destroying your teeth: radmomcoolkid.com

In the last post of our dental health series, we talked a little bit about the best food for your kids.  As I was doing research for that post, I learned a ton about all the things we shouldn’t be eating.  Children and adults alike need to be super cautious as to what they eat when it comes to the health of their teeth.  The basics are pretty easy… Don’t eat a ton of candy.  Steer clear of sports drinks.  Blah, blah, blah.  But did you know apples can cause substantial damage to your teeth?  I’m not talkin apple juice.  I’m talkin straight up washed and sliced apples.  Yeah.  I didn’t know either.  Here are 10 foods destroying your teeth.

1. Peanut Butter- Unless it’s natural, peanut butter is full of sugar.  Think of it as a sugary adhesive that bacteria to stick to your teeth.  You know after you have a PB&J and it sticks to the roof of your mouth?  No Bueno.  Bacteria city.  Wash that junk out.  Opt for a natural peanut butter with no added sugar and make sure you brush after eating!

2. Apples and Apple Juice-  Apples are naturally high in acidity.  With constant exposure, that acid will begin to wear down the enamel on your teeth, weakening them.   Enamel basically acts as a shield for your teeth.  If it disintegrates, your teeth will begin to develop tooth decay and cavities.  Now, I’m not sayin don’t eat apples.  Just make sure that you follow it up with water or a good brushing to get that acid off of your teeth!

3. Hard Candy- Of course no candy is healthy for your teeth.  But hard candies are especially rough on your teeth.   Full of sugar, hard candies last for a whole lot longer than a basic candy bar does.  That means that sugar has that much longer to sit in your mouth.  Not only that, but chomping down on candy is an excellent way to chip teeth or mess up braces.  If you’ve got to go the candy route, try something sugar free or something that you don’t have to suck on.

4. Dried fruit- Many dried fruit have sugars added to them.  While they do carry some of the nutrients of fruit, they also have the sticky consistency of candy.  That sticky goodness gets trapped in between teeth and cause a breakdown of enamel.  If gone unchecked, that sugar can weaken teeth and lead to cavities.

5. Potato Chips and French Fries- Speaking of things getting stuck in your teeth, let’s talk starches.  Starchy foods like potato chips and French fries will turn into a sticky dough like substance in your mouth.  You know.  That thing that happens when you eat 20 Pringles in one sitting.  You don’t do that?…. You are a better person than I am.  But when I eat potato chips, I never eat like 2.  I eat more like 245.  And then I taste it in my teeth for the next 6 hours. Gross. Don’t let that starch eat your teeth!  Get it outta there.

6. Cough Syrup-  What is one of the key ingredients of cough syrup? High fructose corn syrup.  When do you normally take it? At bed time.  6-8 hours (if you’re lucky) of prime sleeping time for that sweet syrup to do its thing.  Take the medicine and then brush.  Everybody wins.  Especially your 60 year old self.

7. Soda- This is kind of an obvious one, I know.  High in acid and in sugar, soda is a tooth eating machine.    Even diet isn’t good.  While it might be lower in sugar, the acidity is still there.  Just don’t do it guys. BUT, in the off chance you don’t want to listen to the crazy blogger lady, use a straw.  That way the soda will bypass the surface of your teeth and lessen the chance of cavities.

8. Bottled Water- When buying bottled water, do some research on the pH levels of different brands.  Many bottled waters go through a purification process that will increase the levels of acidity.  Like we have talked about acid=cavities.

9. Pickles and Pickled Vegetables- Speaking of acidity, pickles and pickled vegetables are full of them.  After eating them, make sure you drink a lot of water.  Not that you won’t anyways.  I mean, if you can eat a pickle without taking a drink of water after…. You might not have a soul.  Just sayin.

10. Crackers-  This could go for a ton of different bread goods. Any processed and refined foods breed bacteria and can also cause inflammation.  It can also lead to inflamed gums which can cause infections and different diseases.

I want to be clear that none of these foods are inherently bad.  I’ll be honest; I couldn’t live in a world where I couldn’t eat pickles.  There are ways to care for your teeth while still enjoying your favorite foods.  These foods should be eaten in moderation and then followed up with brushing and water.  I hope I haven’t crushed any dreams or broken any hearts. But, at least your teeth will be gorgeous, right?!

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  1. Wow this is shocking! Some I knew but pickles? Bottled water? Of course sugar is in everything but I hadn’t thought much about acidic foods. will definitely be rethinking some of our food choices. Thanks!

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