gold rush

Remember this, when I talked about loving gold.  And then I said it was trendy.  Yeah, well… I’m still obsessed.  I seriously love it.  In decor, in jewelry, in nail color.  I love it ALL.  I think gold is so classy and can add a flare of glam to anything/everything.  My brother is getting married this summer and I secretly hope that my soon to be sister in law throws a little bit a gold sparkle in there (no pressure, Susie :) ).  So, as an ode to my new found obsession… here is my gold wish list!  Obviously… not all at once or even all in the same room.  All in moderation, my dears.

gold rush:


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See that cake?  Well, one of my good friend Valeri made that.  Yep the same Valeri that did my hair, here.  She threw an amazing gold inspired party for her daughter’s second birthday party.  I about died when I walked in.  So gorgeous.  Check it out here!  Do you guys love gold as much as I do?  Or do I need to move on?

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  1. Funny story. I asked Bay what her favorite color was the other day and she said “dold.” my trendy little two year old. I wish I had figured out that “gold” was a sufficient answer to that question earlier in life.

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