time for a hair change!

I need a change in my life.  A hair change.  I have had long dark hair for pretty much ever.  I’ve done some different variations, but nothing too out there.  And now, I am craving a change.  So, I need your help!  I have narrowed down my options to 2 different cuts and colors.  I want you to help me decide what to do!  Currently, my hair is this.


Kind of a chocolate brown with long layers.  What I don’t love is how bulky it is.  And I feel like I have hit a rut as far as styles go.  It’s either this blow out, or a top knot.

Here are the contenders.

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Photo Cred:  boxno216.com, pinterest, pinterest, longhairstyleshowto.com

The first color is called Bronde (Brown-Blonde).  I love how gorgeously shiny and fresh it looks.  Here are my hangups. 1- I am white.  I might get a little bit of color in the summer, but not much. Will this color wash me out? 2- I don’t want to fry my hair.  3- I need it to look shiny like this.  I don’t want the color to come out matte and nasty looking.

The next color is a rich dark brown with a tiny bit of red.  I know, I know… Didn’t I just say I always do dark?  But, sometimes brunettes should just stay brunette.  And I am trying to figure out if I am that person. Here are my hangups on this 1- I am already brunette.  Is this much of a change?  2- I don’t want the red highlights to turn streaky… you know… 1999 style.

And here are the cuts.  One is obviously very similar to what I have now.  One is very different than what I have now.  Again, note the colors.

dressinterest us lucy hale pinterest 4

Photo Cred: dressinterest.us, pinterest

So give me your opinions!  What color, cut combo should I do and why?


**Note:  I tried to track down all the sources of my pictures but a few were on Pinterest without links.  If you know who these pictures belong to, PLEASE let me know so I can give credit where credit is due!

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  1. I like the very 1st picture a lot although personally I would keep your hair a bit longer. Here are my reasons and the 1st isn’t even mine Staci (from The Potter’s Place) did my hair last week and she said something to me and it’s exactly how I feel. We really only have so long that we can have LONG hair, once we hit a certain age (and I’m sure it’s slightly different for us all) and then our long hair days are over, SO if we CAN have long hair now WHY NOT? I have REALLY thick hair and I just always have them thin it by like 1/2, it’s crazy how much hair is always removed from my head and there is still so much there. Thinning also makes it easier to do may hair each day because it doesn’t take as long to dry on the days I wash it and it doesn’t take long to curl or straighten. I did a lot of layers too, it gives it a lot of body which I really like and it also helps me get lift which is good. I went REALLY blonde this time and it took a little bit to get use to the difference (I felt really white) but I’m so happy I did it. In the end, if you don’t LOVE it you can always go back and have a little dark put back in. Whoever your stylist is I would talk to them, they should be very honest with you about what is possible (as far as not fried/shiny/etc from your current color). If you are looking for a recommendation I can give you Staci’s #! She’s awesome :) GOOD LUCK, can’t wait to see what you decide.

  2. Shannon Mc says:

    So I recently went lighter with my hair and I love the change. I may even go a little bit more light when summer gets closer. But just make sure you have a REALLY good hairstylist that knows what they are doing and that they know exactly what you are looking for. Mine is just a friend that does hair on the side and doesn’t keep up on a lot of things so it didn’t turn out exactly like I wanted but I’m still ok with the results. It may take a few steps (meaning a couple of appointments) depending on what you want to do since they’ll have to bleach your hair. I’m sure it probably damaged my hair some but I try to take really good care of it and stay off the blow dryer as much as I can.
    However, I have also done the red highlight thing and LOVED that too! If you do like a redishviolet it looks really good in dark hair but is also more subtle then going lighter. But in the light it totally stands out which is a cool look. And to avoid the streaky look just have your stylist do the highlights thinner and not be to thick and chunky. Then it will blend more.
    As for the cut. I love the short cut on the top right. You have had really long hair for a long time so maybe a big change will be good. But if you’re too scared to go that drastic maybe go gradual. Do a more mid length and then you can always take off more later if you want.
    Either way I’m sure you can pull it off and I can’t wait to see it!

  3. A change can be so fun! I have always had long hair and I just hacked about 8 inches off mine and I am loving it! It feels so much freer and has lots more body. Good luck with your choice!

  4. I cut around 10 inches of hair off recently too! I vote yes to losing some length and going “bronde.” I had long hair for a bazillion years and getting some length taken away really freshened up my look–I had my lady give me a “lob” (long bob) that’s slightly shorter in the back. It looks fun even when I do nothing to it! Which is good because I am hair-lazy. It’s still long enough not to freak me out but is short enough to be exciting. Also everyone who lamented the idea of my “princess hair” going away went bananas over my short hair now….besides it always grows back!!!

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