grab bag giveaway #1

grab bag giveaway

So….I turned 30 last month and I had these grand plans to post a fun giveaway for you to celebrate. And then life was like, “Ha! Computers- Break. Children- Get sick.” So here we are several weeks later. Better late than never, right?

Here’s the deal with this giveaway- I’m not going to tell you what it is, because I like to be sneaky, it’s my birthday giveaway, and I’m the boss. Plus, a grab bag giveaway seemed like an exciting way to say thanks for being a cool reader/follower/awesome person.

I will tell you that it includes some of my favorite everyday things and is valued at $50. You have to decide if you trust me (you should, I’m not a creep) and if you do, enter below!

*Hint: I like rad things.

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  1. Happy late birthday! Fun giveaway!!

  2. I love this grab bag idea – though if I win, I hope its something good! ;)

  3. Happy Birthday cute girl. This is so fun, I love it. I totally hope I win your rad things :)

  4. Happy Late Birthday! What a fun idea!!

  5. Happy Birthday! I love rad things too :)

  6. Buffy Jones says:

    After all surprises turn out to be GREAT at least half the time!! Happy Belated!!

  7. Bhavika Sathavara says:

    Very belated Happy Birthday! It would be amazing to win a bag which is full of surprises.

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