no sew tutu tutorial

no sew tutu tutorial:

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For Halloween, Sadie was the ring master in the circus.  I really wanted her to have a big black puffy tutu with a ruffly top and a top hat.  I searched high and low for a cute tutu but couldn’t find one.  Finally I settled for a fluffy petticoat type deal.  It was cute, but not what I was looking for.  So, when we decided to do her 1st birthday pictures, I decided to attempt to make a tutu instead of searching for one, or settling for one I didn’t love.

It turned out perfect.

I couldn’t have bought a better one.

Plus, cost= $8.  Time= 1 hr.  You can’t beat that.  AND, since I am an awful seamstress… this took absolutely no sewing.  Hallelujah!

Here’s what you’ll need to round up.

-Tulle.  I did 3 different colors (glittery silver, bright pink and light pink- I bought 50 yards of each). Here is some for a great price.

-Elastic.  I just bought the thick underwear type elastic from Hobby Lobby.  You could also order this.


-A board of some sort.  You can do it without the board if you want… but this was a huge time saver.  You’ll see why.

no sew tutu tutorial:

First, take your board out.  I used a 12 inch cutting board.  The shorter the board, the fluffier the tutu.  Start wrapping your tulle around it.

Ps… if you get glitter tulle it will end up EVERYWHERE for FOREVER. You’ve been warned.

no sew tutu tutorial:

Once you’ve wrapped a good amount around the board, cut along ONE of the creases.  Not both.  Do this with all of your tulle.  If you are doing more than one color, you can do half of each color and just kind of play it by ear.  Not a huge deal if you have to cut more during the process.

no sew tutu tutorial:

Next, measure your elastic out (around your bebe or child or whatevs) and tie it around your thigh.

 no sew tutu tutorial:

Now, start tying!  You will tie each piece of tulle in a knot and move it to the side.  Scrunch them as close together as possible.  The more tulle you can fit on that tutu, the more adorable it will be!

no sew tutu tutorial:

Keep going til your done and fluff to perfection!

It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!

no sew tutu tutorial:

And then seriously try not to die when you see how adorable it is on your lil one.  (Special shout out to Diana at Jonesy Rae Photography.  She took these amazing pictures!)

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  1. This makes me wish I had a girl. Those pictures are adorable! And I had no idea it was so easy to make a tutu. I’ll have to pin this for later… just in case.

  2. I am all for no sewing!!! This is adorable! I should make one for my girl, she would love it!

  3. This so great and I LOVE that it is no sew. Makes everything easier!


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