date night series: malawi’s pizza and basketball game

date night series:

We have been in a dating slump. Like an I don’t care what we do– eat at Taco Bell and then redbox a movie and go to bed at 10 type slump.

And I’m thinkin…. That’s gotta stop.
So, we are tryin out some new idea’s.  Tryin to enjoy our baby free time a little bit more.  Hopefully this date night series will help you break free of your dating slump, and in return you can share ideas to get me out of mine!
For our first new adventure, we hit up Malawi’s Pizza in Provo and went to the BYU vs. St. Mary’s basketball game.

This date night cost us less than $25.  That included dinner and the basketball game.  We traded babysitting with a neighbor. Free! Free! Free! We found a buy one get one free deal on one of our discount cards (aka. poor college students best friends), and KSL always has great deals on basketball tickets!

 date night series:
The food out Malawi’s was excellent!  Lane and I both got pizza, but they also have pasta and salads.  I got the barbecue chicken pizza and Lane got the pepperoni.  All of their pizza’s are baked on these delicious thin crusts.  Seriously, I am craving it now just thinking about it.  The pizza’s are all about 12″ in size, it’s just the right amount of food for my husband and it’s way more than enough for my lil’ tummy.  One pizza will run you about $10, but they are always running social media deals (if you like em, tag em, instagram em=discounts!). Plus, it’s down in the Riverwood’s so if you have time to kill before/after dinner there are tons of great shops to check out!
 date night series:
Now I’m not a huge fan of basketball, but Lane is (that is the understatement of the year). But, I think it’s really important to do things your spouse loves, even if you don’t. Not sayin you have to all the time… But it means a lot to Lane when I take the time to be involved in something he likes. He loved telling me all about the players and I loved seeing how excited he got about it.  Really, that’s what date night is for!  I feel like our relationship gets lost sometimes because we are parents, so it is SO nice to be able to go out and reconnect.
 date night series:
Dates don’t have to cost tons. They really don’t. But the ones that will bring you closer together take some planning.  Try it!  Ditch the movie and do something fun with your husbands!  I wanna hear some ideas, ladies.  What should our next date night be??

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  1. We went to the game last weekend…always fun! And I love Malawi’s! Great toppings & crusts! Have you been to the latest Museum of Art exhibit at BYU? Free & world-class…plus a fabulous date night!

  2. I have been into date nights at home, because we moved away from the couple we used to swap with. So I would go to the fancy grocery store and pick out something we haven’t tried. We are cheese fans, so gourmet cheese, bread from the bakery, a new drink…Then after the kids are in bed, I would slice apples, pears, the cheese, heat up the bread, pour some Martinelli’s. Do that kind of thing. I also bought some chocolate squares from Marshall’s once and we did a chocolate sampling night (salted caramel, mint, orange, dark).

  3. Love this! We used to go to basketball games and football games when we lived closer to the Y. We’re in a dating slump too and with a baby on the way, I can’t imagine it will be much easier, but we definitely need to work on it! Thanks for the idea!

  4. Love the idea! I’ve never been to Malawi’s so we’ll have to give it a go sometime. :) I think I’m gonna love this series.

    • Seriously you need to go! They have soooo many yummy pizzas. And when you go… you have to try the sweet berries and cream dessert pizza. I die.


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