date night series: franck’s and netflix

date night series

Luke and I tried out a new restaurant to celebrate Valentine’s Day…new to us, not new to the area. I’m not really sure about darling Franck’s.

The appetizer:

We ordered the Brussel’s sprouts because our waitress was raving about them, also, we like Brussel’s sprouts. They were good- roasted, drizzled with a sherry and apple cider vinegar reduction, and topped with roasted almonds and Parmesan. The reduction was just a bit too sweet for me and overall they were really rich, I lost the flavor of the sprouts. Luke was in love with them though.

Soup and Salad:

The soup of the day was Beet with White Chocolate and Wasabi. I know, right? It sounded just weird enough to be awesome. It was not. It was just weird. And again, too sweet. It tasted mostly like white chocolate with the flavor but no heat of wasabi and the color of beets. It was a let down.

The salad was really good- butter lettuce and watercress with granny smith apple, red onion, peanuts and a zippy vinaigrette. The greens were soft and creamy and the peanuts were a great addition. If you go, get the salad!

The entrees:

Luke got the Wagyu Sirloin and I ordered the Red Snapper. Luke’s was amazing. It looked beautiful. It smelled beautiful. It was the best steak I’ve ever eaten, cooked to perfection.

My snapper was okay. It was cooked well but the curry-lychee sauce was so sweet. I felt like I was eating dessert the whole night when I just wanted something savory. ANYTHING SAVORY!


We ordered a chocolate explosion- house made white chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate torte, and whipped ganache in a chocolate shell. The ice cream was okay, nothing to get excited about. The ganache tasted like it had white chocolate in it also. It was okay. At this point, I was over white chocolate. The torte was the best part- the dark chocolate was nice to cut all the sweetness from the meal.

I would go back and order a bit more carefully now that I know the dishes are sweetened with a heavy hand. The price point averaged around $30 per entree which included soup or salad.

date night series: franck's  and netflix

So, that was part 1 of our date. Part 2 happened as soon as we got the babysitter home and the kids in bed…


Seriously, we just started season 1 because I am a fraidy cat. I didn’t want to watch it because my imagination is sick, overactive, and intensely morbid all on it’s own. I do not need encouragement and I know this. Luke finally wore me down so we spent a romantic evening snuggled up on the couch completely freaking out. I was watching it through the blanket at times and found myself totally tense and barely breathing for most of it. And now we are hooked/obsessed/terrified.

What’s your favorite series on Netflix? We’re going to need something once we plow through TWD!!

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