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You know when you have a favorite TV show and you want to introduce it to your friends, but your not sure if they will love it as much as you?  So you invite them over to watch it, but then instead of watching the show…. you’re just watching your friends to see if they like it.  Talk about pressure.  I feel like restaurants are the same way.  If you take your friends to a restaurant you love and they end up hating it… you are no longer allowed to pick where you eat when it comes to date nights.

Well friends, this is one risk you are gonna wanna take.

Mexican food is my absolute favorite.  And I am here to say that Maria Bonita is legit.

First, Maria is awesome.  Yes.  The Maria in Maria Bonita.  She comes around to all the tables and hugs you and loves on you like you are her first born child.  I have no idea if she remembers that I’ve been there before or not, but she makes you feel like you are the ONLY one she treats that way.  I like to think that I am the only one she dotes on.  It makes me feel good.

Also, the salsa is fabulous.  Its the perfect combo of chunky and smooth.  You will get to enjoy some while  you look over their ginormous menu.  Its like 5 pages long and is full of all sorts of tasty things.  I also LOVE their guacamole.  Its hearty and zesty and oh so good.  If you love traditional horchata… look no further.  You will love their’s.  Their pina coladas are also to die for.


With every meal, you will get a traditional chicken and rice soup.  Tip: Ask for fresh lime with the soup, it gives it a kick!  But with or with out the lime, the soup is delicious!  It’s definitely not lacking in flavor.


We have tried quite a few things and have never been disappointed.  On this trip though, we got the tostada supreme.  And it was SUPREME.  It was like 4 times the size of my head.

Maria Bonita 3

 That’s not even an exaggeration.

I got the beef tamale and smothered shredded beef burrito.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  I hate dry meat.  Especially in burritos.  Maria Bonita’s does it right.  Its not so juicy that things are falling apart, but you can tell its been simmered in sauce for the right amount of time.  Also, the portions are huge! They don’t skimp on the food, which is great because I love leftovers!  I always leave with enough for a lunch or two.


They also have a pretty great menu for the kiddo’s.  They have traditional Mexican dishes like burrito’s and quesadillas for the little ones.  But, if your kids are picky, they also have things like chicken nuggets, cheese fries, and grilled cheese sandwiches.  They really have something for everyone.  This little girl gobbled everything up!


 The  best thing about Maria Bonita is the price.  For the quality and quantity of food you get, this place is a steal!

The only negative thing I can say about this restaurant is that the location and parking lot are not ideal.  There are not many spaces to park and the entrance is located in a weird place.  But, its worth the parking nightmare!  I promise you wont regret this one! Go check it out now!

This is not a sponsored post, just one of my faves I wanted to share!

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  1. I have been to Maria Bonita’s twice now, the first at their original location 2 doors down. And I don’t remember loving it the first time, but I went for my birthday in August and it was so good! I got chicken enchiladas, which are my favorite, and they were amazing! I also got the pina colada and now I really want to go there for lunch today because both of those things sound amazing! I haven’t had a problem with their parking lot yet, but maybe I’ve gone at off enough times that it wasn’t crowded. It sure was delicious though!

    • I have dreams about those pina coladas. Im going to have to try the chicken enchiladas! They sound so good right now….at 11 pm on a Sunday night…. haha! Its always a good time for Maria Bonita’s, right?!

  2. I LOVE MARIA BONITAS! I was so excited when I saw that you posted this. The husband and I went here all the time when we lived in Orem & we were always telling people about it. MMM. I miss that soup the most. Nowhere else I’ve been serves it. Also, Maria really is the cutest thing on the planet and I love that she always calls you Princesa if you’re a girl and Campion if you’re a guy. So great.

    • Seriously, I love Maria! Sadie cries everytime we go there because Maria smothers her with kisses and she gets confused…But I love it! Haha!

  3. I love this post! My husband and I are big fans of Maria Bonita. It’s our favorite Mexican restaurant. We love their Mole Cajete. And everyone loves Maria! :)

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