nacho libre party

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My first-born, wild man, beast of a son turned 8 last week. EIGHT. He’s half-way to driving/dating/leaving me forever. I’m trying not to be a spaz about it. We chatted about birthday party ideas and we settled on a Nacho Libre party…you guys, it was an awesome idea. It was pure craziness in real life. And then there was that thing where your printable won’t print and you can’t find the card for your camera and your husband gets home 10 minutes before party time and two guests have already arrived. You know, frazzle time.

nacho libre party :

First, I think the invitation I whipped up was genius. I’m still patting myself on the back about it.

nacho libre party :

We ended up with 12 boys and our 2 girls. We fed them gallons of nacho cheese, refried beans, burritos, chips, soda, and cupcakes. There were capes, eyeliner mustaches, a thumb war tournament, and lots of yelling and screaming. At one point Luke referenced Lord of the Flies. How there were no bloody noses, broken walls, or episodes of vomiting, I DO NOT KNOW. And yes, that’s cheese in our chocolate fountain. Class.

nacho libre party :

We tried to watch Nacho Libre…tried being the focus word of the sentence. Mostly they all just hopped around and screeched while I cut a dozen t-shirts into capes and applied liquid eyeliner ‘staches. My favorite was watching our cute neighbor boy with Hollis. She was scared of all the wild maniacs because honestly, half of them were completely out of control. So, our neighbor would put his arm around her and she kept snugging up to him on the couch because she knew he would protect her.

nacho libre party :

The wrestling theme was a bit too much for the 8-year old boy crowd. We should have restricted the number we had but I had already made him cut his list a few times (his original list had every 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grader in a 5 mile radius).

In conclusion, super fun idea, but by the time it was over I needed my own stretchy pants and some toast in my quarters. Adios, muchachos.

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  1. I’m dying right now. This is hilarious! The chips – for the orphans?! HAHAH! I love this so much!

  2. What a fin idea for a party! I love the cheese fountain. I’m a HUGE cheese fan… I would want to just stick my head under it ;)

    • I’m 99% sure there were faces in that thing! Little boys are gross and manners haven’t really clicked at 8, you would have fit right in, Yvonne!!

  3. Gallons of nacho cheese? Count me in! My husband was once invited to our friend’s 5 year old birthday party by the 5 year old himself! Hahaha… love kids birthday parties.

    • Kid birthdays are so much better than adult ones. I want all my friends to come over and give me awesome gifts while we eat junk food and then somebody else cleans it all up!!

  4. This. Is. Awesome! I have had a smaller version of a Nacho Libre party (attending Cafe Rio with friends, then watching the movie and handing out mexican candy) but really I think I want a do-over! Also. I know all about frazzle time. :)

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