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Lane and I were lucky enough to score some free tickets to the advanced screening of The Delivery Man with Vince Vaughn.  When I first saw the offer, I was just excited to get out on a date! I had zero expectations for the movie.  But, it was hilarious!  For those of you who haven’t seen the previews, go here to see a short one.  That clip really doesn’t do it justice.  To sum it upt, the movie follows a man named David Wolzniak (Vince Vaughn), a directionless 40-something year old.  Wolzniak learns that he has fathered over 530 kids through sperm donations he made in the 1990’s.  Some of the kids are suing the sperm bank because they want to know the identity of their father.  The story follows David as he goes incognito to meet some of his kids and tries to figure out if he should reveal himself as their father or not.

Why you should see it:

-The humor is great.  If you are a fellow Parks and Rec lover, Chris Pratt (Andy Dwyer), co-stars with Vaughn.  They are great together.  This is not one of the movies where all the funny parts are in the previews.  I laughed through the whole thing.

-If you are a parent, there are situations in this movie that you can completely sympathize with.

-It’s a feel good movie.  There are some really moving moments.

-No sex scenes.  Or nudity. Which is pretty awesome considering the movie is about sperm donation.

-It’s not raunchy. Even the jokes aren’t too off color.

Things to be aware of:

-It is PG-13.  Not PG.  Don’t take your young kids to this movie unless you are ready to explain where babies come from.

-This guy fathered 500 kids.  It’s Hollywood.  There are going to be some jokes about how it happened.  Nothing too vulgar, but be aware of it.

-There is some language.  Again, nothing too terrible, but if you are reading this wondering about content; you will hear an F word and a few other swears here and there.

-There are a some drug references.  One of the kids is a recovering drug addict and you see one of the characters growing marijuana for a small portion of the movie.

-You will want to hug your kids immediately following the movie.  I couldn’t wait to snug Sadie.  I felt so good about being a parent after watching it.

I would absolutely recommend seeing this movie.  I have already told Lane that I want to see it again when it comes out.  I feel like there has been a dry spell of good comedies lately.  But this one made up for that silence.  Lane and I walk around saying, “Yo no soy David Wolzniak!” all the time now.



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Basically what I am saying is, go see The Delivery Man when it hits theaters on November 22!!

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  1. So the basic plot of this movie sounds like an Adam Sandler movie or something, but I’m holding out hope that Vince Vaughn can inject it with a little more maturity (haha imagine that!) than Mr. Sandler would…it looks like the film is actually aimed at adults vs. teens so here’s hoping.

    Thought it was awesome to hear “Lay Me Down” by The Dirty Heads in the trailer, hope they actually use the song (and not just an instrumental part) in the movie itself.

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