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When I was little I remember getting awesome cardboard advent calendars. It was one big picture of the nativity or something else Christmas-y with all those tiny perforated doors. I loved breaking into each compartment to find a chocolate. I still love advent calendars but Luke and I try to teach the kids what Christmas actually is…and it turns out it isn’t chocolate. Today, I’m sharing our Christmas advent.

modern advent calendar :

Instead of the all-candy type, I made this modern advent calendar that I can fill myself. The kids love taking turns opening the lids each day and I can control the content. I find that this sort of countdown helps them see that Christmas isn’t about getting lots of toys and treats. It’s about living the way Christ did. He served others. He loved people despite how ill, dirty, or cold-hearted they were. He lifted up the hands that hung down.

modern advent calendar :

DIY Modern Advent Calendar

Supplies //

-25 assorted chipboard boxes from a craft or hobby store (mine are from Hobby Lobby and were $0.99-$1.17 each)
-letter and number stickers of your choice (this silver stickers were from Wal-mart a few years ago, the red can be found here)

Assembly //

-Arrange the box shapes until you like the order they’re in. You can mount them to a large board but I found the lids fell off so I just line ’em up.
-Optional: paint or cover the boxes with paper. I’m in the minimal/industrial look so I left mine nakey.
-Glue 2-piece lids together.
-Apply the stickers. Mix up spelling out the word and using numbers- it will save you a ton because you won’t have to buy as many packages of stickers! You can also mix colors and fonts.
-Fill the boxes with all your goodies!

Filler Ideas //

-leftover Halloween candies
-tiny toys
-family activities: bake cookies, watch a holiday movie, read a Christmas book, etc.
-service activities: shovel the neighbor’s sidewalk, bake bread for somebody, shop for a less-fortunate family, take food to the food bank, make cards for sick friends and family, etc.
-scripture references

modern advent calendar :

So there you have it. Happy Holidays!

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  1. This is such a great idea. It may be a fun new idea for our family this year!

  2. I LOVE this idea! So cute, creative, and simple! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I will find space for this and then I will make it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love this idea! It is so cute plus I love that you can add the things that you want into this Advent Calendar.

  4. I love this Briton! I am totally a less is more kinda girl too! So awesome.

  5. SO creative Brit! I love this modern twist to something that is so traditional!


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