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 Alright, ladies.

Let’s talk dry shampoo.  It is one of my FAVORITE products in the whole world.  Why? Because I am totally not one of those girls who has time to wash their hair, blow dry, style it, do their makeup AND keep their child fed.  So my hair usually gets thrown up into a top knot and away we go.

But, on the rare occasion that I do have time to do my hair, I want it to stay did for a while.  That, my friends, is the beauty of dry shampoo.  You can apply it to your hair in between washes and it totally amps up the volume and gets rid of all the oil.  I have ridiculously thick hair.  Like, for real.  It’s pretty much a mane.   An oily mane.  In the past, by the end of the day, my hair would seriously be a greaseball. That’s when I started trying out different dry shampoo options. Because this is such a fabulous alternative to shampooing your hair every day, I thought I would share what I have learned through my dry-shampoo-loving-days. So,without further adieu, my reviews of dry shampoos.

Meet the Subjects:

Cornstarch Baby Powder Tresemme Dove batiste

Corn Starch:  This will be your cheapest option of them all.  I am not even going to put a price estimate on it because it varies so much and you can get it in bulk if you want to.  Here’s the down fall… it doesn’t smell good.  The other options will all make your hair smell like a rain forest/papaya/fresh flower.  Corn starch will just make you smell like corn starch.  But, if you are just looking for a little refreshing without spending the big bucks, this is the way to go.  To use it, simply put a little bit on your fingers and rub it in to your roots where ever you need.  Not the best choice for people with dark hair as you will definitely see some white residue going on.  Honestly, if you have oily hair like me… this is not my first choice because of the quantity you would have to use to make it work right and because the whole chalky white root thing ain’t my style.

Baby Powder: ($1-$2)  This is the first option I ever tried.  It works decently.  You want to make sure you get the pure cornstarch baby, powder as the talc tends to leave your hair feeling nasty.  Baby powder is better than regular cornstarch for a few reasons. A) It will smell soooo much better. B) Travels easier.  The down side to baby powder is the application and lack of volume.  It’s not as easy to apply to your roots as the aerosol cans are.  You’re also not going to get the volume that you would if in comparison to a real dry shampoo.  It will leave a little bit of white powder residue, so if you are using this just to touch up a few oily places (like around your temples or part) this would be a good option.  If you have blonde hair and need to use it all over your roots, you might be able to get away with just using this.  But, again, if you are like me (lots of thick, dark, oily hair)… I recommend going with one of the following shampoos.

Tresemme FreshStart Dry Shampoo (For Oily Hair): ($3-$4)  This dry shampoo is going to cost you a bit more than just baby powder or corn starch.  It is my least favorite out of all of the dry shampoos I have tried.  The price is what grabbed me in at first.  I tend to go to the store for something and think,  “There is no way I am paying $8 for that when there’s another brand that sells it for $2. They are probably exactly  the same anyways.”  This is not one of those times.  In this case, you get what you pay for.  While the Tresemme smells AMAZING, the product itself is not.  I have bought 2 or 3 cans of this and the aerosol can on all of them has stopped spraying within 30 seconds of using it.  In addition, the shampoo itself left my hair feeling worse than it did without it.  It made my hair feel like it had 7.9876 layers of wax on it.  At first I thought my hair was maybe too dirty to use it and that’s why it felt so bad.  So, I tried using the product on clean hair…. No go.  It did the same thing to clean hair.  My final conclusion?  Not the dry shampoo for me.  I really wanted it to work, gave it a few chances but it just didn’t pull through for me.

Dove Invigorating Dry Shampoo: ($4-$5) This is another dry shampoo that smells soooo good.  Seriously every time I use it, someone comments on how great it smells.  This is actually the dry shampoo I am currently using.  I’d give it a solid 7.  For the price, it is a steal.  If I use it on clean hair, my hair will hold the style (straight or curls) for an extra day or 2 without getting oily (LOVE!).   If I use it on dirty hair, it immediately soaks up any oil and pumps up the volume (anyone else hear a 90’s song in their head when reading that line?).   The only down side to the Dove is that it can leave a little bit of white residue if you’re not careful.  My advice is to use it sparingly.  The best way to use it is to section your hair off in to small pieces and spray your roots. When first spraying it, it doesn’t look like anything, which can make you want to spray more.  DON’T DO IT.  Just move on to the next section.  Rub the shampoo into your roots after spraying and wait a good minute or two.  You’ll start to see a little bit of white residue as the shampoo clings to and gets rid of the oily spots.  Then, go ahead and brush it out your roots and style normally.  If you do it right, residue will be minimal.  If you find you have overdone it, spend some extra time with your fingers and a brush rubbing it in to your roots.  Or, you can dab on a little bit of water and take a towel to it….which may defeat the purpose of dry shampoo but hey, we aren’t demanding perfection here.   All in all, if you are looking for a good dry shampoo but don’t want to spend too much, give this one a try.

Batiste Original Dry Shampoo: ($8-$10) This is my absolute FAVORITE dry shampoo.  I know that there are some more expensive ones out there, but I stopped looking once I found this one.  It is a little bit pricier for a smaller can.  Honestly though, SO worth it.  I love the Batiste line because they have a bunch of really great scents.  I haven’t tried them all out yet, but believe me, I will!  As soon as my Dove dry shampoo is gone, you know I will be going back to Batiste.  I have used about 3 cans of this stuff and never had a problem with white residue.  Ever.  It makes my hair feel like I just barely washed it.  Ah-maze-ing.  They also sell special formula’s for specific hair colors (just in case you do feel like you see residue).  I haven’t tried any of them yet, mainly because I am afraid of the color getting on my clothes.  And because I seriously haven’t seen any residue with just the original Batiste.  You apply this just like you would any other dry shampoo.  Just lightly spray it on your roots, rub it in, wait a minute and then brush it out.  Also, this is a brand that is a little bit harder to find.  I have found it at Smith’s and Walgreens but that’s about it!  So if you see some, snatch it right up!

There it is, folks! My review on all things dry shampoo! This isn’t a sponsored post, just one dry shampoo lover passing on her wisdom!

What are some tips you have for using dry shampoo?

Have you tried other brands that you loved/hated/couldn’t get enough of?

Tell me about them! I want to know!

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  1. I ageee with your Batiste review. You can buy it at Sally Beauty too. I only like the original scent, but I’m not really big on smells. As for white residue on dark hair, just shake the can between each spray and you’re good to go. Otherwise, brush it in with a tighter bristle brush or comb. My hair is greasy, too, so this gave me a chance at a “second day style” without washing! Love Batiste!

    • I had seriously never thought of going to Sally’s for it. You pretty much just blew my mind! I love the tip about the tighter bristles brush. Thanks so much!!

  2. Susie Feuz says:

    I love Suave! It’s so cheap and once you brush it out, it makes HUGE difference. The psssst! brand is really good too, but it’s at the same price point as Batiste and doesn’t smell as good.
    Another thing to try is a boar brush. It’s the best investment! Boar is used in brushes because it pulls the oil from your roots to the rest of your hair. When used with dry shampoo I can go three days without washing!! Before I could barely make two. Which is fab because I’m way lazy.

    Thanks for the post! Your hair always looks great, I’ve told Christian before that I’m super jealous of all of his sisters and your thick manes!

    • Susie it’s like you work in a salon or something! I totally went out and bought a boar brush after reading your post. Your my inspiration! (Cue cheesy 80’s music.)

  3. You can find Batiste at Ulta! Or Sally’s beauty supply has a multitude you can try. I have used one in the past there, can’t remember the name but something with “rock” in it. Blackish grey can, orange lid. Works wonderfully!

  4. I hated the Tresemme too! My hair ALWAYS felt and looked nastier than when I started! I’ve been in the market for another, better, one… But with my hair being so much finer than yours, I’m not sure if they’ll work the same for me, or if they’ll weigh my hair down. Experiment time? I think, yes. (not much else to do on bed rest!)

    • I’m so glad the tresemme wasn’t just awful on my hair. And you’ll have to let me know what you think of the other ones you try! I can’t wait to see pictures of your little one! I check your page all the time to see if it’s happened yet!

  5. Add Cocoa powder to your corn starch for us darker haird people. Equal parts works great! =)

    • This is seriously brilliant! Do you mix it up and keep it in a container? Or just put equal parts in your palm and mix it together? I’m excited to try it.

  6. I’ve been wanting to try dry shampoo for a long time! Thanks for the great post. I think I’m going to skip all the others and just try your favorite. I LOVE finding new hair and make-up products I love. Thanks!

    • Keep me posted on what you like, I’m really glad you liked the post! I love reading stuff about hair/makeup/how to’s as well, so it’s always nice to feel like there are other people out there who share in my enthusiasm!

  7. I am currently using suave dry shampoo. Love it. I feel like it does a good job getting the oil and grease. But for a blonde- I get the white residue. Only down fall. I’ve used biologe (spelling) and spent a little more on that. It was good- I liked the smell of that one a lot and I felt like it did what it was supposed to. It didn’t leave any residue. Love this blog post!

    • Ooooh I bet bio smelled amazing! I love all of their products, I wonder if the garnier dry shampoo would be similar to the biolage since they are both loreal products. Maybe I’ll have to compare and see.


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