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nightmare on 13th

sometimes I can’t pass up a good deal.  especially when that deal is free.

that’s how Luke and I came to acquire tickets to the scariest haunted house in Utah…nightmare on 13th!

nightmare on 13th 1

nightmare on 13th recently had a blogger night. i signed up for two tickets. then I thought, wtf have I done?

nightmare on 13th 2

first. we were the oldest people there, besides the police presence.

second.  i accidentally held hands with a 13 year old boy.

third. it is scary, but not so scary that you’ll be scarred for life (unless you’re a little kid- don’t take little kids!)

fourth. if you are afraid of the dark, tight spaces, heights, or people dressed as satanic pumpkin creatures, you might think twice about attending.

fifth. go to the bathroom BEFORE you get there. unless you like Honey Buckets.

sixth. it helps if you take someone to dig your claws into and hide behind. or to push them toward the creepy stuff so your life might be spared.

seventh. at one point I kept saying, “is this our brains doing this or is it real?” Luke was too busy keeping his eyes closed to answer me.

nightmare on 13th 2013 smile

nightmare on 13th 2013 scream

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Disclosure: I got free tickets. I posted my own thoughts!

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  1. I want to go!
    I love getting scared!

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