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Today is my baby’s first birthday ever.  Let’s take a second and swoon over this little girl.


 I could not be more happy to be this little girl’s mama.  She has seriously made my life complete.

I am a huge party person.  I love parties.  We like, we like to party.  So, of course I had to throw my lil buggie a birthday party.  As a parent, I feel like there are only so many years you can dress your kid up as what you want for Halloween or do their birthday parties the way you want them done.  So, I combined the two.  We did a fall carnival themed party for Sadie and it was amazing!  It was colorful and fun and the best of all…. It really didn’t cost us very much (Poor college students rejoice!). I know that kids will never remember their first birthday party, but I sure will! So, to make it a little bit more memorable, I had guests write Sadie a note to read on her 18th birthday.  It meant a lot, especially because we had great grandparents in attendance.  I want Sadie to have as many keepsakes from them as possible.  We also created a collage of pictures from the last year in the shape of a 1.  It was a hit!

PicMonkey Collage birthday 3

 We had a soup bar and some fall goodies.  The kids were able to decorate their own cupcakes as opposed to doing a big birthday cake.  We also did a donut eating contest, which the kids loved.  Sadie loved it and it was so much fun to see everyone’s costumes!

PicMonkey Collagebirthhday

 Uhm…. This was the second time in 2 days that our families matched.  Not planned.  Don’t hate.

Birthday 22

We had a special cake made for Sadie to eat by herself, which she devoured!  Thanks, Roma!

PicMonkey Collage birthday 2

 I could probably write a billion more things about how much I love this little girl and how great this last year has been, but honestly…. I just want to go spend time with her!  So, this is short and sweet.

Happy birthday Sadie!

birthday 5

How do you celebrate first birthday’s at your house?

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