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Please tell me that I am not the only one that has been a slave to the flat iron.  I can’t count how many hours I have spent straightening my mane. I really didn’t know how else to wear my hair down.  But, I would look at stars like Kim Kardashian and envy their perfectly blown out, voluminous hair.  I mean, its GORGEOUS, right?!  So, I decided to start messing around with different blow out techniques to see if I could switch up my style.  And guys, I LOVE IT!  I haven’t straightened my hair in months.  I have since realized that flat ironing my hair was doin my face a disservice.  Here is a before picture. Or a BBO picture if you will (before blow-out).



I have a lot of really thick semi-curly hair.  So, if I leave it just straight, it makes my already round face look rounder.  Not flattering.  The best style for my face shape is to have more volume around my face and less bulk at the ends.  A good blow-out will flatter ANY face shape.  It will also keep its volume all day long, which I love. You know what I don’t love?  Looking like a 15 year old girl who cant do her hair. See pic above.  Blowing my hair out makes me feel soooo much better about myself.  It was a serious confidence booster for me!  Here’s another thing…. it only takes me 20 minutes to do.  Mind. Blown.  It used to take me anywhere from 35-40 minutes to straighten my hair.  That’s not including the 10 minutes it took to blow dry it.  Now, I can shower, blow-out my hair and do my makeup all within an hour.  Lane loves it!

Here’s what you’ll need to achieve the perfect blow out:

blowout2We’ve got a round brush, paddle brush, root lifter, hairspray, blow dryer with diffuser nozzle, large velcro rollers, alligator clips, and bobby pins.

Don’t be intimidated by all that stuff.  I got my round brush, velcro rollers and alligator clips at a beauty supply store for less that $9 total.  Worth the investment.  Pick a root lifter that you love.  I used the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lemon Sage Thickening Spray. As far as blowdryers/paddle brushes/bobby pins go…. I’m not a hair stylist so mine are just the basics.

PicMonkey Collage 1

1- Start with clean damp hair.  Brush it through.  The more damp the hair, the longer it will take to dry.

2- Apply your root lifter to your roots according to the directions.

3.  Section off the top part of your head.  Center it around your part. It should kind of look like a U if your looking at your scalp straight on.  Pull everything but the top section back.  You will always want to start your blow-out from your bangs and work around to the back of your head.  That way, if your arms get tired, you’ve spent all your energy on the front of your hair where people will see it more!

4. Aim the blow dryer down, and use it to blow your hair straight.  Use your paddle brush to pull it tight.  This will prevent frizz and help your hair look shiny and smooth.

PicMonkey Collage-2

5.  Take the front part (2 inches or so) and wrap it around your roundbrush.

6. Round brush the front section for a few seconds.  Slowly unwrap your round brush while continuing to put heat on it. You can continue to round brush it as much as you want, the more  you do it, the shinier and smoother it will be!

7.  Wrap the hair you just round brushed with a velcro roller in the same direction you round brushed it.  Roll it all the way up to your scalp.  Secure with bobby pins.

8.  Repeat on the next section.


Here is a better look at the back part of the sections.  I always round brush and roll the first section (bangs) away from my face.  The rest of them are all rolled towards my face.  This will make it so your bangs don’t hang in your eyes, but still have volume.  Finish the rest of your top section the same way.  I only used 3 rollers, but you can use as many as you want.

PicMonkey Collage 4

10. Once your top section is all up in rollers, take your side panels down.  Pull the rest back.

11. Blow dry your side panels with a paddle brush to straighten and smooth them.

12.  Like you did in the front, round brush your panels doing small sections at a time.

13.  After roundbrushing each section, roll it with your fingers into barrel curls (just follow the curl from your round brush) all the way up to your scalp.  Secure with alligator clips. Repeat on both sides. I ended up with 2 curls on each side panel.


After your side panels are done, take down the rest of your hair and blow dry it with a paddle brush to smooth and straighten it. Then, start round brushing the bottom over your shoulders.  Once your done, cover everything with a nice coat of hairspray.

And then, you wait!  Once its all finished, it should look something like this.


This is normally when I do my makeup.  It takes about 20 minutes, so its perfect timing.  Once your done, gently undo all of your curls and rollers and smooth with your fingers.  Spray and style to your hearts content!

And…. Voila!!  The perfect blow-out!


If this took you way longer than 20 minutes to round brush everything… don’t even worry.  My first time took me about an hour.  But I have gotten much faster with practice. If this seems overwhelming, I promise its not! Its the same technique, just one section at a time. I love my new do! It frames my face so much better!  Lane is a fan not only because it takes me like half the time, but because…. let’s be honest… I look like a freakin hottie.

How do you modify a blow-out to work for you??

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  1. What a great post! I will definitely be trying this technique! And, yes, you do look beautiful! :)

  2. I have long, long hair and sometimes I struggle with ways to make it look “done” without taking too much time. I usually end up throwing in big hot rollers or just curling it with a wand but I tried this the last time I was drying it and you’re right–it didn’t take that much more effort than just blow-drying normally but it looked a million times better and I could skip the hot rollers/ wand! Thanks for sharing!!

    • I am so excited you tried it and it worked for you! I was so surprised it didn’t take forever like straightening my hair did. It’s definitely my new go to hair style when I leave my hair down. I love this kind of feed back! Thanks!

  3. I did this today for our family pictures and loved the results! My hair isn’t as long as yours so it didn’t end up as curled on the ends, but my hair is extremely fine and usually lifeless when I just wear it straight, and this gave me awesome volume that lasted through the entire photo shoot!

    • Ah! I am so happy to hear it! I wanna see a picture when you get them back. I love other people’s family pictures! And I wanna see how your hair turned out…. and I totally sound like a creeper.

  4. i love this! I am trying to grow my hair out so cutting out the flat iron would be great. Do you think you may have time to video yourself doing this? I think watching you do it would be super helpful…im not sure how to paddle brush my hair lol
    Thanks for posting!!


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