the color run :: slc :: august 2013

the color run

We ran {mostly walked} The Color Run a few weekends ago.  I decided to chase down Noa and my baby sister at one point and I’m pretty sure I pulled 8 different leg muscles but I showed them that I can still run faster so it was basically worth it.  And now, the pictures AND a sweet video!! the color run the color run the color run the color run the color run

I think you probably got the vibe that we had a great time from the billions of smiles and “happy” tattoos.  You should do this race when it comes to your town.  Make a team and you’ll each get $5 off…and it also helps to know TRC staff because that gets you another $10 off per person.  We have a neighbor who works for The Color Run (the guy with the beard a few pics up^^) so we got a great deal and our team name was totally rad: TRC Bill and the amazing technicolor dreambeards.  Also fun: hanging out with family and running into friends and neighbors at the race!  My sister chilled with me and my fam while our parents and brother-in-law ran ahead.  We had 3 generations there and we ALL had a blast!

Here’s a little video of the final color throw:

The Color Run : SLC : August 2013 from Briton Call Alo on Vimeo.

You might be wondering what my camera looked like after The Color Run awesomeness…

the color run

Kinda rough…but it cleaned up pretty well with canned air and damp cloths.

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  1. I’m so bummed I couldn’t go! We would have rocked that paint together.

  2. Love the post and pictures! It’s been fun seeing everyone who participated in the color run.

  3. What_great_photos. I’m REALLY glad to hear that your camera came clean, LOL. What a fantastic experience. You’ve convinced me to ‘run’ one of these with the kiddos – I think they’d have a blast.

  4. Vaughn Call says:

    From the “Rad Mom and Cool Kids+ dad and grampa: – this was a blast! We want our whole family here on the next Color Run! Get in shape and run it with us or walk along with those that walk; either way, you WILL HAVE FUN!

  5. This looks so fun! I love the before and after pics of your shoes. I’ll have to do this with my family next year!

Rad Mom Cool Kid

Rad Mom Cool Kid