school: being on time

Last year I had ZERO problems getting Noa out the door on time.  This year? Running late every single morning.  I hate the panic of feeling rushed so we made some changes.  Here are 5 tips to help you get to school on time!

school being on time

1. Move bedtime up by 15-30 minutes.  This helps them get a bit more sleep so they get out of bed a little nicer.  Our bedtime is 8/8:30 pm.

2. Stagger wake up time with multiple children.  I started the year getting everyone up at 7.  They goofed off so much that most mornings they left without even getting their teeth brushed.  Now I get Noa up at 6:45 and Isca at 7 so they are each doing different things at different times.  They are less distracted by each other and Noa’s need to entertain all people at all times.

3. Grab and go.  Making lunches the night before is major for us!!

4. Have clothes ready the night before.  I have them pick their outfit the night before and hang it on their dresser knobs.  This has helped keep their room cleaner and they don’t whine about the clothes because they picked them out.  Make sure they get socks, shoes, undies, and any accessories.

5. Do homework right after school. Remembering homework the morning it’s due is so fun. I love when we don’t read the papers in the backpacks and are surprised by picture day/book reports/dioramas 1 minute before they need to leave.

school being on time 2

Any more suggestions?  I could still use some time trimming tips!!

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  1. Great ideas! I only have a little one, but this will definitely be helpful in the future.

  2. I like the tip to stagger the wake-up time. My kids was me up way earlier than they need to, so we haven’t had late issues yet. And my daughter takes the bus, and the bus stop is our driveway, so… But if I was driving her, I’m positive she would be late everyday!


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